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I recently purchased the latest version of the MYFAROG RPG and I'm looking for several players to form a group to test out the new post apocalyptic setting.

If you have the original MYFAROG rules, I'm sure you will get by with those. The main differences, from what I understand, is that the new version streamlines the system, omitting a lot of the more tedious modifiers found in the first.

In the new campaign that my group will be running, whether in the original setting or the new setting, we will be following a few house rules or modifications of the original rules.

These house rules will be discussed on the social media sites we use as a gaming group.

If you are interested in trying out this game for the first time, you are also welcome. If you have not yet bought the rule books, they are cheap, and well made books. The rule system itself is odd in some ways, but very interesting in my opinion.

Interested persons can pm me here, and I'll direct you to several websites (forums) where we can discuss you joining our gaming group. I already have a few players looking to play.


I have seen a number of these sprouting up and many dedicated to the "Golden Age 1980's" RPGS, but also some of the more recent but less known PNP RPGS as well.

There is a resurgence of interest in:

Star Frontiers
Twilight 2000
Conan RPG (TSR)
Top Secret

Also some not so old:

White Box

And finally some soon to be released:

REH's Conan RPG
John Carter RPG

I'm curious what others here are playing, looking to play or might be interested in playing.

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Robert E Howard's Conan RPG

Conan Exiles

Age of Conan Unchained

REH's Conan RPG is a new (still in Kickstarter if you purchase through PayPal) PnP RPG, that will also be supported on RollD20.

It is developed by Modiphius, but they have been smart enough to cross promote with Funcom. Funcom already has Age of Conan MMO and is developing a new Open World Survival MMO called Conan Exiles.

Funcom is giving kickstarters of Conan RPG a package on in-game gear for AOC. They will probably do the same for Conan Exiles. Modiphius is creating source books for both AoC and CE.

Both companies have independent contracts with the owner of Robert E Howard's Properties, and so they are working together with the blessings of the IP holder.

I am currently playing Age of Conan, will start a group for Conan RPG and in the summer, I will buy into the beta of Conan Exiles. One IP, multi platform and an IP I've been a fan of for over 35 years. Winning!!

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Aragon is seeking to buy or trade for:


Hunting Lodge Holding
Hunting Camp Outpost

Lumber Center Holding
Lumber Camp Outpost

Quarry Center Holding
Quarry Camp Outpost

Or, if the seller can make these we would consider buying them pre made and exclusively from the seller. We will eventually need multiple holdings and outposts.

PM for best price offers

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Gordon Walton wrote:
"Almost all I've ever done is make games and every game that isn't a disaster, is nearly one!"

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With the new influence system and other changes / realities of the game, Aragon is going to restructure its company support and focus.

The UNC has been rolled over into the Aragonian Council. All members of the UNC, that have not done so already, should apply to Aragonian Council.

Settlement Focus will move towards crafting tier 2 gear, needed for future PVP operations. No more raiding parties, although if a "slow moving node" presents itself by all means have fun!!

Unfortunately, the Outpost / Hold system still does not look like it will provide the PVP we were looking for.

The PVP Vulnerability Windows provide no incentive to raid other outposts, in lieu of a settlement just running, protecting and collecting from their own.

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To have some means of trading from one character to another (on same account) is desperately needed.

What is the ETA on these features?

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Open World PvP and the Psychology of a Carebear

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Ok, it has been a while now since the Rogue Role Feutures moved from generating Flatfooted to geberating Distressed condition.

However, all of our attacks do not crit off of distressed, they still only crit on Flatfooted. It is as rare to get a Short Bow or Lightblade crit as it is to get a rogue maneuver to drop.

When will the Rogue get fixed?

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Timing is everything, and unfortunately WoT beginning the same day our settlement leader began his move to a new home, really put a damper in our settlement progress.

The good new is that the Goodfellow will be back online tomorrow and we will be able to get our companies attached to the settlement.

UnNamed Company
Allegiant Gemstone Company
Chaos Unleashed
Lone Wolf Brigade

All of your applications to join settlement will be approved by tomorrow.

In other good news, our recruitment efforts since the start of EE have been going well.

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I meant to post this a few days ago (Thursday to be exact) because it was then that I realized I can not train level 8 in Stealth or Hit Points.

With War of Towers not in play yet, it may be a week or more before those Feats are available.

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I just wanted to thank this community for the past two years of entertainment, friendship and a smattering of contentiousness (hopefully not too personal).

The game that we have all been waiting for is finally in its minimum viable product phase, and for those that have actually begun their EE time I believe the opinion that PFO is at least playable is held by the majority.

As many if us begin to turn our focus away from the starter towns, grinding those poor goblins into bloody spots in the ground, I look forward to creating stronger social bonds with friends and enemies alike.

I think this sentiment will be widely held, Goblin Works can not streamline company / settlement invites soon enough.

That being said, the UNC will be moving forward in working with our neighbors with mini and full fledged escalations, and with PvP raids throughout the River Kingdoms.

Looking forward to 2015 adventures with you all!!


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Several alpha builds ago the Skirmisher based skills were moved from causing flat footed condition to distress condition. However, the Rogue Class Features (ie Scout, Cuthtroat, etc) remain enhancing effectiveness only when the flat footed condition exists.

When will the Rogue Role be updated to reflect the changes?

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Rather than necro a thread from 2013, I felt it best to start one since we are fairly close to EE.

Company tools:

Obviously, setting up and joining or inviting members to join companies needs to be streamlined. I'm failry certain this is in the works, and hopoefully will be included in the next patch.

The other features that are needed:

1. Company accumulation of Influence. Even if there are no feuds or wars to spend this on for some time, I believe that accumulation through grouped activities or as an affiliated member of a company, should begin to fill the Influence Bank.

2. Company shared storage / bank.

3. Settlement Sponsorship streamlined (as above).

4. Settlement Development Index view. This feature, currently part of the WoT, is not fully functioning. A Settlements index should show:

Holdings (# of Towers)
Affiliations (# of Companies)
Total Population (# of Citizens)
Total Influence in Bank / Earnings in last week, month
Traing Index
Crafting Index
PVE Index (escalations, achievements)
PVP Index
Reputation Setting:
Overall DI Score

Ideally, all of this would be in by day one of EE. However, it is likley that it won't be.

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Thank you for your service]

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I understand that PVP features such as Faction, Feuds, SADS and Wars will be further down the road perhaps even many months into Early Enrollment. I also understand that the War of Towers is our initial entry point into PVP, and that is due to begin about 2 weeks after EE launch. My questions are…

What will be the nature of PVP, prior to, during and after those systems are in place?

When will we see full implementation of encumbrance, limited item threading and player looting?

I would also like to add that on the subject of item looting, there seems to be some debate as to what constitutes "starting character equipment". I'm not sure if the plans include treating all tier 1 gear (+0 to +5) as "starter character gear" and therefore completely threaded?

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For those of you that are familiar with Dotlan Maps application for EvE Online, you know what I'm talking about.

This application would allow you preview every hex / settlement and tell you information such as:

1. Sovereignty
2. Type of Hex
3. Resources Found
4. # of passers through 24 hours
5. # of passers through last hour
6. # of PvP kills 24 hours
7. # of PvP kills last hour
8. # of Mob kills last 24 hours
9. # of Mob kills last hour
10. # of outposts, POIs
11. # of raids on Outposts / POIs last 24 hours
12. # of raids on Outposrs / POIs last hour
13. # of sieges
14. # of Sovereignty Changes

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Citizens Meeting is called to convene on October 31, 2014 @ 8:00 PM EST and conclude whenever the participants feel it is over.

Location: The UnNamed Company's TS3 Server

All members of Charter and Sponsored Companies should attend. All individuals who intend to play PFO and will be interested in joining Aragon as an independent citizen, should likewise attend.

If you can not attend, please provide a list of questions or concerns ahead of time, and they will be addressed during the meeting.

The results of the meeting and the recording will be presented to the Aragonian community.

Primary Agenda Items:

1. Aragon: Settlement description (focus) and role in the River Kingdoms

2. Settlement Structures (game mechanic) through various stages:

A. Early Enrollment

B. War of Towers

C. Post Cataclysm Plans

3. Company Structure Post Cataclysm

4. Aragon Governance

5. Aragon Foreign Relations (Present relations and Future relations)

A. Nation of Kathalphas (Aragon + Freevale)

B. Northern Coalition

C. Future Relations

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So, here we go again...... Same issue for months now.... I had to ask the clerics / healers in my group to "Please do not heal me, I'm already at -3800 rep, and I'd rather just die."

Yep, auto targeting your healers while in combat is now the new flavor of unintentional reputation loss.

I will say this again..... Your targeting system sucks and you apparently don't know how to fix it, even with solutions staring you in the face.

1. A toggle to switch on / off PC targeting. If it is off, you can not target PCs.
2. Beneficial Feats do not act as a trigger for auto targeting..... Derp!

Until they fix this I woukd suggest you avoid getting heals in combat, especially if you are using ranged combat. Because you can't always see what you are shooting at.... You get no indicator of your target on your screen and you can still shoot crap behind you.

Oh and on a final not. I hear that the rep recovery is now 1 point for first hour, 2 points for second... Etc, but it caps at 10 points per hour. So it will take you 100 hours per thousand to dig yourself out if that hole due to their craptastic targeting system.

Good luck getting players who are innocently getting nerfed to resub after EE starts with that.

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Ah yes, it is in fact the day.... September 23, one year ago (on a Monday), that Green Hat Tuesday was born.

If the servers are up, you can all expect a day of Merriment and Carnage!

disclaimer: since we don't have hats in the game, color any item you have in green.

Also remember, not wearing green will afford you no protection from someone who is. Expect great showings of generosity, and depravity.

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First, Long Knives should be their own weapon type (not light blade along with short sword).

Secondly, Corpse Looting should be added to Subterfuge achievments

Goblin Squad Member

Being that this is an integral part of what I would consider MVP, I'm curious if we will get a chance to test it during alpha?

On a side note, what is the purpose of Rotter's Hole, if you still can not train low rep characters there?

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The Nation of Kathalphas

Made up of the Chaotic Neutral settlements of Aragon and Freevale

After many weeks of consultation and internal discussion in both settlements, the Councils of both Freevale and Aragon have decided to embark on the joint venture of forming a chaotically aligned player nation.

Current Participating Settleemnts

Aragon is a chaotic neutral settlement that is focused on training Fighters and Rogues, as well as supporting a large market for trade and crafting. Aragon is currently home to several chartered and sponsored companies.

Freevale is a chaotic neutral settlement that is focused on training Clerics and Wizards, as well as supporting a large market for trade and crafting. Deities supported: Cayden Cailean (CG), Gorum (CN) and Lamashtu (CE). Freevale is home to several companies.

Unification Brings:

As a unified nation the settlements of Aragon and Freevale agree to the following:

1. Mutual Defense
2. Mutual Support
3. Preferential Trade
4. Shared Goals for Future Expansion
5. Shared Decision Making Process
6. A United (National) Voice in Global Affairs

The Lore Behind the Name:

According to ancient legend, the devil Alichino tasked the legendary hero Strada with the conquest of an invincible city. Strada sought the help of an oracle of Gorum and was given the thousand fangs of the dragon Kathalphas. When Strada sowed the teeth into the ground outside the city as instructed, all the heroes the dragon had devoured sprang up into battle. Having frustrated the devil, Strada ruled the city for 90 years with the skeletal army as guard. Magical spartoi seeds that temporarily summon the skeletal undead warriors known as spartoloi have been created since in memory of this legend.[1]

Gorum being the principal deity of both Aragon and Freevale, we were drawn to the story. We know that as chaotic settlements and now a chaotic nation, we will have forces lined up against us. Like the hero Strada, we shall sow the land of the River Kingdoms with our “seeds” of raiders, bandits, assassins, zealous clerics, necromancers and in general with chaos.

Contacting the Nation:

Until a national ambassador is appointed, any questions can be directed to GPunk or myself Bluddwolf.

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Title say it all.... I was hoping to continue using that as a tool.

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I know this is incredibly off topic but....

Fallen Earth just made the Top Five MMO crafting systems of all time!!! According to MMORPG.


5) Fallen Earth
Any game that’s post-apocalypse themed probably has a detailed crafting system, and Fallen Earth is no exception. Virtually all items in the game can be crafted and the brutal atmosphere alone lends itself well to the type of situation where players would be forced to fend for themselves. The modern day setting also allows for unique concepts in crafted items – everything from clothes and weapons to transportation.

One of the great things about the crafting system in Fallen Earth is how it allows you to continue doing other things in the game without getting bogged down at workbenches. You can set stuff up in your queue and the game will let you know when an item is completed. The world is huge and there is great need for crafted items, so you could easily make a name for yourself in the world of Fallen Earth by specializing in different types of crafting.

Congratulations to Lee Hammock, Fallen Earth Lead Designer.

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As many of you know, this is the final week of the land rush. Even though that does not mean the end of recruitment for settlement citizens or individual company membership, it does end a phase in our settlement's development.

Aragon's present (projected) alignment is Chaotic Neutral. Even though alignment will not matter for quite some time, and not until after the great cataclysm, the full benefit of our offers will be realized most by CN, CE, CG and TN.

If a company joins as a Sponsored Company, it will retain its autonomy (its name and leadership), or it may choose to merge with one of Aragon's existing companies.

Individuals can fall in with one of our existing companies, which cater to every play style.

Aragon is supported by and supportive of players in US, EU and Oceanic time zones.

Joining and contributing during the War of Towers will grant additional benefits, even for those who do not remain as citizens after the WoT ends. These benefits will not be limited to access to training. If you helped build it, you will have full access to it. That for us is not a payment for services, that is an obligation of Aragon's part.

The benefits will be minimally a "Blue Standing" with the UnNamed Company and any of its divisions (duration and circumstances TBD).

Other benefits will be dependent on game mechanics, but monetary payments (coin) are certainly on the table. Amount TBD based on in game economy.

If interested, send me a PM; post to this thread and:

Join Settlement: Aragon (CN)

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I'm thinking, after listening to Tork's interview, that how it might be easy to transition that same system used for the War of Towers to raiding Outpists and POIs.

This way all of the time and effort developing the WoT system will not have gone to waste, and the transition would be smoother between pre and post cataclysm PvP.

Goblin Squad Member

Even though week 10 will be the final week to determine who gets what and where, I think the feature for the settlement information and recruitment is still useful.

Perhaps the only change would be to trim the fat off the list and just list the 33 settlements.

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I the manifestation of evil just found in the motives of our characters, or can an evil act be differentiated from another act under a different set of motivations?

Example: Killing is said to be an "Evil" act. So far, the only thing that differentiates a good aligned character that is killing something, from an evil character killing something, are their motivations. That is an invisible and possibly even fake form of manifestation.

Will evilly motivated acts be visually more evil than the same acts motivated by neutral or good motivations?

Will there be certain feats that are alignment based? Certain attack types that can only be used by a particular alignment and have effects that match the motivations of that alignment?

A good aligned character may wish to kill you, because you are their war enemy, but they will use methods that are quicker and "cleaner". Whereas an evil, particularly a chaotic evil, character will kill you using methods that are more akin to cruel butchery, painful damage over time, to be finished off with a death blow.

Some may say, "It doesn't matter for the character how the death comes about, the end result is the same." While that is true, my question is:

Could there be a difference that is visual, emotional and mechanical (game wise)?

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Aragon (CN)

Location: X
Chartered / Sponsored Companies: 6 / 2 = 8 total
Affiliations: Northern Coalition, Chaotic Triangle
Other Agreements: Pending

Resource Access:

18 Woodlands; 1 Highland

Woodlands: Wood (High); Game (Moderate); Ore (Low)
Highlands: Stone (High); Ore (Moderate); Herbs (Low)

Trade Outlook:

Surplus: Wood and Game
Needs: Herbs

As a member of the Northern Coalition the settlement of Aragon is already committed to trade with: Callambea, Freevale and Golgotha.

Aragon is open to discussion with our closest neighbors "Read Between the Lines" location "T" and "Mystical Awakening" location "AA".

Training Focus of Aragon

Aragon will be focusing on training FIGHTERS and ROGUES. Aragon's training facilities will be open to its citizens first, Northern Coalition members second, and to the Public should availablity exist.

Aragon will (space providing)support the worship of two Deities: Gorum and Calistria.

Contact Information:


For Trade Proposals, send an Ambassador to:

The UnNamed Company

For Clerics and followers of Gorum or Calistria, apply to above link (express interest as Cleric in application). Then proceed to the link below:

Aragon (CN)

Goblin Squad Member

Can the mobs of an escalation cycle move up an elevation, or will they be funneled in the other directions instead?

For reference, the only escalation hex in question is the one that borders (T - W - X).

Goblin Squad Member

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Aragon Policy: War of The Towers

As a policy the settlement of Aragon will secure the six hexes immediately adjacent to its settlement hex, plus any unattended hexes immediately next to those.

During our open PvP window, Aragon welcomes its fellow Northern Coalition members to freely hunt any uninvited trespassers in our lands.

During our closed PvP window, the sponsored companies will reciprocate with our Northern Coalition partners, and hunt down interlopers in their lands.

The settlement of Aragon nor its member charter companies will make no claim to the loot taken from intruders in our lands, and we likewise expect to have what we hold of the loot we gain while patrolling another settlement's lands.

For non Northern Coalition settlements, we will offer the same service for a nominal fee (TBD in game). Obviously if another Northern Coalition member are the intruders, they will be informed of our contract. They may chose to accept that or proceed with their assault. We will fulfill our contract as previously discussed. This is not a violation of the NAP, as long as the winner buys the ale!

Whereas other companies see the advantages in the War of the Towers as a source of buffing future training, we see it as that plus the opportunity to engage in consequence free PvP frequently.

This will provide the citizens of Aragon with vastly more PvP experience than those who choose to frown upon the entire concept of the War of the Towers.

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Games publisher attempts to patent RPG mechanics

by Andrew Girdwood on June 18, 2014 in Tabletop RPGs
The American patent system is well known among techies – and not for good reasons. This is the entity that granted Amazon a patent for taking photos against a white background.

Right now the US Patent and Trademark Office is considering giving a small publisher the patent protected rights to convert entities (PCs, Monsters, NPCs, stats, weapons, etc) from one genre to another.

For example, moving your Beyond the Supernatural character to Rifts would become a patent protected right. Exploring universes in Monte Cook’s The Strange might also come under the patent. The list goes on.

The issue came to light during a Q&A session on Dan Davenport’s #rpgnet channel. It was then blogged by Bedroom Wall Press. The full transcript of the conversation can be found at GM Shoe but here’s a relevant snippet.

[20:54] <+AJofUniversalHorizons> So far we have about 800+ original artworks, 4 Registered TMs, and a patent for changing genres. We hope to be here a long time!
[20:54] <+xyphoid> A patent on a rpg mechanic? Can you tell us more about that?
[20:56] <+AJofUniversalHorizons> Not in a few mins… also, it get to be law-speak gibberish very quickly.
[20:56] <~Dan> What (if any) game systems inspired you?
[20:57] <+AJofUniversalHorizons> IN essence, it’s a process patent for paper and online applications for transferring virtual entities from one genre to another.

AJ Schmidt isn’t telling tall tales. You can find the application for the patent at the US PTO.

Object? Worried? There’s instructions for a third-party comment here and the official form here.

In theory the patent office might block it. Bedroom Wall Press are sceptical this will happen. I am as well. There’s too much history against the USPTO for anyone to be hopeful.

Whereas gamers and publishers may have reason to be concerned I note there’s been some hostile comments to Universal Horizons. That’s hardly the way forward either. Writing in a Facebook update this morning the publisher said;

The patent issue: I will respond, but will continue to delete negative, derogatory, or flaming comments. This is our FB page. We cannot shut down anyone’s favorite game or redefining water as was earlier suggested. The sky is not falling, designers are free to create very dynamic RPGs and systems. Please read and understand:

We are a small company that invented a very specific process for shifting characters through genres, and we want to protect it using a patent. We consulted a lawyer who confirmed the same and encouraged a process patent. We want to protect the process we invented.

Many are commenting on the abstract that uses abstract language. The details of a patent are referred to within the cited definitions and the main book. This does not affect any previous publications or any other future publications that do not copy our process.

In a comment on the same thread, Universal Horizons indicated they won’t sue other publishers should they win the patent.

We witnessed the craziness of copyright infringement with Gygax and many smaller companies from larger game companies. We sought the consult of a copyright/ patent attorney. He informed us patent law protects better than copyright law. After his research, he informed us our method of character conversion was unique enough to the patented. Thus we sought the patent to protect our idea. Your insight is right-on. To be clear: we will not attack, sue, or investigate previous/ current game systems for infringement.

The desire to protect your ideas and avoid being ripped off is understandable. The question is whether the patent approach is the right way to go. What do you think?

Update: It would be useful if a patent expert/lawyer popped up with some insight. In particular: does is patent exclusive to or inclusive of the role of a computer?

Image credit: Patent Troll by McNeil

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This is a concept in the making, and something that may be interesting to develop by others as well. I can imagine the possibility of the community of PFO to create our own Gazetteer or geographical index of terms and features.

Presently, and hopefully it becomes realized in-game, The Chaotic Triangle consists of the three settlements of Thornkeep (NPC -CN) + Aragon (PC CN) + Freevale (PC CN). These three settlements obviously forming a triangle located in the Central - Eastern portion of the Early Enrollment map.

Most likely, contrary to popular belief, this region is not intended to become an area where safe travel is not possible. It may be a chaotic hive of villainy, debauchery and larceny, but those virtues are typically not practiced where we sleep.

In Aragon for instance, the UNC will not conduct SADs (unless slaves are suspected cargo) or ambush (unless feud or war targets) any merchant caravans or travelers in general. Note: Any further discussion on this specific UNC related topic can be discussed in our UNC policy thread

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We all know how difficult it is to stop or even ban Griefers. These players do t care about the consequences or punishments for their actions, they have a different measure of fun than the rest of us. Banning them just makes them reroll a new character or start up a new or second account.

Here is what I believe to be a novel idea. When a new account is created it is issued a pass key code to activate that account. This pass code key is attached to the address, the account name and the computer IP number. The first key for everyone comes with the purchase of he game client.

When a player is banned, their pass key code is what gets banned. Now the griefer, not only loses the remainder of the month's subscription, but he or she would have to purchase a new pass key code. If GW sets this cost at let's say $50.00, now the cost of being banned for griefing just became $65.00!!

If anyone is foolish enough to be a repeat offender, at least GW will be gaining added revenue from them. I seriously doubt there are that many who will take a $$ hit like that just to play like a jerk.

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The Exalted Bastards - Reavers of Chaos' Reign
Role - Feudal Specialists Dealing Retribution
Alignment - Chaotic Evil
Motto: "When Heads Start Rolling, People Get Polite... Too Late!"
Focus - PvP
Settlement - Aragon (CN)

Leadership: The Goodfellow, Xeen

This is a group that will specialize in the use of the Feud System to slaughter their enemies. The members of this division, also known as "RoCRs", never show mercy in combat and they are strictly motivated by the bloodlust to kill.

Unlike their Aragonian brethren, The UnNamed Company, members of The Exalted Bastards do not seek profit or rob for their own gain, however if the coin presents itself they will certainly take it. They align themselves with vengeful causes and can be hired to advance them.

Who Should Join The Exalted Bastards?

The Exalted Bastards is a great group for someone looking to participate in feuds, wars, and are willing to travel far and wide throughout the River Kingdoms. Our primary content will be:

• Feuds/small-group PvP
• Anti-slaver factional warfare
• Pro- revenge / retribution PVP without mercy.
• Outpost and POI destruction.

* The ability to maintain a moderate reputation for all members of The Exalted Bastards is very important. The argument has been made that playing Chaotic Evil can not be done easily while still maintaining a decent reputation. The Exalted Bastards will prove that it can!

To join, please apply to the UnNamed Company and specify that you would like to become a member of The Exalted Bastards.

Also, please be sure to vote for our home settlement of Aragon in the land rush.

Join Settlement: Aragon (CN)

Goblin Squad Member

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The question I have in mind is, what will prepping a hex look like for eventual take over?

I have caught myself thinking of controlled hexes being just the 7 hexes of a settlement cluster, but that us not really the case. Settlement control can be extended beyond those 7 hexes, and a settlement has no limitation (excluding non settlement enabled hexes) to what shape or how far it can expand.

So, what is or should / could the process of expansion be?

1. I assume the first step is for the company to clear the hex of any major concentration of monsters.

2. Securing the actual building site is the unknown part. Does the company drop a flag down that announces its intent? Does that signal of intention become advertised to others entering the hex?

3. Clearing out PCs from the future site. It would clearly be desired to keep the future site clear of others seeking to expand into the same location. If the mechanic of placing a flag and advertising your intent is the mechanic of this process, what latitude is granted to keep others out, by force if necessary?

4. I believe once the POI is established, the hex falls under control of the founding settlement. At that point the newly controlled hex will fall under the laws if the settlement. Trespassers can be flagged and killed on sight, thus securing the borders from those not expressly given permission to enter.

The main part of my question is #s 2 and 3. At that stage the prospective new settlement hex is at its most vulnerable. It is in that stage that the company will want to keep other PCs out if the area.

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It is not without reason that I drag the Revered One, Hobbs into this and many other threads and posts. Hobbs, is the mover in the shadows and often I suffer urging of his corrupting influence and I have finally surmised how he does this.... Hobbs has Voodoo Dolls of each of the most prominent forums members.

Here is the exercise: Each poster on this thread is to think of five prominent members of this community and for each explain what Hobbs would make them do through the use of the Voodoo Doll.

If Hobbs had a Voodoo Doll of The Goodfellow, he would make the Goodfellow:

Admit that he is a Wannabe-Hobbs

If Hobbs had a Voodoo Doll of Xeen, he would:

Restore his sanity that he lost when he joined UNC, but he will let him remain the prick that we love

If Hobbs had a Voodoo Doll of DeciousBrutus, he would make :

Decious write his posts with a clear and concise delivery

If Hobbs had a Voodoo Doll of Ryan Dancey, he would make:

Ryan Dancey quote Nihimon, quoting Ryan Dancey, so that Ryan can remember what he said on those odd Friday night posts

If Hobbs had a Voodoo Doll of Andius, he would make Andius:

Move South!

Disclaimer: If you take insult from this, take it up with Hobbs, he used a Voodoo Doll that made me do it.

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When a POI is established, does it come with two outpost slots that can be utilized by the POI owner, or sublet to another party?

How does the relationship between POI and its Outposts interact with each other, particularly the supply chain?

I'm wondering if it makes sense that the resources gathered at an outpost, first travel to a POI (where it may be packaged in bulk, stored in bulk, or refined) before being shipped off to a settlement.

I'm assuming that roads (player constructed) will have to link theses structures, and then linked (perhaps) to the main NPC road system. Using the main road, may have a fee attached to it, in order to maintain the NPC warden patrols.

Speaking of costs, I would also assume (hope) that the POIs and their Outposts will require maintenance costs (either coin or resources).

With all of the discussions going on about the upcoming land rush and the map in general, knowing how the POI / Outpost system will work is also an important consideration for our selection of locations.

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It seems we have a spammer who has chosen Dev a Blog day for his attacks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Moderation team for all that they do, but in particular for keeping these boards clear of spam!

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What is the Betrayal Flag?

Who can issue it?

At what cost is it issued?

What offenses should earn it?

What proof of betrayal is required?

What should the consequences of it be?

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I have always been a fan of:

1. Damage over Time / Bleeding Effects
2. Crippling Effects (Disarm)
3. Hamstringing (Slows Movement)
4. Intimidation / Dread (Initiative Debuff or Energy Drain)
5. Increased chance of Critical Hits or Effects

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For those who may have missed this:

Stephen Cheney wrote:


Given how our placement of structures changed from Ryan's original conception of hideouts, we've broken the "knocking people out of fast travel" functionality into its own structure. These are meant to be extremely temporary (basically the idea of just a hole or pile of bushes and a log you roll across the road), rather than formal hideouts. If hideouts interdicted fast travel over a whole hex, it seems likely that people would make it a priority to find the hideout PoI and destroy it. Blinds also let bandits potentially interdict fast travel in hexes they don't own.

Blinds are a temporary construction you put down (construction method TBD and highly tech dependent). They're some kind of object that's not glaringly obvious. The users will need to be able to click it, but it might have its own Stealth rating so it's not visible until you're on top of it. TBD how you place it or craft it.
It has a small radius where you get a Stealth bonus as if it were an aura. Being in this aura is basically admitting to being up to no good; if someone in your party issues a S&D from it, you'll also automatically join in (see below).

Clicking it lets you turn off or on an aura that knocks people out of fast travel. This aura is basically big enough that you can put the blind near a road and catch people on the road. You can turn it on or off so you can let scarier groups through without stopping them. (Hopefully we can spawn a log model across the road when you've got it turned on.)

It has a large radius around it that increases the range of S&D inspection. Normally, you can only inspect a target prior to issuing S&D from a short distance away, but if they're in the blind's radius, you can do it up to visual range (and you might have a lookout up the road that passes the details to you to decide whether to roll out the log or not).

Settlements can make it illegal to deploy a Blind in their territory (potentially getting at least one Bandit the Criminal flag long before S&Ding anyone).

My questions are:

Will Blinds function the same way for ambushing (attacking without SAD) a target?

How will the other stealth mechanics described in the previous Dev Blogs mesh with the use of Blinds?

How will ranged combat function with the use of Blinds?

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We haven't heard (read) much about how this tactic will be implemented in game.

It will most likely be skill based.

It may be alignment based or have an alignment shift impact.

It probably requires stealth.

It may require special structures.

It may be buffed or debuffed based on terrain.

It may have different requirements based on attack type (ranged, melee, combined, siege, etc.)

It may have faction elements.

It may be restricted to certain class abilities, roles,or even skill levels.

Although I rooted for Denver, it is good to see a team win their first championship.

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Here is a question that came up, and we need some clarification if possible.

I will use my own purchases as an example:

Pioneer KS = 3 Months
Add-On = 3 x 3 month Time
Add-On = 12 Month Time

Total = 24 months pre paid time.

I understand that the first 3 months w/ Pioneer will begin with EE, if I choose to.

Is it possible to use these in staggered intervals?

0 - 3 90 Day Pioneer
4 - 6 Break (90 break)
7 - 9 90 Day Sub
10 - 15 Break (90 Day Break)
16 - 18 90 Day Sub

Finally using the remaining 15 months for OE and beyond.

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