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I have to say playing a Wild Arcana wizard is a LOT of fun and not for the ability to unleash a whole bunch more of your top level spells in combat but for the really situational spells that you otherwise couldn't justify using or spending money to put on a scroll.

It also gets around your opposed school restrictions since you simply cast any spell on your wiz list which can be from a restricted school since they are still on your wiz list.

A very interesting thing happened at the end of the days adventure I found myself looking at the entire wiz spell list for spells to protect our camp-site.

so out come Secure shelter, Minor creation, Illusory Wall, Hallucinatory Terrain as potential targets for whatever mythic points I had left that day since no reason not to spend them before going to bed.

Have to say really feeling like a proper wizard now able to pull out useful and sometimes obscure magic to meet an unusual challenge.

I find when its not my turn I'm scouring the entire wizard spell list looking for spell to give us new options in a given situation

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Actually, Wild Arcana is even nicer than you're giving it credit for because you don't have to have the spell on your list of spells known to cast it. It simply has to be on your arcane spell list. Sorcerers get even more benefit from it than wizards, because with this they finally have access to all the nice 'situational' spells that they normally would never devote a spells known slot to.

But yea, I think Wild Arcana is one of my favorate mythic abilities.

What's funny to me is that I've had more thoughts about this particular power than either of the other two for the Archmage. Sorcerors get opened up quite a bit with it, as well, and it can fill a lot of holes in a character that you didn't expect to have.

I'm not sure where I sit with it on the power curve. I get the feeling that it's better than the other two, but I don't have the corroborating data at this time.

Matrix Dragon wrote:
Actually, Wild Arcana is even nicer than you're giving it credit for

really ? oh I see " cast a known spell on your list" probably should have worded that better the rest of my comments contradict that line.

One thing I can see though is wild arcana does make it more difficult for a GM to throw situationally tricky problems at you since with the entire wiz list to draw from there's probably a magic solution. Of course I guess the GM coud use this to burn you out of Mythic points if he needed to.

e.g. a few heavy gravity chasms that you use dimension door/teleport to cross burns a few points here, somthing else burns a few there and by the time your at the important encounter your running low to dry. So from that perspective balanced as long as the GM is aware of it

Wild arcana is also really solid for a witch for the partial access to cleric type spells especially for using left over mythic points at the end of a big fight.

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