2 Years of UNC, 4 Days Late!!

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I just wanted to thank this community for the past two years of entertainment, friendship and a smattering of contentiousness (hopefully not too personal).

The game that we have all been waiting for is finally in its minimum viable product phase, and for those that have actually begun their EE time I believe the opinion that PFO is at least playable is held by the majority.

As many if us begin to turn our focus away from the starter towns, grinding those poor goblins into bloody spots in the ground, I look forward to creating stronger social bonds with friends and enemies alike.

I think this sentiment will be widely held, Goblin Works can not streamline company / settlement invites soon enough.

That being said, the UNC will be moving forward in working with our neighbors with mini and full fledged escalations, and with PvP raids throughout the River Kingdoms.

Looking forward to 2015 adventures with you all!!


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Congrats and Long Life to UNC!

I was terrified you were going to say you were quitting PFO there for a second :) To be honest, I can't wait for player looting so yall can get down to the business of trying to loot us! But running escalations together is also good.

Three cheers for UnNamed Company!

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Your background and what you enjoy in a game is quite different from mine. So there have been times I disagreed with you and I expect there will be times in the future that I disagree with you.

But you and the Unnamed Company surely have earned my respect and I see them as a great contribution to this community.

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The dreams of Desna have foretold to me that there will be many "achievements" in our "social bonds".

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Well done UNC! Glad that you have hung in there for all the good and bad. I look forward to fighting with and against you in the coming months and years!

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Congratulations on the anniversary!

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Congratulations, UnNamed Company!

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