GM Maps for The Dead Roads

Tyrant's Grasp

I have started to recreate the maps for book 1, The Dead Roads. Each map comes with and without a grid so it can be used for VTT. Each map was created with 70 DPI and is a much higher quality than the maps from the book. Each map should easily align given the proper dimensions in Roll20 or your VTT of choice. Where possible, I tried to add additional visual detail based upon the descriptions provided.

So far I've completed three maps:

  • Roslar's Tomb
  • Nine Eaves
  • Palace of Teeth

I'm going to use one link for all the files so that I can continue to add maps in the future. Here you go!

Amazing. This will save me a ton of time. Thanks!

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The Fantasy Grounds versions come with high quality maps already, but I'll probably use these when I need versions that hide the secret doors better.
Nice work.

Dark Archive

These are amazing work. I do have a suggestion to use a grey-colored grid instead of white. Can still see the grid but it doesn't detract as much from the artwork of the map.

Liberty's Edge

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Excellent stuff, love it!

You my dear friend are a legend! What settings do you suggest to have them fit into Roll20?

Are you or have you been working on the Scriptorium and Deathbower?

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