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Cottonseed PFS PbP (2E)

GM Blake

Doug's Strength of Thousands Campaign

Blake's TigerChimwemwe

SoT (Semester 1-4 Year 4): Map & Reference, Quest Board, Handouts, Macros | Loot | Hero Points

GM Blake's Fist of the Ruby Phoenix Campaign


Character Macros | Loot
Qualifier Rules | Hexploration Activities
Map of Bonmu | Artwork
Battle Map
Phoenix Necklace Obtained
Silver Feathers: 10

GM Blake's PF2 Extinction Curse Campaign

GameMaster GM Blake

GM Frost's B09 Fishing in Anthusis [PbP PFS GM School 2024]

Zisiro the Spirit Eater 2e

GM Ladile's TL;DR: A Pathfinder Society Campaign

Zithembe of the Six Paths

Current Scenario: #8-07 From the Tome of Righteous Repose

Tome Maps & Handouts | Player Notes | Scenario List | Shared Gear | Spell & AoE Templates

GM Nomadical's Battlecry! playtest run of Swordlord's Challenge

Locke Aldori

GM Tyranius (PF2) Gatewalkers

Clockwork SpyOnye DintaUhu the Owl

Rusty Iron Henges

Bireli ZullerClockwork Spy

[PFS2, playtest] PFS2 1-23: Star-crossed Court (Battlecry!)

GameMaster GM Blake

CP: 12 Tier 3-4
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