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Sovereign Court

Hey Everyone, I know it's probably a bit early but, these last few days, I've seen Jason Bulmahn answering a lot of threads.

Most, if not all, of these answers sounds like: "Thanks for your opinion, we're working on a new version."

Now, my gaming groups did not have a lot of time to use these Mythic rules, and we are only now getting into a "heavy playtest" phase. But with all of these things that are changing, I'm currently wondering if:

1) Will we have a new playtest document at some point?? (before the end of the playtest in January)

2) Is it really fair to continue playtesting when we know that so many things that needs to be changed? Right now, all of us could judge an ability too powerful because of another one that is going change. Should we biais our judgement by still introducing these powers and abilities in our game??

Now for all of you that missed some post, here's a list of the things that has been said in the messageboard (would be nice if Jason could give us a part of his work in progress list):

General Abilities:

Archmage path Abilities:

Champion Path abilities:

Hierophant Path Abilities:

Trickster Path abilities:
The mythic path is going to have more/better tricks

Multiple Path Abilities:

  • Itemcraft (Ex): possible modification coming to prevent using the ability to replace a charge of a ring of wishes, etc.


And I did not count the answers on some threads about multiple abilities (since I can't really know which abilities Jason thought needed to be rewritten). I know it is a good thing that we've done so much already, but at the same time, I'm beginning to wonder if the playtest and the playtester will be soon "lost" about what they should test, or even IF they should test anymore...

Sovereign Court

Dotted for reference... But the stick update above answers a few of these questions. Thanks for including all the relevant links though!

--Vrocky Balboa

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