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Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

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End of the Playtest

Mythic Adventures - Update 12 / 21 / 12

State of the Playtest - 11 / 29 / 12

Welcome to the Mythic Adventures Playtest

Mythic Adventures = Advanced Prestige Classes?

Undead companion question

Why was Mythic released vs Epic content?

Missing the Myth

Examples of overly complicated rules

Do Mythic paths replace class levels?

Playtest Over?

Mythic Path Idea

Mixing it Up

Mythic tiers: a solution for the small party?

New Ideas for Mythic Adventures Playtest

Alternative progressions for tiers.

Hero Lab - Mythic Playtest addon....

Playtesting Mythic with my Runelords campaign

Feedback - Wild Arcana / Inspired Spell

Feedback - Mythic Crafting

Post your mythic spell suggestions

Casting a second spell as an archmage or hierophant

A few concerns with mythic rules

New Dice Mechanic for a more Mythic feel?

Mythic Paragon question

Playtest Builds

Final thoughts: mythic time stop

Final thoughts: mythic damage

Mythic Thoughts (Base System)

Final thoughts: Amazing Initiative

Things I would like to see

Call Arrows Questions

Thing's I'm Sad Are Missing In The Playtest

Mythic Spells (Archmage, Hierophant, and Universal) Path Ability and Action Economy

Once a character becomes a Hierophant, is it no longer possible to fall?

Level 1 Moment of Ascension Advice

Mythic rules induce labor

Mythic Bladebond Magus

Storytelling Mechanics...

General thoughts on Mythic

Mythic races?

Mythic characters and creatures and the Simulacrum spell

Balance Help : Mythic Cone of Cold

New Mythic abilities

Newb Questions : MMM (Mythic Magic Missile)

Unclear about wealth per level and mythic tiers

New Mythic Flaws

MAD vs SAD in mythic

Suggested adds for Champion path mythic abilities - TWF & improved critical hits

Throw everything in that characteristic

Using Faith's Reach with other things

Mythic Spell Like Ability?

Minimal Class support, intentional or not?

Mythic Paths fall short for hybrids?

Mythic Spell Feat and Archmage / Heirophant ability

Another question about mythic weapon finesse

Recalled Blessing - Dice Rerolling

Mythic movement powers and 5-foot steps?

Mythic flaw: School Aversion (Conjuration)

Furious Rage flaw

Mythic Combat Reflexes clarification

Livestream Mythic Playtest

Aerial Assault needs a boost. Period.

Dual Path Question:

Mythic Synthetist

PDF bookmarks?

Post your mythic characters

Enduring Blessing (2) + Deadly Juggernaut

Scaling Mythic Items?

The Mythic Nova

Fleet Charge + Fleet Warrior

New idea for use of Mythic Rules

No "Additional Arcana / Strike / Surge"

Mythic Power Attack

Mythic Dragons!!! The Force Dragon and Prismatic Dragon converted to Mythic.

Summoning and Mythic Rules

Mythic Skills - Bringing The Myth Back Into Mythic

Clarification on Wild Arcana

Wild Arcana, feeling like a wizard now

Critical Feat DCs don't scale with mythic

How can a lone, inexperienced player contribute to the playtest?

Monte Cook's advice for playtesters

Is it just me or...

Ways to get Past DR / Epic

Class-based "monsters" and templates.. Mythic Monster or Mystic Choices?

A Suggestion for Additional Mythic Abilities

Mythic Playtest General Situation

Mythic Werewolf and DR

Hard to Kill ability and Wound / Vigor system


Immortal vs. Can't be Resurrected?

If you take that mythic weakness that makes you weak against cold iron

Ingelligent Undead and Mythic Rank (ala Vampire?)

Do Mythic Monsters Gain Mythic Powers?

Mythic Damage - Sole Mythic Character

Surprise round and Mythic Powers that use Immediate Actions

Mythic Flaws: Too much, too little?

Mythic and Divinity

Mythic Adventure Paths?

Flaw: Energy Vulnerability

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