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Tyrant's Grasp

So I have my group playing Carrion Crown in 2e right now, we are getting closer to the end, and my question is: does this story make a good sequel, or does it just make the ending of Carrion Crown feel worse?

Or is there a possibility of using the same characters through both APs? I am already converting everything to 2e so I don't care about the level disparity I am more wondering about how the story would flow.

The only thing I know about Tyrant's Grasp is that the PCs actually begin the AP...

Book 1 Premise:
...Dead. From the magical nuclear strike upon Rostler's Coffer while the Whispering Tyrant was testing his new superweapon.

I've been considering advertising Tyrant's Grasp for my Carrion Crown group (not to be finished for some time yet) but I've been having a similar concern for my group.

At the very least, depending how you think your group would react to the issues, you could use the spoiler mentioned above as an excuse to de-level your party back to 1 for the new adventure. Personally I'd have my PCs roll up new characters since I rather assume my group would prefer a fresh start if they played it, but if your group is attached to their characters and want to have another chance to stop/slow the Tyrant, that seems within reason.

Scarab Sages

I think its an excellent complement to Carrion Crown, and had planned on running it back to back before we got burned out on the campaign in books 4 and 5.

You have to remember, in-world, Tyrant's Grasp happens a decade after Carrion Crown. The PC's obliterated the Tar-Baphon focused sect of the Whispering Way. Their leadership, from Adavion, through the werewolf-ghost thing, down thru Vrood and the group operating in Caliphas, are toast.

TB's allies are noticeably fewer, which is why the Demilich guy had to use that gang to steal the shards.

Be sure to play up these facts, perhaps even in the juju zombie guy's dinner party, having him comment on how he's been able to raise through the thinned out ranks of the WW super fast. You might even raise some intrigue in Book 6 as the Gallowspire residents feud with the non-Gallowspire agents as the party is assaulting their respective camps.

Make a distinction that the Seal Breakers people in book 3 and 4 aren't WW, but are DOOMSDAY! people trying to piggy back the apocalypse off of TB's work.

Yes, it is a sequel of sorts to Carrion Crown.

Yup yup, as others said before, it's a nice follow-up on Carrion Crown. The Whispering Way is really weakened in this one since the events of Carrion Crown.
I actually distanced myself from the official timeline and said the story took place about 20 years later, so to give my players the possibility to play children of their characters from Carrion Crown.

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