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I was glancing through the document today, and noted that while the Guardian, Marshal and Trickster have an "additional x" path ability, allowing an extra tier 1 ability, the Archmage, Champion, and Hierophant do not.

Just wondering why this might be. Are Archmage Arcanas, Champion Strikes and Hierophant Surges considered too powerful for a character to have 2? If so, what makes them better than the Guardian Calls, Marshal Orders and Trickster Attacks?

Any and all consideration and discussion is most appreciated.

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I had been wondering the same thing, they don't immediately pop out as that much more powerful to me. It would be handy especially, for example, a magus to have both arcane surge and Mage Strike.

Scarab Sages

I agree, the option should be available for everybody.

Dual Path the magus into champion though and get fleet.

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