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Are the domain powers supposed to be calculated by character level, class level, or caster level? Reading the descriptions I have seen all 3. It should probably be confines to one single calculation for ease of use.

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I am faced with this:

One of my players plays a necromancer (3rd level) and is going to invest his next 6 levels in cleric of Pharasma (domains: death/water). After this, he is going to begin taking levels in the True Necromancer prestige class (14 levels) that gives 10 levels of increased caster level and spells to both cleric and necromancer.

Now, should an increase in daily spells and caster level give him access to the higher abilities of the domains and the specialist list as well?

As for now, I am allowing this. Correct me if needed.

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As I read it, the caster level and the number of times level 2 powers can be used are dependend on the character's caster level while new powers are gained by class level.

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