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So... I made Valthazar the sibling of one of my group's PC's dhampir. Valthazar is likely part of a plot to somehow resurrect their dead vampire mother (cleric of Zon-Kuthon who tortured her kids for divine gratification!), who my group killed in Carrion Crown. I've found myself at an impasse... What now?

I'm having difficulty figuring out WHERE I should put Valthazar. We're into Book 4 now, and the best idea I've had is putting him alongside the Book 5 boss, but that doesn't sit right. I'm wondering if I could have a sidemission involving the vampire family and their double-undead mother (anyone who can suggest a good way of bringing back a vampire without just making her a wholly sane and functional creature gets a cookie!) in Book 6, or even having the clan appear during the final fight... but I'm really lost! Any ideas are appreciated!

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Book 4, towards the end, seems like it might be a good place for a dhampir fight.

How far into Book 4 are you? He could be waiting for the PC’s before they meet Arazni. Alternatively, maybe he could be a big fat wrench in things when the PCs should be focusing on confronting Lord Ulthune II.

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It might be cool to have him replace the vampire in the Gallowspire ruins relegated to clean up after the destruction of the structure for his failures. I'm not sure if it's a template but he could even be a Nosferatu (like the NPC from Carrion Crown and CotCT).

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