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Solid Quest


The Quest itself is well done. The mission is to the point. I echo the appreciation above of having a group of enemies to face instead of one powerful boss. We killed the named NPC, so I don't know if there was anything to gain in the story there. The skill challenge was written with a broad array of suggested solutions, which I appreciated.

My only criticism is directed toward whoever is in charge of writing the advertising blurb. To them I give them 1, maybe 2 stars because it was misleading.

In organized play, I (and I'm pretty sure many others) will often choose which character to bring based on the information given in the blurb.

We did not encounter ravenous undead. Ravenous undead served as a narrative backdrop for the skill challenge. Bringing my anti-undead Champion with the Silver Oath ended up making LESS sense since we had to ignore the undead.

I would want the blurb to give us an accurate idea of what type of encounters we will be facing and what setting elements we'll be interacting with. At the very least, it shouldn't mislead you to think you'll be encountering, say, ogres and then in reality you encounter only constructs.

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So much potential unused (and then brutalizing)


I played this at a 5-player table on Tier 3-4.

The scenario had so much potential--an opportunity to learn about the kasatha, solarians, the Idari, and Jadnura? Yes, please!--but it flopped at the end.

The tea house was fun, even playing a -2 Charisma penalty dwarf.

The temple was underwhelming. It seemed to simply serve as a sign post saying, 'Keep going that way.'

The lost ruin was interesting and eerie.

The boss battle was way too much and didn't fit the story that was billed nor the story that was being set up during the scenario.

Epic does not just mean more HP:

Incorporeal essentially doubles a creatures HP, so we were slogging away at ~260 HP with an EAC of 19 and an even higher KAC with a +18 attack bonus (+14 x 2 when full attacking) and a +11 damage bonus PLUS stat drain

Then when you get to Jadnura, the scenario ends with, "Thank you for rescuing me. I will return."

I would have better enjoyed the tea house as it was, a more fleshed out and pertinent temple encounter, the creepy ruined temple in outer space with its psychic traps, meet Jadnura, use the lessons learned at the tea house and temple to convince him that he needed to return to the Society, and then be attacked by a rogue faction within the Society that believes it would be better for the Society for Jadnura to never have returned and used the PCs to track him down.

EDIT: I did not explore the Idari as billed in the product description. I did not learn the history of Jadnura as billed in the product description.

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Played at GenCon


This was a good scenario (and funny). It's not as much of an overview of SF as Into the Unknown, but it is decently basic and throws much more RP into each scenario, which is a good thing.

I'm not really dinging it for the lack of starships, but there is no starship combat.

The vehicle piloting (racing speeders) is where it loses a star. It was a cool idea in theory, and I can see why they did what they did, but it was confusing and frustrating. We took half the slot for the race scenario and the other three missions in the final half.

Frustrating Part:
Your group's best pilot and gunner get to participate in the speeder you built, everyone else gets to play the pre-made competitors' speeders. So you either risk losing the mission by doing well or cheese out and let your actual racer win while dogpiling Ratrod.

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Played at GenCon


Perfect introduction to what Starfinder (and Starfinder Society) has to offer.

If you're wanting to try out Starfinder, this is a good one to try as it covers the general types of things your characters will do: fight monstrous aliens, fight humanoid aliens, crew starships, explore planets, hack computers, negotiate with (or interrogate, your choice) aliens...

You won't use vehicle rules (non-starship vehicles, that is).

Great Quest series.