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The official start date for this PbP is May 29th, 2023.

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Registered players may dot here. Additional information coming in the Discussion soon.

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Discussion thread for Q14.

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A riverboat ferries you up the East Sellen River to Restove, the capital of Brevoy. As you disembark, the unmistakable figure--stout, bald, and a magnificent beard--Marcos Farabellus greets you.

"Ah, agents! So very good to see you! Welcome to Restov. I hope your journey wasn’t too bothersome. This time of year the mosquitoes on the Sellen can be worse than falling face first and buck naked into a patch of poison ivy." Marcos punctuates his own jest with a bellowing laugh. "Let’s get you all a bit freshened up before I get to the heart of the matter."

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For any durable, OOC discussion.

Since this is a quest, you each begin with 1 Hero Point and have access to your School item.

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You were sent to the Sothis lodge in Osirion, the Sandswept Hall, and anticipate your assignment any day now. The lodge is a two-story converted prison constructed from limestone bricks. Two stone statues of sphinxes flank the entryway, and the doors are reinforced with copper. Tranquil gardens surround the lodge, separating it from the bustle of the busy Osirion capital.

Take this opportunity to introduce/re-introduce your characters and have them chat among themselves while I finish prep.

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I could not find this discussed, though it might be hiding in a side discussion within a different thread topic.

Recently, a player proposed something that did not seem correct to me, but I can see where someone might get the idea and I'm willing to be educated.

Here are the relative rules text for reference:

Search wrote:
If you come across a secret door, item, or hazard while Searching, the GM will attempt a free secret check to Seek to see if you notice the hidden object or hazard.
Trap Finder wrote:
Even if you aren’t Searching, you get a check to find traps that normally require you to be Searching.
Haunt Ingenuity wrote:
Even when you aren't Searching while in exploration mode, the GM rolls a secret check for you to notice haunts that usually require you to be Searching.
Lantern Implement wrote:
During exploration, even if you aren't Searching, the GM rolls a secret check for you to find traps, environmental hazards, haunts, and secrets (such as secret doors). The GM rolls each time a given hazard or secret comes within 20 feet of you and within the lantern's bright light.

We'll start with the underlying premise proposed:

If you have Trap Finder/Haunt Ingenuity/Lantern and are Searching, do you get 2 secret checks to detect a trap? One for Searching and one for the feat/feature.

The next step in the proposal was this:

If you have Haunt Ingenuity (and/or Trap Finder if you multiclass), the Lantern Implement, AND are using the Search exploration activity, do you get 3 secret checks per haunt/trap? I.e., One for Searching and one for each feature that allows you to get a secret check even if you aren't searching.

Happy to be educated by the group mind.

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This is the PFS 2nd Edition Multi-Table Special for Gameday XI.
Sign-up can be found here: Sign-up Link
The game will start on September 11, 2022.

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This is the PFS 2nd Edition Multi-Table Special for Gameday XI.
Sign-up can be found here: Sign-up Link
The game will start on September 11, 2022.

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GM benevolence aside, how should the following scenarios play out by the rules?

Situation 1, which I think is the simplest:

You take a Skill Feat (Intimidating Gaze) in your 3rd level General Feat slot. You advance to 4th and gain a Skill Feat slot. Now you want to move Intimidating Gaze to the 4th level Skill Feat and take Fleet as your 3rd level General Feat.

1. Can you take Intimidating Gaze in the 4th slot then spend 1 week retraining 3rd level General slot Intimidating Gaze into Fleet? I expect “No” because you can’t take Intimidating Gaze more than once.

2. You take a different Skill Feat in the 4th level slot (let’s say Group Coercion). How do you get Intimidating Gaze to the 4th slot and Fleet in the 3rd? Retrain Intimidating Gaze to Fleet, losing Intimidating Gaze until you get 7 more days of Downtime to retrain Group Coercion into Intimidating Gaze? It’s odd conceptually that the skill you know and want to keep disappears for 7 days for the maneuvering, but I think that’s the way it has to be.

Or can you retrain Group Coercion into Intimidating Gaze and the 3rd level slot becomes empty until you retrain Fleet into the empty slot?

The other situation is more complex but may be answered with the simpler situations above.

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◈ Prologue ◈

The crane’s beam swings back over the pier. With the last of the copious supplies for the month’s long voyage around Nagajor and the Valashmai to the island of Bonmu, the captain signals to the deckhands at the gangplank. Sailors on the deck unfurl a red and gold carpet that rolls down the plank. Once it reaches the pier, the deckhands remove a golden rope barring access to the gangplank and move to the side. The crowd behind you seems to press on you without touching you as though you can feel the collective eagerness of every man and woman waiting to board.

With your invitation to the Ruby Phoenix Tournament came passage on the Dancing Carp, a massive three hundred foot long, four masted ship built for long ocean voyages, paid for by the Grand Bank of Abadar. Not everyone waiting to board the mighty vessel is heading to the pre-qualifier on the Minantan island of Bonmu. Travelers and merchants–most of Tian descent–fill the crowd, but there is a man or woman in the crowd who could easily be another competitor.

On the deck, you gaze out over the Xu Hong Bay. Without a significant breeze, the water is especially calm and blue today. The water beyond the colossal statues of Shizuru and Tsukiyo that guard the entrance to the bay is gray and rough with ocean chop. Once you breach the mouth of the bay and pass beyond the shadow of the Wall of Heaven, the wind will fill the sails.

A deckhand acknowledges your invitation and records your names in the passenger log. ”Welcome aboard the Dancing Carp. You will berth in Lu 8,” he informs you, handing you a simple key with the character and the number pressed into the bow. ”Meals are served common style in the galley three times each day. The gong sounds at the beginning of each meal. There will be jerked meats, hard breads, and citrus fruits in between meals during the day. You are free to take what you want, but do not take more than you need. If you have any other questions, each deck has several attendants.”

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The Challenge Point system is getting better. However, I have not seen any guidance--official or unofficial--regarding how to handle sudden, unexpected changes in the party composition. The best answer might be to leave it to GM discretion, but I'm going to ask the question anyway.

There are a few situations that I have experienced as a GM and as a player where the party that set the Challenge Points for the scenario is no longer the same party some part of the way through the scenario. Each of them have slightly different nuance to them, so I'll list them out individually. There are probably other versions I haven't encountered.

1. A character dies mid-scenario without means of resurrection.

Example: A party of 4 equal level characters (CP 12 begins). One dies. The remaining characters generate CP 9 and one character's worth of actions down. Do they continue to experience CP 12 adjusted encounters or do they now encounter CP 9 adjustment (usually no adjustment)?

2. A player disappears (leaves the table and doesn't return, whatever the reason).

The same change in party composition occurs as if one of the characters had died. E.g., CP 12 party becomes a CP 9 party.

Do you continue on as 3-player team with the original CP or the new CP?
Do you whip out a Pregen to replace the missing player?
If the Pregen changes the CP (up or down) do you adjust the encounters?
What if it was a 5-player team that is now 4-players?

3. A player intentionally has his character abandon the in-game activity.

Example: Paladins refusing to fight the enemy or even participate as healing or defense.
Example: Players who get pissed off that they can't roll higher than a 4 on the d20 and just have their character Stride x 3 off the battle map.

In this case, what do you do? The GM, the table try to encourage the player to engage, boost their spirits, but the player is obstinate that their character is abandoning the encounter. It's even worse then that person brought 6 CP to the calculation, but they're still there at the table, still expecting their chronicle at the end, and the party is fighting an encounter scaled for 6 more CP than is actually participating.

These are all real situations--only the numbers have been changed for easier math--that I have encountered more than once each on both sides of the GM screen.

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Welcome to Pathfinder Society 2nd Edition Scenario 2-04: Path of Kings being run for Outpost V.
Sign-ups are managed through the central Outpost V Event Listing.
GM early player access opens February 13th, 2022.
General seating opens February 20th, 2022.

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Please dot-delete to register the campaign to your profile.

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I will put together a RPGChronicles sign-in soon.

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Place your dot-delete, ghost dots, ninja dots, etc.

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Please provide me with the following information:

Your Organized Play Number & Character Number
Slow Track (half rewards) or Regular Track

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Please provide me with the following information:

Your Organized Play Number & Character Number
Slow Track (half rewards) or Regular Track

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Please provide me with the following information:

Your Organized Play Number & Character Number
Slow Track (half rewards) or Regular Track

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Private PFS Play-by-Post.

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I'm writing this with PFS(2) in mind because the knowledge system has become more codified within the PF2 rules and subsequently scenarios/adventures than with PFS(1) or SFS, but the same concept would work for those campaigns, too. However, I wouldn't hold my breath for PFS(1). When I talk about the PF2 mechanic Recall Knowledge, it applies just as well to the knowledge checks in the other campaigns.

I swiftly became frustrated with the Organized Play convention that my character was a blank slate who knew nothing of the things that he had done before, be it in scenarios played or associated things to my background. I understood and still understand the rationale for requiring new Recall Knowledge on the same creature when encountered during a different scenario. The GM doesn't need to waste time adjudicating whether your character should legitimately know what a gibbering mouther can do or whether you're cribbing from the Bestiary. And, honestly, if that was all it meant, I probably wouldn't even bother to draft this suggestion. However, if applies to all efforts to Recall Knowledge: locations within cities, cultural habits of common human ethnicities, laws within a town, areas of concern for deities, identifying religious iconography, and on and on.

So... what?

So I hate it when my character looks like a wooden plank with two googly eyes glued on and a bunch of stats written on it. My Sarkorian druid who, as the child of Sarkorian refuges who traveled to Nantambu, and studied at the Magambya with the hopes of going to old Sarkoris and helping to reclaim the land for his people (he was one AP too late) knows nothing of the people of the Mwangi expanse, the city of Nantambu, or the Magambya, or Sarkoris or Kellid people without a successful Recall Knowledge check within the scenario. Even though he's got an Intelligence of 14 and took features to give him extra skills. Is his background campy? Sure, maybe, but he's my campy character, and it drives me crazy that he can't even answer a question about what is the Sarkoris Scar in a scenario briefing.

Honestly, we're at advantages when we're dealing with things not called out in scenarios with Recall Knowledge DCs because as GMs, we generally let our players run with their characters background. I could talk all about the practices of the Cascade Bearers during a scenario set in Varisia and how that branch's philosophy applies to a particular situation and nobody blinks an eye. I play a scenario where that information matters and I've got to succeed a roll to know it, even as a character who literally is a Cascade Bearer via feats and AcP expenditures.

<<Within these brackets is an aside that I feels underscores the PF2 system's problem. It is not my point. Please don't zero in on what's between these brackets and make the discussion about this. PF2 codifies this amnesia with feats like Student of the Canon where I need to take a feat as a Cleric to actually know about the tenets of my own deity. Does this mean Clerics can be ignorant of their own tenets and be forgiven? I'm a priest of Pharasma, but I rolled a 1 on my Recall Knowledge check to know what my own anathemas are, so it's OK that I rob this tomb? Or elves, hundreds of years old elves, need to spend a precious ancestry feat on Know Your Own in order to not ever critically fail a Recall Knowledge check about elves or elven society. You don't even get the benefit like Student of Canon where a failure turns into success, you just don't ever actively (edit: mis-) remember what ilduliel is.>>

Transitioning on to monsters, combat, and tactical information, which bothers me the least, I am still bothered that a given fellow player or GM might accuse you of metagaming for merely making an empirical choice without having spent an action to Recall Knowledge. The creature is made of fire, so I'm not going to use my go-to offensive cantrip, produce flame. The creature is made entirely of bones, so I'm going to try this club against him instead of my usual spear that's probably not going to hit. Or that's a skinny broom trying to attack me, so I'll use an axe instead of a spear.

Then the least issue of not remembering from scenario 1 where I used a sword against a skeletal opponent and it had resistance, so I can't simply opt to use a different weapon when I encounter a skeletal opponent in scenario 2.

Yes. I could be wrong with my empiric choices or even extrapolating things that my character experienced. If I want to ensure I'm right, I would make a Recall Knowledge check. Yes. There are lots of situations where what I knew before is not correct, and I agree with those situations, but I shouldn't forget what I knew and not be able to try what worked before or make empiric guesses.

But the GM can't waste time adjudicating all that stuff every time, we want to play the scenario! Yes. I agree. But I think we can do better.

SUGGESTION (in no particular order)

1. Use the chronicle space that used to be for boons and list the creatures encountered. The GM crosses off any creatures not encountered. You don't need to make Recall Knowledge checks to know some set of information about the creatures, e.g. weakness, resistance, and immunity (and maybe energy type of any primary special attacks or damage riders like fire for a fire mephit, but I think the list should be relatively short).

2. Organized Play writes a Pathfinder Training list of things known about a fixed list of common monsters. E.g., bludgeons work best against skeletons, goblins can see in the dark, demons are weak to cold iron (I mean, you still need to actually fork over the money for a cold iron weapon). But I'm not picky, just something to represent having trained at an adventurer's guild for crying out loud.

3. Set auto-pass thresholds in scenarios for knowledge related to ancestries, backgrounds, cleric and champion's deities, and home regions. Anything like that. E.g., Society DC 16 reveals "some colorful detail that's not particularly secret" about Thuvia, if character's Home Region is the Golden Road, they automatically succeed.

4. Organized Play writes things commonly known things about regions of the world. This would be a big ask, and I wouldn't expect it, but it would be nice to have a reference as to what my character is "allowed" to know about their own home region, home town, culture, etc.

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Gameday X starts September 6th, 2021.

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Gameday X Play-by-Post begins September 6th, 2021.

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Gameday X Play-by-Post begins September 6, 2021.

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Welcome to the Outpost IV PFS(2) multi-table special (tier 5-6).

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Please dot-delete to register this campaign to your Campaigns page once you have signed up on the Outpost IV signup sheet. Thank you.

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Please dot-delete to register this campaign to your Campaigns page once you have signed up on the Outpost IV signup sheet. Thank you.

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Welcome to PFS(2) 2-1 Citadel of Corruption run for Outpost IV.

Note: If we run at Low Tier, critical hits will be rolled as extra dice, otherwise they will simply be doubled.

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Please dot-delete to register this campaign to your Campaigns page once you have signed up on the Outpost IV signup sheet. Thank you.

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Welcome to PFS(2) 1-4 Bandits of Immenwood run for Outpost IV.

Note: If we run at Low Tier, critical hits will be rolled as extra dice, otherwise they will simply be doubled.

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As campaign mode and a bounty, plus the Season 2 changes, I only need the following information from you:

PFS Number & Character Number

If you also give me the PFS character's name, it will help me to avoid reporting error.

Thank you!

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You have recently arrived at Aaminiut, the largest town in the Eratuki land of Hasanaliat. By some chance of fate, you all come to read the notice board at the same time this night. The town's two leaders--the Ulfen merchant Bjorn the Blade and the Erutaki elder Seshu, converse quietly as Bjorn hammers the final nail attaching a scrolled piece of hide to the village’s notice board.

Wanted Poster wrote:

Hunters needed!

Over the past weeks, a creature some of us have come to know as the “Whitefang Wyrm” has been spotted lurking near our settlement, stealing fish from our nets and baskets and leaving nothing but wreckage in its wake. We believe the creature’s lair is somewhere on or across the ice floes of Whitefang Bay. As this creature poses a threat to the survival of all of Aaminiut’s residents, we have prepared a sack of ivory and oosik carvings from the Erutaki and silver bracelets and armbands from the Ulfen, payable to whoever ends the creature’s attacks on our food supply. Proof of the creature’s defeat must be presented to claim this bounty.

-Elder Seshu and Bjorn the Blade

For this exercise, I am forgoing the Secret aspect of Secret Checks, so please roll on your own. If you would prefer to hide them from yourself, feel free to spoiler your rolls.

Recall Knowledge: Arcana or Dragon Lore

You each have 1 Hero Point.

I will be running the Whitefang Wyrm in campaign mode for PFS credit.

The goal of this campaign mode is to playtest the Summoner and Magus playtest classes.

It will provide PFS credit to a valid PFS character.

The first Summoner and the first Magus are guaranteed a spot.

In order to complete within the time frame, this will not be my standard offering of a PbP adventure but rather what I will call a "Tactical Run." The focus will be on the mechanical aspects of the game. That is not to say that you cannot be creative in your posts but to prepare you that I will not be particularly creative in my posts.

Character Creation Rules

A. Build a Summoner or Magus: try to break the game using PFS legal resources (with the obvious exception of the playtest classes and feats).
B. Build/bring a character that could synergize with either a Summoner or Magus
C. Build/bring a character that could be outshined by the Summoner or Magus

I need at least 1 Summoner and at least 1 Magus.

1. You can build a level 1 PFS-legal character with 25.5 gold.
2. You can port over any of your level 1 PFS characters stats and equipment

Obviously, the crazy stuff does not happen until later levels, but this is the fastest option for PbP. If something is obvious at 1st level, it will be applicable at later levels, too.

2/5 5/5 *

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caps wrote:
Count me in for being hugely disappointed in the change to the Spells school items. No auto-heightening and a much narrower list (not to mention only getting 1 item) makes this benefit much harder to take advantage of.

I don't think the scrolls ever auto-heightened. I understood it to be the spells lower on the list were available to select as the Pathfinder level rose and the item level rose.

However, I don't understand why that changed. If I'm a level 10 druid and the only healer, sent on a mission not involving (or expecting to involve) extraplanar creatures, I can't select Heal 5. I either take the max Heal scroll I can, Heal 3, 5 levels lower than I qualify for, or take the offensive Cone of Cold. Why force this choice?

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I will be posting a GM reference sheet for you all to complete momentarily.

You can create a character specific token by right clicking (or long pressing) your character's forum avatar and selecting "Copy image." Go to the slide deck and right click (or tap) and select "Paste." The image should appear (some mobile versions of GoogleSlides seem to have trouble with image pasting).

You can then either leave it over the mannequin token and leave it to me to resize and crop, or you can mask the image as a circle and resize to the same size as the mannequins.

Note: For the secret check slide, if you do not want to make Recall Knowledge checks automatically when the opportunity presents itself, do not fill in the skill you do not want to roll. I.e., if you have a -1 modifier in Religion and never want to roll it because your character knows they know less than nothing about Religion, do not put the information in the Religion dice expression block. If you put the information there, I will assume that you want to make every available passive Recall Knowledge check.

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You may dot-delete here to register the campaign to your Campaigns tab. However, please do not post in-character prior to September 1st.

This is a Gameday IX Convention recruitment. No sign-up before 8/12/2020 will be considered valid except for confirmed early GM seating, which is only valid 8/5/2020.

This is a Gameday IX Convention recruitment. No sign-up before 8/12/2020 will be considered valid except for confirmed early GM seating, which is only valid 8/5/2020.

This is a Gameday IX Convention recruitment. No sign-up before 8/12/2020 will be considered valid except for confirmed early GM seating, which is only valid 8/5/2020.

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Welcome! It is my pleasure to serve as your gamemaster and guide you on a fun and dangerous adventure. Thank you for joining me here!

Since this is designed as a learning environment, some of my usual rules (you can read those in my profile) are relaxed to accommodate the inevitable stumbles or to make room for tutorials.

Rules that absolute still hold:

1. If you are color blind or have any other issue that will affect your experience with play-by-post play and use of GoogleDocs slides, let me know, publicly or via PM.

2. Bullying of either your fellow players or me, your GM, is not allowed.

You should aim for achieving the following metrics as you play more and more in the Play-by-Post format:

A. Post at least once every 24 hours. Even if you don't have anything to do or are intentionally not doing something that has been prompted, post so that your table knows you're there and, if you can, put a little effort into making in an OOC post.

Example: The GM posts a Society check to decipher code in a set of books. Hypothetical player with a Society of +0 opts to not roll and posts, "Flurg frowns and grunts at the books arrayed in front of him. He steps back and crosses his arms."

B. Endeavor to make it a habit to let your table know when you will be absent. You don't need to tell them why, but if you know you'll be out, let them known. If you know you're getting busy, let them know as soon as reasonably possible.

C. You may (or may not) be familiar with "botting" a character at meat-space games. When George really has to go to the bathroom during combat, he tells someone to make his rolls for him. Same concept. Some GMs will do this for you, but that is a serious bit of work so do not expect it. Better to set up something with your fellow players ahead of time. Even better, include botting instructions in your profile. Even better, include dice strings for the actions you recommended in your spoiler.

D. Online resource checks are different. You must be able to present: photographic proof of ownership (the book with a scrap of paper with the day's date written on it, the physical receipt) or a screen shot of your Downloads page with your account alias visible and the book in question visible or a screen shot of your purchase history with the same things visible.

Now, to help me out and to ensure I give you credit for this Quest, please head to this GoogleSlide (LINK) and fill in the character details.

Once the briefing has occurred in game, you can post in the discussion thread your selections for boons and school items.

For those new to PFS(2), boons are equipped into limited slots like Starfinder Society and no longer a collection of random boons, which isn't entirely true because you may collect a random collection of slotless boons that don't require being equipped (or "slotted").

For those brand new to PFS(2), you should not need to worry too much, as the only boon you will have is the <Faction> Champion boon granted free at character creation. This allows you to gain Reputation for the faction you're championing. You can only have one at a time, but you can change them if you later purchase different Factions' Champion boon.

PFS(2) Factions

You may note the nomenclature, "Major" and "Minor." Minor factions are time limited, but we don't know when they'll go away, and any of them may come back. Major factions will never (never say never) go away.

You can equip 1 Faction boon, 1 Advanced boon, and 3 other boons, if you have them (remember that "Slotless" do not require equipping and do not use one of these slots).

For those brand new to PFS(2), you gain 3 points to place into Pathfinder School training at creation and cannot change this. The Schools are Swords, Spells, and Scrolls. You can arrange the points however you like. You can even assign 0 points to any school and be a "Field Commission." Field Commission gives you more Downtime days.

The Schools and their benefits can be found here, way, way down (after #14): Player Basics (why not make it #15?)

Downtime is accrued at the end of the scenario and spent at the end of the scenario (usually crafting or earning an income). Quests give 2 days (or 3 days if you're a Field Agent).

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You can dot-delete with your PFS character here to register this game to your own Campaigns tab for easy tracking of posts, and it registers you to the game.

To dot-delete, you create a throwaway post, traditionally "." (thus dot). Then you delete the post. Once you click DELETE on the options for your post, you then have to confirm by clicking the little graphic "Delete" button under the preview of the post you're deleting. It still shows all the forum options above it, including the original DELETE option, which can be confusing as it keep cycling you to the same view.

AtAT | url=| | Extinction | url=

Please dot-delete here to register your character to the game and the game to your Campaigns tab. Thank you.

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Welcome! It will be my pleasure to serve as your gamemaster and guide you through a fun and dangerous adventure. Thank you for joining me here.

The Boring Real Life Disclaimer

My occupation periodically--usually predictably--requires me to spend more time on it than I would necessarily like. The other responsibilities that draw on my attention are my two children, my wife, and occasionally my elderly parents (although don’t tell my father that is how I described him). Even under these abnormal circumstances, this usually does not interfere with my ability to progress a game. However, this is a long term endeavor, and thus there will inevitably be moments where I do not have time to craft a post with the quality that I would like or, sometimes, days that I don’t stop moving from fire to fire until it is time (or past) for bed.

All that is to say that I am committed to giving you a quality experience, but when I stumble, I preemptively apologize and ask for your patience and understanding. Should I not be providing you with a fun experience--for this or any reason--please do not be afraid to bring it up publicly or privately. I may not be able to resolve the problem, but if I believe that I can, I will certainly try.

More Fun Campaign Information

I recommend that you download and read the free Player’s Guide: LINK

The adventure begins on the Isle of Erran off the northern shore of the Isle of Kortos and will eventually lead to many of the communities around the Isle of Kortos.

Your characters are all members of the Circus of Wayward Wonders. Not every character needs to be a circus performer seeking to dazzle crowds in the big top. After all, even a small traveling circus needs many roustabouts, animal tenders, mechanics, healers, chefs, and others. Nevertheless, each character should consider the Circus of Wayward Wonders to be home, and the other circus members to be friends or even family.

Many of the circus performers and workers are former employees of the Celestial Menagerie, a circus in the nearby port city of Escadar. The manager of the Celestial Menagerie, a cruel catfolk named Mistress Dusklight, is abusive to her employees and downright sadistic to the many animals she exhibits. The Circus of Wayward Wonders was formed one year ago by Myron “Thunder” Stendhal who is as thoughtful and compassionate as Mistress Dusklight is cruel. The circus has been gathering supplies, recruiting members, and developing routines, and entertaining small, remote communities to pay for the supplies since then, and the first day of the adventure is the circus’ very first performance in front of a significant audience.

Any alignment is permitted, but your character should have reason to risk their lives to protect and rescue other people, investigate crimes, and explore dangerous places without undue reliance on your fellow players (or the NPCs, i.e. me) to convince them to do so.

I think the backgrounds provided in the Player’s Guide align excellently with the Adventure Path and encourage you to seriously consider them; however, you are not restricted to those backgrounds.

Your party will need to be able to navigate challenges of the social nature, urban environments, wilderness environments, and underground environments. It is advantageous to have more than one character capable of entertaining a crowd in one way or another. There are scant opportunities for a mount-, extreme range-, or ship-focused character to shine.

While not all of the characters need to be a circus performer, at least one of you should either be a circus performer or, at least, a worker who, when called upon, can perform an impromptu act of entertainment for a crowd (such as a hidden talent they never felt was good enough or a previously unrealized natural talent). All acts should be based on ability/skill and not depend on unusualness of appearance (this is not to say that you cannot have an unusual appearance or ancestry) because Myron and the circus performers by mutual agreement refuse to encourage the spectacle of putting bodies on display for sensational titillation.

It is not required, but if your concept requires a rival, you may find some personal value and entertainment if you had a rivalry with one of the following members of the Celestial Menagerie. It should be a professional rivalry or an interpersonal rivalry of a reasonable magnitude, nothing to the level of “you killed my father, prepare to die!”

Potential Rivals:
Daring Danika (human, she), the lion tamer, and her lion, Leandrus
Jellico Bounce-Bounce (human, he), a clown
Viktor Volkano (human, he), a fire-eater

Crunch (Mechanical Considerations)

Any of the common options from the Core Rulebooks (including Advanced Player’s Guide) and Lost Omen books are available. Any uncommon options that you gain access to by virtue of ancestry or home region are available.

In addition, any uncommon ancestries from the Lost Omen books and the Advanced Player’s Guide are available (e.g. iruxi, hobgoblin, leshy, catfolk, tengu, orc, kobold). I understand that there may be a delay to the start if finalizing characters takes particularly long after release of the book. The variant heritages are probably allowed.

I only ask that as a general rule for the party, there are no more than 2 of any 1 uncommon ancestry. If more than two of you dearly want to play the same uncommon ancestry, we can talk about it as a whole group.

The dedication feats (and associated archetype feats) from the Adventure Path are available.
Animal Trainer
Staff Acrobat

Your characters have access to the following uncommon weapons, in addition to those accessed through other means:
Bladed Diabolo
Bladed Hoop
Fire Poi
Juggling Club
Scorpion Whip
Throwing Knives

Once all of you are assembled, we can begin discussing characters intermittently interrupted by the PF2 Rules Workshop (previously referred by me to some as Bootcamp) activities. Please feel free to ask any questions about the above information. If it deals with content from the Advanced Player's Guide, I will not be able to definitively answer those questions until the book has been released.

Thank you and let us enjoy this adventure together!

I am recruiting for PFS(2) Quest #2: Unforgiving Fire. This table is designed to introduce players new to Play-by-Post to the concepts of the format (esp. on the Paizo boards, as that is where I am most familiar). Players new to PFS and/or PF2 are welcome as well. Experienced players are also welcome.

As an introductory table, my usual 1 post within 24 hours of prompting for action is relaxed to 48 hours. Note: This may mean what would usually take 3 weeks to complete may take an undefined period of time longer, which could overlap with GenCon. There will likely be more OOC communication in the Gameplay tab than I try to maintain for my non-introductory tables where I try to move those discussions to the Discussion tab.

I have 2 seats reserved, leaving 4 seats available.

Please express your interest and note your level of experience/proficiency with PbP and PF2.

Anticipated close of recruitment is end of day (for me) on July 5th.

Thank you. I look forward to GMing for you.

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