Fleet Charge + Fleet Warrior

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This seems like a fairly saucy combo ... essentially the Champion character can use fleet warrior to move up to their speed, make a full attack ... THEN use a swift action & mythic power with fleet charge to move up to speed AGAIN with an extra attack. Wow. That's not too shabby.

Or am I misunderstanding something? if not, that's like spring attack on steroids. Nice.

Ya it seems that you have it right it is a fairly deadly combo for people that need to move often.

Scarab Sages

A very deadly combo, for as long as you can sustain it.

If you're a Monk, this is just plain awesome since you could potentially be taking a double move(At say, 60 movement each) while still pounding the heck out of everyone. Someone say, battle field control?

Scarab Sages

I was including a Monk with dual path Guardian/Champion using fleet + caged in the group of test characters I built.

I may still try to rebuild him to be more effective.

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