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Reading the campaign outline, it looks like for five books the PCs are dealing with and focusedon Baphomet and his cult. Then in book six we suddenly shift focus to Deskari. How much of a role is Deskari playing during the first five chapters? The outline reads like a five book story with a skyrim-like DLC book six added on (if that isn't the case read this as a criticism of the outline not of the AP as a whole).

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Actually it's more that Baphomet is the partner and underling of Deskari. The... what's the term? Dragon. You kill him, that allows you to go after the true mastermind, Deskari.

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Baphomet and Deskari's cults are pretty entwined. It's true that Baphomet's cults get the most play in the middle parts of the adventure, but there's plenty of Deskari stuff as well, usually lurking in the background until it starts really rearing its buggy head in the last adventure.

Neat! One of my players wanted to run his minotaur ranger in the adventure arc...knowing about the Baphomet angle I said "SURE!"

Plus I always liked Deskari...and any kind of bugs to throw at my players.

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Deskari doesn't go by the name KZK anywhere, does he? ;)

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