Bull Rush and Overrun as Part of a Charge; Pg 41-43

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The CMB mechanic has made a lot of these maneuvers much more interesting to the players, given that its just a flat roll against the opponents CMB defense, but now I'm having to figure out things that I hadn't had to consider before.

I got an answer in my playtest thread, but I wanted to make sure I'm reading these right.

If a player decides to Bull Rush or Overrun as part of their charge, the sequence would go like this?

1. Player has enough room to charge, they charge target, roll to hit at +2, determine hit or miss.

2. Player rolls CMB to resolve Bull Rush or Overrun. If the PC doesn't have Improved Overrun, opponent can sidestep after the charge.

Is this right? An attack roll for the charge, then the CMB roll for the CMB manuever? Or is the d20 rolled once, and the normal chance "to hit" is added to see if the charge resolved, and the CMB chance to hit is added to the same roll to see if the Bull Rush or Overrun works.

I personally like two separate dice rolls, but I can see where it might be strange if the charge didn't do damage, but did push the opponent back or over.

Anyway, I feel a wee bit dumb for asking this, but how is this suppose to resolve?

The Exchange

The sequence for a charging Bull Rush would result like this.

1. Determine wheather the player is able to negate the attack of opportunity. The AoO goes off or not. This player would have -2 to his AC for this attack.

2. Have the Player roll his CMB vs. the creature's defence. The player gets a +2 vs this defence.

3. Determine success.

There is an attack roll but it's just one for the player and one for the monster if he gets an Attack of Opportunity. Hope that's helpful.

I'm inclined to agree with your assessment, fliprushman, but I am curious to see if anyone else has come across this. I'll probably do this the way you spell out, but I'm still curious to see if this confused anyone else or if this is just something that I couldn't grasp.

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