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Tyrant's Grasp

Its that time again folks! The players guide for Tyrant's Grasp is out, so lets all share our character ideas!

-Medium who was inspired by the Pathfinders in Roslar's Coffer to explore the tomb and the history of the Shining Crusade. Became inspired by stories of the heroic crusaders..literally.

-Summoner with a castle-golem eidolon that's just completed their first contract as a merchant. They hope to join the Kalistocracy in Druma, but first they need to pay off some debts back home in Roslar's Coffer.

-Paladin of Iomedae who sees the virtue in humility. Does not think they are worthy of the sword, so they use a spear instead. Genuinely nice guy, not a bossy paladin but an encouraging one.

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Characters I'm considering:

- N dhampir shaman (speaker for the past, spirit warden), Bones spirit; a cheerful goth (think Abby from NCIS) worshiper of Pharasma; campaign trait The Optimist, normal trait Undead Slayer

- N(G) duskwalker spiritualist (soul warden*); a gloomy negative-Nelly worshiper of Pharasma; campaign trait The Pessimist, normal trait Possessed

- N human occultist (reliquarian), Transmutation implement (scimitar) and Magic domain; budding Osirionologist (probable connections to the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye) and worshiper of Nethys; campaign trait The Reclaimer, "normal" trait Trap Finder (fits with the background and the character took Linguistics to learn Ancient Osiriani); planning on Abjuration implement (buckler or light quickdraw shield) at 2nd and Trappings of the Warrior at 6th

- N(G) human (Focused Study, Silver Tongued) witch (hex channeler, pact witch), 13 Cha, planar pact with the Boneyard, toucan familiar*; recently arrived from [northern Garund, probably; undecided if Katapesh or near the Pirate Isles], smooth-talking and gregarious, but not naive; campaign trait The Outsider (Survival as a class skill), normal trait Suspicious; Skill Focus (Heal), planning on Eldritch Heritage (Celestial) at 3rd and Turn Undead at 5th

Other potential characters:

- CG(NG) or NG(CG) changeling (Mist Child hag trait) shaman, Heavens spirit, swallowtail butterfly spirit animal*; Varisian heritage, worshiper of Desna, a bit of a loner/outdoorsy type; campaign trait The Word, normal trait Starchild; Martial Weapon Proficiency (Starknife), planning on dipping swashbuckler (flying blade) and pursuing Startoss Style and Ricochet Toss

- N(G) human (Focused Study) medium (outer channeler/psychopomp), 13 Cha; a grim emigrant from Mendev; campaign trait The Artisan (Appraise is a class skill), normal trait Magical Talent (disrupt undead 1/day); Skill Focus (Knowledge (Planes)), planning on Eldritch Heritage (Abyssal) at 3rd and Improved Eldritch Heritage (Strength of the Abyss) at 11th

*- I know that the guide warned about animal companions and familiars not being able to participate in part of the first adventure, but I was primarily going for thematic fit instead of mechanics

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i will wait for the player's guide.

Yakman wrote:
i will wait for the player's guide.

It's Out.

I'm personally between a Paladin, a Medium, and a Spiritualist. First one would be a changeling, I think the latter two are halflings.

This seems like a wonderful opportunity to play a paladin. I think I will play him as a more mature character who has accepted that not all people can hold to the ethical standards of a paladin but are basically good.

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I've imagined a mature priest whose whole family and/or flock was wiped out in Rosslar's Coffer, only he survived. He has completely renounced his faith in bitterness and was lost to depression. Eventually he found his spine and decided to back as a defender against this happening again to others. Now he's a fighter, ranger, or cavalier with a deep grudge against the gods.

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It would appear that playing a dhampir character would be more difficult than usual, due to the fact that they need negative energy to be healed.

An obol harmlessly absorbs an amount of negative energy equal to double the character’s number of Hit Dice from any given source or attack (or each round, for ongoing environmental effects).

Peter Chapman:
After losing his family to the Orc raids many years ago, Peter Chapman went mad with loss. He grew desperate to bring his loved ones back from the grave. He set out to find a way, and in his travels, befriended a Wizard who agreed to take him as an apprentice, promising to teach him the secrets of raising lost victims from the dead in exchange for his services.

Peter was too desperate to see that this Wizard's magic would only create Undead servants, not truly revive his family. After learning the secrets of the arcane, and agreeing to do some truly despicable errands, the reality of what he had gotten himself into finally settled in. Peter fled back to Lastwall when his master was unaware, planning to lay low for a while. After seeing what he'd seen, Peter decided that death should be final, and vowed to use his knowledge of Necromancy to put down the kinds of monsters that his master showed him how to create.

Peter will be a Human Wizard (Necromancer). He won't be above controlling Undead for the sake of destroying more Undead, but he won't create Undead. Seems like an interesting character to play in this kind of AP.

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It looks like my group is going to be:

Duskwalker medium
Skinwalker (coldborn) cavalier
Human investigator (spiritualist)
Aasimar solar oracle
(race unknown) cleric of Gorum

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theLegend76 wrote:
It would appear that playing a dhampir character would be more difficult than usual, due to the fact that they need negative energy to be healed.

Yes. That's why the dhampir shaman above, along with RP reasons, has the Bone spirit (self-healing with the Spirit Ability):

Touch of the Grave (Su): As a standard action, the shaman can make a melee touch attack infused with negative energy that deals 1d4 points of damage + 1 point of damage for every 2 shaman levels she possesses. She can instead touch an undead creature to heal it of the same amount of damage. A shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. At 11th level, any weapon that the shaman wields is treated as an unholy weapon.

Note that in an undead-themed campaign, there tend to be more negative energy damage attacks, so being healed by it is more useful.

For damaging undead, the speaker for the past archetype grants channel positive energy at 2nd level: "Rebuke Spirits (Su): At 2nd level, the spirit warden gains the ability to channel positive energy as a cleric of her level. Regardless of her alignment, she can only use this ability to harm undead creatures. The spirit warden can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. This ability replaces the hex gained at 2nd level."

Probably a Knight of Ozem (entry with Ran1/Ftr4 or Rog2/Ftr4, WM fighter either way) or a Knight of Arnisant.

Both are so thematic for this AP.

Knight of Arnisant really wants Shield Wall to boost his class abilities, but lacks Tactician, so perhaps taking VMC Inquisitor unless another PC in the party is willing to take Shield Wall.

I also had a rapier-wielding sword binder wizard who is a distant descendant of Arazni and emulates the hero she was. He was in a short-lived Wrath of the Righteous but could also fit in here.

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