How does Lingering Composition work

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Say I cast Inspire Courage (duration 1 round) and then I free action cast Lingering Composition successfully thus extending the Inspire Courage for an additional round. Does that mean on the following round I don't need to spend an action maintaining the composition?

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That is correct. Otherwise using Lingering composition on Inspire Courage would be absolutely no different than just using Inspire Courage twice, except you're spending SP to do it that way.

just keep in mind that you can only use one free action from a single trigger.

so, you can't, (as na example) both lingering and inspire heroic on the same inspire courage.

so, basically, you can use your SP for either action economy (gaining 1 more action every 2nd round by using lingering) or more power (gaining higher bonuses but having to recast/respend every round)

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