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Combat & Magic

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The Nerf spells

spells vs. skills

Sacred cow to the slaughter house: Sorcerer spell selection

Weapons available per class

Turning Mechanics

Add BAB to AC and Damage Rolls

Expansion of Spell Lists Based on Domain / School

Grapple playtest result: The Rules Lawyers

Problem with "Mending"

Original Spell Research

Conjuration Specialist Bonus - Page 46

Travel Domain

Devastating Blow - Page 36

Spells: Where's the Darkness revamp?

Cover v1.1 - P40

Turn Undead

Spell DC based on caster level, not spell level.

Destruction Domain - page 51

Divination special ability, p. 46 and Enchantment special ability, p. 47

Domain and Magic School spell-like abilities

My two cents on the changes to COMBAT...

Rolling a Threat (A compromise)

Weapon Speeds

The Big Six

Air Domain

Evocation School pg 48, silly question

Constitution Bleed? - p36



Charm Domain - Dazing Touch - Page 50

Magic Items?

New turning + greater turning

My suggestions for CMB

Any interest in a Base Defense Bonus (BDB) or adding BAB to damage?

Unleashing The Whip

More Dynamic Shield Use

p. 42: CMB determine success

Combat Feats

Strength Surge - Pg 56

Abjuration School Power

Arrows that don't self destruct

How to Handle Undead Not Immune to Criticals / Sneak Attacks

Bonded Item, pg. 15

Second wind? Other thoughts on self-healing?

Disease Domain

Diminished combat ability?

Arcane Schools and Wizard Advancement

Hand of the Apprentice - page 49

Death Domain 8th level power

Ability Damage & Ability penalty spells

Arcane Strike (pg 34) stacking with SRD 1st Lvl Spell 'Magic Weapon'?

Weapon Groups

CMB DC, why 15 plus target CMB?

Archery - Can we get away from the pincushion approach?

Arcane Schools, p.46 to 49

Counter Turning?

Error with Arcane School Powers DC? (Pg 46)

Archade's Combat Feedback - Grapple

Total Defense & Other Maneuvers

Miss Chances... (Including Arcane Spell Failures)

Complicated Cover

Weapon damage

Magic Rating. please?

Maximized BAB 4 Multiples: An odd concept we are playtesting atm

Expect to see a lot of Barbarian-1, Wizard-1 with Wizard as Favored Class under current rules.

18th Level Universalist Wizard - Wish 1 / day with no XP cost?!?

Sacred cows to the slaughterhouse: Spells

Turn Undead Bones Evil Clerics

Armour and movement

Ability Score Damage / Curse / Illness / Poison tracking is a pain

Tracking spell duration sucks

Clarification on Domain and School Powers

Energy Drain

Simplify the Special Combat Actions even further

Damage Reduction Redux

Arcane Healing

Universalists seem strong

Identify and Appraise

Fixed DCs for magic items

Consolidate skills even further

Change the Fly spell

Lose the AoO for special attacks

Turn Undead and Healing

Increased Damage vs Multiple Attacks

Speeding Up Combat!

Feint, page 43

Bonus Metamagic feat for Universalists

Combat Manuevers using weapons

Sacred cows to the slaughter house: Cleric spell selection

Stabilize vs. Cure Minor Wounds.

Wizard Arcane School Ability Nomenclature

The Problem With Alpha Grappling Rules

Minutes / Level Spells -- Pushing the Party to Move too Fast?

New classes and races


Speak with Dead

Weakened and Death

Disarm, pp41-42

Thoughts on Arcane Casters and Non-divine healing.

Charisma for Domain & School powers

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