Pathfinder Battles Preview: The (Goblin) Dog Days of Summer

Friday, June 29, 2012

It's 2:25 PM and I still haven't written today's Pathfinder Battles preview blog.


I love the arrival of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, which for the other 9 months of the year likes to keep itself cloaked in a mantle of soggy gray misery. Finally, the sun peeks over the mountains and through the otherwise ever-present clouds, and a bit of happiness returns to the world.

Unfortunately, I'm always too damn busy to appreciate it, because summer also means the arrival of the most hectic season for Paizo, with prep for major conventions like Gen Con and PAX eating up virtually every minute of the day. Right now we're working liked geased tinker-gnomes trying to get all our tasks accomplished for PaizoCon, which happens NEXT WEEK!

Oh. My. God.

So yeah, sorry it's taken a few extra hours of waiting for today's Pathfinder Battles goodness. I assure you (especially those of you coming to PaizoCon) that the wait will be very much worth it.

Speaking of PaizoCon, I'm pleased to announce that it's our intention to have EVERY SINGLE figure in the Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures set on display at the convention store, so I encourage minis fanatics attending the show to bring cameras, because you're going to see some stuff there you've never seen before, even on this very blog! (The set will also be on full display at Gen Con, where we'll actually have the product for sale in line with its August release.)

Next week's blog will feature the set's final "mystery figure," the creature so challenging to sculpt and paint that it took us something like eleven tries to get it right. Can you guess what figure that might be?

In the meantime, here are two remaining stragglers who we haven't managed to show off yet, mostly due to bad camera angles on our original paint master shots. Somehow, our over-worked art team managed to snap a few better images of these shy characters (in their final production-run incarnations, no less), and now we're ready to reveal them to the world.

First up is the Goblin Dog, a common figure that you'll definitely want by the handful if you're running the first chapter of the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition (now also available as an ultra-sweet Deluxe Collector's Edition).

As you can see by this critter's gross skin and gnarly teeth, "Goblin Dogs" aren't really dogs at all, but nasty rodents trained by goblins as repulsive mounts. Goblins hate real dogs, of course, but everyone needs a best friend, and these gross creatures fill the role admirably.

Next up we have Viorian Dekanti, a rare villain from the final chapter of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, Greg A. Vaughan's "Spires of Xin-Shalast". Viorian wields Chellan, one of the legendary Seven Swords of Sin. A champion of the campaign's final "end boss," Viorian is not one to be trifled with (though her golden armor is certainly worth a pretty penny).

Of course, if you like the looks of her, Viorian can easily double as a martial player character or any important NPC armed with a sword and wearing fancy armor.

That's it for this week. ONLY ONE MORE MINI TO GO!

Then, I suppose it'll be time to start revealing figures from the next set.... which we plan to reveal at PaizoCon!

See you there (or see you here, in upcoming weeks)!

Erik Mona

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Love that goblin dog!

Dark Archive

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Just a correction Erik - it's actually twenty past eleven when you got this up,

In the evening.

But they're here now and very shiny.

One week to go...

Liberty's Edge

The set is almost here! (time to worry about the wallet) I now have to wonder what is next.

Yea Goblin Dog! And July is almost upon us. It's not going to be long now.

Grand Lodge

Question: Going to spoiler, because it is something about Rise of the Runelords.

It doesn't seem that the figure is sized large, like Viorian (permanency enlarge) was originally in Rise of the Runelords. Did something change in the re-write or is this a mistake?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Aeshuura wrote:

Question: Going to spoiler, because it is something about Rise of the Runelords.

** spoiler omitted **

The mini reflects the Anniversary Edition version, which has indeed changed from the original version.

Liberty's Edge

Nice. I had a hunch these were going to be the ones for this week. Next week? Hmmmm...I'm guessing the Horror Tree.

EDIT nevermind, there is no way it could be the horror tree....

Vic Wertz wrote:
The mini reflects the Anniversary Edition version, which has indeed changed from the original version.

Hmmm...Runelords rewritten....Pathfinder comic debuting....

OMG! It's Crisis On Infinite Golarions!

Liberty's Edge

Is the last sculpt the shining child?

Grand Lodge

The Standpoint Devil as the last sculpt would be cool.



My guesse are
Mammy Graul
or the ghost nymph.


I'm going to guess its a large, as by my coulnt we know 15 larges, and all of the large brick/case are divisable by 4, so I'd guess the number of larges (1 per standard pack) would also be divisible by 4

Liberty's Edge

Elyrium is a good choice. I think mammy graul has been vetoed.

So far:

4 Small
40 Medium
15 Large
4 Huge
1 Gargantuan

Obviously, the last piece must be collosal! :). All kidding aside, the way the distribution of rarities was doled out for Heroes & Monsters, I'm not even going to hazard a guess as to the size of the mystery piece.

Shadow Lodge

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

It may be the Hidden Beast

the decapus vampire ,
, since that would actually be a very complicated and hard to get just right.

It seems like a lot of effort to create such an intricate mini to represent a creature that generally won't be seen all combat...

HangarFlying wrote:
Is the last sculpt the shining child?

Oh. The horror.

That thing killed more of my PCs than almost any other challenge in RotR.

Do want.

Liberty's Edge

Cat-thulhu wrote:
It may be the Hidden Beast ** spoiler omitted **, since that would actually be a very complicated and hard to get just right.

That's a good guess too, but doesn't it spend most of the time invisible? Doesn't seem too difficult to sculpt an invisible creature. ;-)

Pathfinderminis has been updated with the latest Rise of the Runelords rarity changes.

To help recognize recent changes, I will now be highlighting the details and change date in yellow.

The Last mini has to be Mammy Graul doesn't it? I mean producing a RotRL set without her would be unthinkable

Pretty sure they ruled out Mammy Graul, although I can't actually remember Erik saying that - I just remember people saying he did. :/

Liberty's Edge

It was discussed in one of the previous preview blogs, though I don't remember which one.

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