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Really awesome module, putting my SCAP game on hold to run it tomorrow. Up there with Hangmans, Last Baron, Carnival and Bloodcove as one of the best modules and best one put out under the PF rules set. Kudos

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Glad you like it! Steve turned over an awesome combination of exploration and dungeon crawl and I think it should be a versatile enough adventure that many groups get use out of it. Let us know how it goes after you've run it.

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First session was a blast, I had four players

Human Aegis
Human Wilder (healer oriented)
Human Psychic Warrior/War Mind
Human Unarmed Fighter

The three psychic chars were in charge of escorting the prisoner (fighter) to the island, only to discover its...issues. They were forced to let the prisoner free to help fight the Girallon and have now become the adventuring party, offering to get him a pardon if he helps them figure out the cause.

Reskinned a few things for my homebrew. Cheliax is replaced by my Psionic nation and Deepmar is renamed Razorglass. They spent the whole session exploring the town and the greater shadow did quite a bit of damage (I never rolled less than 6 for his damage). While resting in the warden's house so the wilder could heal them up the next morning a giant tarantula wandered by. They should've just let it wander through the town and go along its merry way but instead charged out to engage it. It nearly killed them since the poison DC is so high and their strength scores were already damaged but they baaaarely pulled through and may have to rest a whole day before venturing out into the island.

Debilah has been a blast to roleplay, and my players have absolutely no clue what to do with her. Bring her with them, let her wander around the compound, or lock her in a cell. None are particularly good options or safe for her; I don't even know what I would do as a player. Lookin forward to next session

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This is a really interesting module but I'm seeing a few editing errors that really throw me off.
First and foremost is Daris Hulior.

He's supposed to be using power attack except he doesn't actually have that feat.

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Sometimes stats and/or tactics get changed along the development and editing process and leave behind artifacts of their previous incarnations. We generally change everything associated with any altered content, but sometimes a reference slips past our defenses. It looks like this is one of them.

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