CMB Surprise Round - Do what?

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We had two guys waiting below a hatch in a ship with readied actions: attack anyone that opens it or comes through.

The enemy opens it and sticks hi head through,unaware, and the first readied attack messes him up bad.

The second guy wants to pull him through the opening as his readied attack, but there are are no DC adjustments for any of the enemy's conditions (Surprised, blinded, ....).

The DC of grapple is just so high that even with a few DC shifts for the enemy's conditions he's still pretty invulnerable up there because of the attacker's penalties (one handed, target has cover).

I am going to house rule it as a trip because that's really the only way he has to pull it off.

I am going to lower the DC by 5 for surprised and 5 for blinded.

Jason, these rules look good, but they need a little more of you skillful hand at development.

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