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Full Name

Ezreq "Bluddwolf" Bluddworth




Rogue / 1







Special Abilities

Bonus Feat; Bonus Skill Ranks


Chaotic Neutral




River Kingdoms





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Strength 15
Dexterity 17
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 9
Charisma 13

About Bluddwolf

Ezreq Bluddworth, known by his friends and enemies alike as "Bluddwolf", is a brash and greedy, young adventurer. He started out his career as little more than a street thug, using his strength, speed and toughness to bully his way into getting what he wanted. Once his reputation grew, as an excellent street brawler, he could intimidate his way into most people handing over the contents of their purse.

In his late teens, the town guards grew less patient with his petty theft and mischievous antics. Also, as he grew older, he began to brandish a pair of short swords and throwing knives and he quickly became very proficient in their use. He began to take his newly developed skills, outside of town limits and began to ply them to his new trade of banditry.

Preying upon merchants of both great and moderate wealth, "Bluddwolf" had a small following of like-minded thugs, to follow his lead. However, Bluddwolf was fairly intelligent and developed a good business sense and knew better than to let himself, become the target of Bounty Hunters or other more organized wardens of the law.

Every once in a while, Bluddwolf, would assist his local town with clearing out the humanoid scourge that would sometimes plague the outskirts. These were typically goblins or kobolds, and usually little match for his company of bandits. He would even partake in an adventure from time to time, killing even more dangerous threats to the community, even further ingratiating himself with the town. Although he never becomes any sort of a folk hero, he certainly does become a notable personality in his small “territory”.

By his early 20’s, his company of bandits began to think bigger and the company created a charter to put their plans to action. The UnNamed Company was formed, and it would elevate its banditry to a business that could be contracted out. Even in small towns, but especially in larger towns or cities, merchants often get involved in trade wars. This provided the UnNamed Company the opportunity to secretly contract itself out, to attack one merchant’s operations at the behest of another. Not only did these arrangements provide additional gold, but also immunity from criminal penalty.