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Combat & Magic

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Fortification special armor ability.

A Sixty-Encounter Grapple Playtest

Necromancy School Specialist Bonus

Weapon group proficiencies.

Weapon proficiencies for particular classes

Hand of the Apprentice - "Magic"?

20th level Necromancer: wtf?

Metamagic Mastery

Power Attack: Old vs New

Boring Necromancy

Evocations should be lower level

Cover for Missile Weapons

Straight critical hits?

Combat Maneuvers and Dexterity

Simplify XP

Overrun- pg. 43 Players revolt!

Caster-level based spell DCs

More Damage for All!!!!

Turn Undead - will save DC too low?

Orisons and Cantrips

XP-Cost Removal

A totally different magical system

Healing fix

I present to you The Perfect Weapon

Combat Maneuver DC wording

Schools of magic that make sense

Grappling and Improved Grab

Hand of the Apprentice and caster size

Domain Powers pages ~54-57

Playtest Report (4 / 14 / 08) – Combat and Magic

Polymorph fix?

Combat Manoeuvres Revised

Proposal for Ranger, Paladin, and Bard Spell lists and per days

Divine Identify?

Why half caster level for Minor / Major Magic?

One session, three combat manoeuvres

Charges Fix

Magic Items EXP Costs

Interesting Turning Scenario

Levels of Grapple (pg 42)

Playtest Report 4 / 15 / 08: Hand of the Apprentice issues / questions Pg 49

Damage spells should do more damage.

Playtest Report (4 / 14 / 08) - [Arcane Schools (pg. 47-48)]

Casting on the Defensive and Detect Magic - Playtest report - 2008 / 04 / 14

Iterative Attacks: Another Idea

Damage Spells Should be Lower Level.

Getting rid of iterative attacks my house rules (Slightly complicated)

A Flexible Vancian Proposal

Combat Maneuvers (Trip Specifically) & Weapon Focus / Flank Questions Pg 43

A Sixty-Encounter Grapple Playtest (Summary and Suggestions)

Evocation School - Page 48: Is the sonic energy type going / gone?

Flavor of Magic (free class ability)

Iterative Attacks (Gneech's Readthrough Impressions #1)

What if... (Critical Hits)

Energy Spells

Hand of the Apprentice and Feats - Pg. 49

Fumble Rules

Combat Maneuvers and Armour

Moving Diagonally

Per day Abilities vs. Recharge Times (pg. N / A)

Domains (Available Cleric Spells); pg 47-57

Gotham Gamemaster's Playtest (Turning)

Cure / Inflict Minor: The Solution

Turning Healing : Alpha 1.1 : Page 44

Grapple Clarification: Have I grasped the concept or am I still grappling it in my mind?

Combat Manuevers and Aid Another; pg 41

Bull Rush and Overrun as Part of a Charge; Pg 41-43

More cantrips

Combat Style, Weapons and Armour

Ghost of the Hand page 55

Cure minor wounds - at will

Make Whole... 2nd lvl Heal?

Random Thought: Combat Maneuver Proficiency

Wish and Limited Wish Spells

Hand of the Apprentice

CMB Surprise Round - Do what?

Wizard Specialist Powers

Balancing 0-level spells for undead casters

Grapple in practice

Rebuke Undead wording

War domain p. 55

Druids and Domains - p49

Alterante Spell / Magic Casting Classes

Other Combat Maneuvers

Domain Power calculations

Hit Points & Dying

Alternate Metamagic System

Dimensional Steps - Page 47

Turning and Rebuking Outsiders and Elementals, page 33-34

Small Thought on Domains and Specialties

Weapon groups_Kama (and Scythe)_devnotes p1

Casting beyond daily limits

Razor Sharp Chair Leg is Silly

Combat maneuvers and iterative attacks

Intimidation in Combat (and the Dazzling Display Feat, kinda)

Jason: Can you have a negative CMB? (specifically a target DC less than 15)

Need some help with Controlling Undead

Magic system

Magic School Specialization

Dex vs. Str and AC vs DR

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