*SPOILERS* Sanity in Tyrant’s Grasp

Tyrant's Grasp

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So I expressed that I was going to run Tyrant’s Grasp to my weekly AP group after we finished with our current AP (Hell’s Rebels, if anyone’s curious) and one of my players shot out a weird idea:

Sanity subsystem from Horror Adventures.

I almost immediately shot it down, but I kept thinking on it and I found it to be an interesting idea. What actually solidified it for me was mid-Book 3 when Vigil gets nuked and just looking at that image on pg. 39 (seriously, someone give a medal to the artist of that image!) and just thinking “Holy crap, that would be so traumatic! Poor Yoon.”

I wanted to get some feedback from the GM hivemind about this, because it’s an interesting idea and I wanted to find a way to further implement it.

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Through book 4 it could work. Book 1 you are literally not where you're supposed to be. Weird it up a bit, and the sanity issues shouldn't be hard to fiat in.

Book 2 is a natural fit for sanity checks.

Book 3 has some issues that will need worked out. You'll have to figure out ways to pull either weird or trauma into the first part of the book, as before the pop, its some generic intrigue and a cultist dungeon delve. After the pop, though, its Book 2 similar but with survivors. Radiation sickness, plants and/or extra limbs growing from folks, spontaneous monstrous pregnancies (in men even!), the positive energy radiation can body horror it up pretty good.

Book 4 with the undead, though, its a pretty standard romp through Virlych. There aren't a lot of extra-planar stuff to frighten or living to see tortured, so you might just have to work with the sheer terror of FKA Gallowspire and its undead citizens.

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