How does Lingering Composition work

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Say I cast Inspire Courage (duration 1 round) and then I free action cast Lingering Composition successfully thus extending the Inspire Courage for an additional round. Does that mean on the following round I don't need to spend an action maintaining the composition?

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That is correct. Otherwise using Lingering composition on Inspire Courage would be absolutely no different than just using Inspire Courage twice, except you're spending SP to do it that way.

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just keep in mind that you can only use one free action from a single trigger.

so, you can't, (as na example) both lingering and inspire heroic on the same inspire courage.

so, basically, you can use your SP for either action economy (gaining 1 more action every 2nd round by using lingering) or more power (gaining higher bonuses but having to recast/respend every round)

Very good point shroudb, thanks.

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