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Tyrant's Grasp

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Does anyone have a list of all the minis in the set? I seem to have gotten an awful lot of duplicates and am missing several numbers from my case.

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Do you mean the Ruins of Lastwall minis? The TG pawn set isn't out yet...

Anyway, here's a link to the collection for Ruins of Lastwall.


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That is indeed what I mean. Thanks!

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Also, I take it back. I got all but one.


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Which one did you miss?

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Aside from more damage then usual (warbringer devils, scorpionfolk, and at least one other all with snapped supports) got a pretty good distribution in my case. Would have liked to have seen a few more psychopomps represented, but already knew that wasn't in the load out from the reveals.

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Cori Marie wrote:
Which one did you miss?

I think it was the Morrigna. Mighta been the Stone Cairn.

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