Mythic movement powers and 5-foot steps?

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Not sure if this has been brought up before, but it came up in our playtest game last night:

Can a mythic character use an ability like Fleet Charge (or any other ability that allows them to move) in the same round as they use a 5-foot step, which normally is the only movement you can take in a round?

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This same issue caused some confusion and debate at my table earlier this evening. With all the swift, immediate, and [whatever action type a marshal grants] out-of-turn movement going on, 5-foot steps were causing some real headaches for my game crew.

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Very interesting, the issue affects other areas too:
-Amazing Initiative: Since you only get one 5 ft. step per round, and the ability presumably gives you another turn of actions.
-bladed dash: The spell is cast as a standard action and includes movement, can you still use a 5 ft. step ?

Since this situation may come up again, some general ruling or FAQ would be appreciated. Something like: “You can't use a 5 ft. step if you have taken move action (to move, not to do other things) or a full round action (that included movement) this turn. “

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