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Getting ready to put together a small campaign to test out the rules - but using them to create a different theme that originally intended.

The game would be sort of historical Earth, slightly mythified. All PCs are human, and most opponents would be as well. Not much in the way of a sentient race outside humans - no Orcs and such (or very rare) The tone and style I am looking for is one where monsters (undead, demons, dragonkin and such) are very unusual and rare - and hopefully fear inducing.

The the mechanical ideas I'm using to try this - All full caster classes are disallowed (and thinking of using non magic variants of the partial casters). To make up for the lack of magic, all PCs are also Gestalt, and Mythic from the beginning. This will help with death and dying with no real healing magic around.

I'll arrange to hit 3rd tier mythic early on - 4th or 5th level. Maybe even start at 3rd character level and 1st tier and one tier per level, until 3rd tier.

All damage from humans and normal weapons are treated as normal damage. But any monster damage, even from a basic skeleton is treated as mythic damage. This would really set apart monsters as something to fear - as there is very little healing.

The other idea is that some PCs can choose to be Heirophant or Archmage paths (or allow Wild Magic as a choice to all paths, or a feat) - and the character has a "phantom" full caster class to choose his spells from, but actually gains no spells - just the ability to use Wild Magic to cast a spell. The effective caster level would be 1/2 character level (maybe full, but I want to keep spell power lower). That allows some full spell use - but not all the time. But the idea of a Demi-god daughter tied to fire being able to use Burning hands and later Fireball could be really full of flavor.

Anyway that is an idea I'm toying with.

I love the Mythic rules, not just to add mythicness to a normal game, but thing that you can do with the add on rule set for campaign feel and tone.


ooooh. I might use this idea in my current campaign. So far they are just 1st level and the players havent read the mythic rules yet. So far they have only fought other 'human's/dwarves and such, but no monsters.

I'll have to start adding mythic levels to my monsters tonight.

Glad you like the idea. I was looking for something that made monsters unique and special, rather than "what do we kill this adventure"

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