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Goz masks are Uncommon, so even if they could invest a ton of them they're still well within the GM's control to hand out or not.

You also invest all your items at the beginning of the day, not throughout it. In addition an item only remains invested while you're wearing it, not when it's taken off, and you can't wear multiple items of the same type--hats, masks, eyepieces, etc.

So while each of your party could get their own Goz Mask to help out the others they couldn't each wear multiple Goz Masks, because they're all masks, and swapping from one to another would cause the item to lose its investiture and they'd have to wait until the next day to invest another mask, assuming they were trying to invest multiple masks.

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Not trying to pile on Andrew here, but for a specific example, the current gunslinger iconic Nhalmika has a daughter named Ondla who, last we heard, was in a stable-sounding romantic relationship with an Alkenstari human.
Here's her intro fiction to double check, and also because Nhalmika is the best.

Or taking the middle road and becoming a flexible caster, sacrificing a few spell slots to make it happen.

It's both. Some tasks are meant to be gated behind proficiency with a skill, and those are the kinds of tasks you might expect to have to do at that skill level.

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I'm not sure if it qualifies as a city in the strictest sense, but my fave settlement is Basrakal. I like the Island of Misfit Outsiders trope a lot, and it feels like such an interesting adventuring destination because every citizen is amazing quest giver/main character material, almost by definition.

breithauptclan wrote:
... and that doesn't cause arguments.

I'm afraid you may be sitting for quite some time.

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Kasoh wrote:

I know there were some hobgoblins with hair on occasion in PF1, and that was attributed to art direction errors and no time to correct them. The new hobgoblin design...was a choice, but I'm not sure it reflects anything other than Paizo planting a flag on 2e hobs.

But I don't see why not. I can imagine some dark secret origin of Hobgoblins being a wizard crossbreeding goblins and humans to make some kind of Uruk-Hai style super soldier.

(This reminds me that I don't know the origins of Hobgoblins on Golarion, but that's a question for a different thread, I suppose.)

Hobgoblins are super-soldiers of a sort. They were originally goblins altered by an artifact called the Cantorian Spring to become bigger, stronger, and more disciplined so that they could make war on some elves who were enemies of the hobgoblins' original creators.

The spring got stolen before war could officially begin though, and the hobgoblins were routed, so now they live on their own, still hating elves.

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I would also be down with having Battlecat in the game. I believe they had something like that in 1E, the Mauler archetype for familiars.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Maybe they're saving that one for the Firebrands book, since that organization's one a lot of liberators would gravitate towards?

I could easily see something like a flashy rapier being the Liberator-specific weapon. That would also cover all three physical damage types, which would be fun symmetry. (Yes I know the longsword is technically also piercing, shoosh.)

I'd love to see Bastard's Sting make a reappearance, but I highly doubt they'll do much evil-centric content outside an evil-centric book.

I like how it's still got value even if you follow the rulebook lines; that's nice. I may pick it up for the extra scenarios.

aobst128 wrote:
The spellgun and other potential spell weapons are intriguing. With their consumable nature, I assume they'll function like weird scrolls with a non spell effect for casters, and work like weird scrolls you don't need to trick for martials. Still, it's nice that they seem to usable by anyone.

Yeah. I'm always excited to see more universal options. I especially like ones like this, items that let you make a spell/firearm attack for example, that take caster and martial disparity into account.

I'm really hoping there's an archetype that takes advantage of these, or some class feats. They kind of feel like magical gadgets, and gadgets are fun.

Ooooooooh, spellguns? Gimme gimme gimme!

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I can second Iron Gods and Hell's Rebels. I didn't get to play/run them, but I read through both those APs and the last chapters were very thematically on point and looked cool. Hell's Rebels also has the advantage of

letting you kick Barzillai's teeth in for the second time while wandering through some thoroughly horrifying and neat Hellish setpieces.

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Freehold DM wrote:
graystone wrote:
WatersLethe wrote:
I love PF2E buttes
I prefer some nice buttresses.
...are they... flying buttresses?

Not until 7th level.

You could go a kind of fiendish elemental route and give your mount wings composed of crackling sand and lightning.

You could also have your mount superficially resemble Set, who was kind of a composite of various animal features if I'm remembering right.

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Kitsune can interbreed with humans, though the resulting children are human or kitsune rather than a mixture of the two. Also, if the child is born looking human it's often assumed they're a kitsune who hasn't found their non-tailless ... tailed form yet.

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WatersLethe wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
pauljathome wrote:
In PF1 you could build sufficiently broken characters that they could play in a seriously sub par way (abandon team mates, play commoners, use bad items, etc) and the group would still be viable.

I still remember the commoner farmer that used their vast starting funds exclusively on cattle, then stampeded elder demigods to death.


Yeah yeah, cattlegeddon, we've all seen it

I'd have gone with Apocowlypse, myself, but it'd be a boring ol' world if we were all the same.

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SuperBidi wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

Or do also tell your players that the stance breaks while fighting on the deck of a ship, or because Golarion moves through space?


Golarion is flat and the Sun orbits around it.

Prove me otherwise!

I got way too much enjoyment just now from imagining the flat vs. round world debates on Golarion.

Someone claims the world is flat, and at least half a dozen wizards go "Wanna bet?"

People live on both the Moon and the Sun in that setting, after all.

Aristophanes wrote:
The Inheritor wrote:
S.L.Acker wrote:
The Inheritor wrote:
Why are you hung up on the idea that commoners literally can't do anything?
Why should they have PC class levels and combat ability greater than the town guard?

Who says they have to exclusively pick those combat heavy option? Or start with said weapons? Those are choices at creation.

That said, why can't said commoner(fighter) be okay at providing game for their family, and as such have the Point blank shot feat? They might be a better marksmen then the guard. That could legit be a thing!

Actually, commoners are really easy to build. They get an Ancestry and a Background. No class and no 4 free bonuses. They get their ancestral and heritage abilities and HP, and background skills and feat. That's a commoner. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I was in a PF1 game a few years ago where we all started as commoners, and the first couple of sessions set us on our path. When we got to 1st level we became the class we were going for. The same game would work perfectly well in PF2.

You know it!

Arachnofiend wrote:
Perpdepog wrote:

Something I just realized I'd like to see today is a switch-hitting magus hybrid study. The one magus I got to be in 1E used a bastard sword, and I'd like to be able to replicate them.

Inexorable Iron doesn't fit because it wants you to have a two-handed weapon all the time, and Laughing Shadow doesn't feel like a great fit because its benefits are meant for a free-hand fighter. I'd love to see something that's in the middle, though I admit I have no idea what such a hybrid study would look like.

This would have to be a specific synergy thing for Two-Hand weapons, right? Like Fighter's Dual-Handed Assault? Actually you could probably just make a Magus version of that feat rather than dedicating a whole hybrid study to it.

Speaking of which, I do think there need to be more payoff feats like Dual-Handed Assault for the more niche weapon traits that aren't quite worth a die size but kinda have to be priced as if they were. Forceful is begging for some way to capitalize on the effect because as it stands the scimitar is just not as good as any of the other weapons in the same class.

Duel-Handed Assault was what put it in my head, yeah. Someone mentioned it in another thread and I started thinking how neat it'd be for my old magus to be able to do that.

I feel as though it's still in an awkward spot for fitting into the other studies though, rather than being its own. Inexorable Iron turns off when you're not two-handing, and Laughing Shadow partially does. I imagine the benefit would be tied to how many hands you have on your weapon, maybe something like Twisting Tree's altering of traits for a staff. (Not that exactly because then you'd be recreating Twisting Tree, but more versatile, which I don't see the point of.)

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Something I just realized I'd like to see today is a switch-hitting magus hybrid study. The one magus I got to be in 1E used a bastard sword, and I'd like to be able to replicate them.

Inexorable Iron doesn't fit because it wants you to have a two-handed weapon all the time, and Laughing Shadow doesn't feel like a great fit because its benefits are meant for a free-hand fighter. I'd love to see something that's in the middle, though I admit I have no idea what such a hybrid study would look like.

breithauptclan wrote:
Perpdepog wrote:
I recall there being a mention of higher grade steel and wood being used for higher capacity runes, but I believe it was a very passing mention, and I don't think it came with any stats.
I suspect you are talking about the Crafting with Precious Materials rules.

I was thinking of exactly that, yeah. It still low-key bugs me that there is mention of higher-grade common materials, but then no statistics for said common materials.

Then again the one thing that's always irked me since launch was how materials are handled so that's not surprising.

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Also, not to put words into Freehold's mouth, but it sounded like they weren't expecting anything? They just said they couldn't get into the system; that's neither an invalid position to have nor does it preface any kind of expectation.

I'm looking forward to being in a game where an investigator would fit. I want to rebuild my 1E investigator I ran through Strange Aeons with; that was a blast, even though I know I won't be able to munchkin everything I do to run off Int in PF2E.

LandSwordBear wrote:
Dark elves, the ban-sidhe, bad fairies etc call them what you will, but currently on Golarion Drow have purple skin, don’t particularly revere spiders and aren’t all evil and hopefully aren’t cavern elves particularly. That’s history for you.

Well they don't revere spiders outside of House Moivas, at any rate. They worship Mazmezz, one of the spideriest spiders to ever spider, so spiders are likely very important to them.

(Small warning for anyone afraid of spiders, assuming Mazmezz has art on her wiki page, she is extremely spidery.)

I recall there being a mention of higher grade steel and wood being used for higher capacity runes, but I believe it was a very passing mention, and I don't think it came with any stats.

Squiggit wrote:
Yeah, but it's not like it's that expensive or difficult for anyone to have a bow or crossbow or gun or cantrip in Pathfinder, either.

And? My point wasn't about expense, it was about ubiquity. Guns are expected to be everywhere, so the game is built to take that into account.

I'd also argue that it's marginally more difficult to get a ranged option in PF2E than in SF. 2E requires you to either spend multiple actions using your ranged option, like with a cantrip, gun, or crossbow, or be a class which has access to the martial, more action-efficient ranged options, or to spend an ancestry feat to get one of those options on a class that hasn't got them.
Meanwhile any Starfinder character can spend roughly a tenth of their starting wealth, or more if you want to do energy damage, and be good to go.

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Leon Aquilla wrote:

In Pathfinder 2e, non-magic flight is jealously hoarded until level 15-20 for balance.

In Starfinder, you can buy a jetpack armor upgrade at level 3, if you've got the creds.

In fairness, having access to flight isn't as encounter-warping when everybody's got a gun.

Which I think is the cool thing about Starfinder; the designers and writers recognized that a different level of tech means that characters would all have access to different kinds of resources, and budget/gate items appropriately.
Not to say that PF2E doesn't, it's just working within a different paradigm.

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I know that it's not at all the point of the thread, but I'm totally stealing the term "traumaturge" for a future character.

Bizzare Beasts Boozer wrote:

I truly believe their are two types of Pathfinder: those who find flumphs and flail snails incredible, and those who are wrong.

Seriously though- Misfit Monsters took ten jokes and made them genuinely impressive and/or scary (I'm a big fan of their treatment of Adhearers and The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing!)

I hope they make their way into 2E someday. I think the only one we have in this edition is flumphs? I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't, IIRC most of the creatures were originally D&D-isms that Paizo put a Pathfinder spin on, but I can hope.

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There are so many advanced monk weapons I want to play with. Let me be a hook sword fan who becomes a hook sword man.

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Also, whether it's creative commons or not, it's unlikely Paizo will do a warlock simply because 5E's already got it as one of their iconic classes, and one of their more popular ones at that. No point in duplicating what D&D is doing when they can make their own unique and interesting stuff.

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A character I'm trying to rebuild from PF1E was Yimi, a ratfolk brawler with Constructed Pugilist.

In 2E she's either going to be a monk with Sterling Dynamo on one arm, and maybe wrestling moves, or she's going to be a fighter with Sterling Dynamo giving her a prosthetic tail.

Bracing feels like it'll be really good in dungeons. Either advance and attack with it down the hallway or stand firm and let the squishies hide behind you while you ready for the charge. Intelligent enemies will probably learn to avoid you, but not all enemies are intelligent or have that option.

hanez wrote:
keftiu wrote:

Zombie PCs aren't traditional mindless Zombies; the Archetype makes clear that they're instead Husk Zombies, which anyone in undead-populated Geb should be able to spot the difference between.

So lets say I was middle class, and I lived in Geb. Not connected enough to be a vampire, but I wanted if I died to be a Husk Zombie, not a zombie. How would I ensure that? Is there a way? I mean if Zombie PCs found a way, how did they accomplish that? I am thinking that this way, be it a soul bind item, a magical mixture or blessing, is something that the authorities in Geb hate and will want to destroy.

The first way that comes immediately to mind is paying a necromancer to get raised as a husk zombie. Given how well undead are treated and that becoming undead is seen as a step up the social ladder for many I'd imagine there are necromancers willing to perform that service, if at a stiff markup, and with prospective clients taking some precautions to ensure they are animated as the kind of undead they want to be, and that the necromancer doesn't bring them to life as a shambler and then pocket the difference in their requested cost.

Another method could be by accident. Perhaps the PC was intended to be a mindless farm-drudge, but something about their reanimation allowed most of their mind to remain intact, which was something they had to keep secret from the corpse tenders until they had a chance to escape and make it on their own.
It's also entirely likely that someone simply clawed their way out of their grave on their own accord. Geb has to be positively oozing with necromantic energies, to say nothing of the kinds of horrible circumstances that lead to the sorts of deaths that create undead in the first place.

Just as a note, that second quote was from GM_3826, not me.

graystone wrote:
Perpdepog wrote:
I love both of those things!
LOL You can have a rotary bow in one hand and a dart shield in the other! Or a shield bow in one hand and a gauntlet bow on the other!

I've just been thinking of making a crossbow-focused inventor, too. A super jolly guy based off that YouTube channel about making home-made slingshots and bows.

"HA HA HA! Let me show you its features!!!"

I love both of those things!

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I've always had a massive soft spot/love for Misfit Monsters Redeemed. I always love when something that is pretty obviously goofy gets treated with a bit of seriousness and comes out the other side being cool.

Also I love disenchanters and wish to ride one.

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I have my fingers both crossed for some kind of scarab-based, or at minimum beetle-based ancestry, and that said ancestry has some link to Ulunat, the Unholy First, not so much in a "they are its spawn/minions" kind of way, but more in a "they may have been associated with it once and no longer want to be, or never were and bristle at the insinuation" kind of way.

aobst128 wrote:
The lancer is pretty cool for triggerbrands. Their efficiency sort of makes up for reload 2 after those first 2 capacity shots. Salvo from reach is appealing to me.

Wait, did we get a gun lance?

I'm mildly concerned that we haven't heard any news of elemental eidolons yet; they seem like something that would have been talked about already. The book is still over half a year out though, so I have hope.

There was a goofy water elemental that my party named Squidicus that I'd love to graduate from recurring joke to full character.

YuriP wrote:

Very cool. I imagine how fun would play being a slime, intelligent weapon or a mimic! kkkkkk

Now I can make an Intelligent Sword summoner being used by a cat girl as Eidolon! kkkkkk

The Slime PDF has come out already, and it looks like loads of fun. You can make yourself composed of different things, do silly grapple stuff, and replicate yourself to a limited degree, among other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

Not 3P but Guns & Gears is real steampunk-y, especially the Gears chapter.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

Manasaputras also survived from a previous multiverse (in some cases more than one).

Looking forward to if/when those guys come back into 2E.

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WatersLethe wrote:
The de-emphasis of magic was a bit of a waste, since every group I was in had someone who wanted to play a full on Space Wizard but really couldn't to their satisfaction, so bringing back PF2 style magic would be a boon. Fully embracing the PF2 caster-martial balance allows tech and magic to fit together gracefully without magic taking an overly back-seat position as it felt in SF. Also, the long level gaps between new spells in SF was the pits.

Yeah, I think high-level magic would be much more workable in PF2E's design framework. Pulling other options up while reigning magic in a bit really helped in that regard, not to mention all the capstone abilities of SF casters are basically 10th-level spell features before they existed.

WatersLethe wrote:


The classes from Starfinder are too narrow thematically, trying to go for specific niches that don't actually give you nearly as much freedom as PF2 classes do. Most SF class flavors could live comfortably as class paths, archetypes, or feat trees inside PF2 classes.

That's fair. I personally kind of dig the super specific focusing in on tropes for the SF classes. I like how it pushes the design toward really out there ideas because of how narrow a focus might be, things like the Biohacker injecting magical chems into ley lines or an unarmed Soldier being a plasma monk, or the different flavors of caster. Sure those kinds of options can always show up, I've just always felt that they cropped up sooner because of the focus that a class identity had to maintain.

WatersLethe wrote:
Zero of the people I played with enjoyed the equipment of SF, finding it fiddly, overwhelming, treadmilly, and tedious. I had to prepare so many shortlists of options for my groups because they didn't know how to tackle the massive lists, even with search functions. So, wholesale borrowing the PF2 equipment system, and putting the word "Futuristic" in front of every item would be preferable.

I'm definitely in that camp. Wading through massive item tables is a nightmare when you have to use a screen reader and move through a table cell by cell. I don't think remaking equipment in a hypothetical Starfinder 2E would be especially hard, either; all the crit abilities on weapons would become traits, I imagine.

Come to think, being more liberal with traits on weapons and armor in general would emulate a lot of Starfinder's big weapon and armor variety, and be a big boost for the latter.

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WatersLethe wrote:

Since that particular comment isn't really worth engaging in, I'd like to point out for those who don't know already: Due to the OGL situation many of Paizo's priorities have become more fluid, and one thing they're discussing internally is moving up the schedule for updating Starfinder to both scoop out OGL1.0a content and install "killer apps" (Erik Mona's phrasing) from PF2. They aren't ready to announce anything yet, and who knows, it might go nowhere, but I'm looking forward to a Starfinder that's much more compatible with PF2.

That would allow poaching much more easily.

I've got mixed feelings on a Starfinder 2E. On the one hand, I personally would absolutely love it. I think that PF2E's rules would play even nicer with a lot of SF's game conventions, what with it being a half-step between the old and new systems.

On the other, I know a fair number of people who love playing Starfinder because it's got that older-but-slightly-updated Pathfinder feel who would be bummed if the game suddenly shifted on them. Granted, SF has a lot of material out now and it wouldn't be hard to keep playing with what's been produced so far.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'd be very curious how a potential SF2E would handle a number of systems and classes. Soldiers and operatives are basically fighters and rogues in space, respectively, so would they use a fighter and rogue chassis and call it good, gain some new feat lines, or would they be their own new classes with mechanical identity?
How about magic? Starfinder puts much, much less emphasis on spell traditions than Pathfinder does; would that continue with an SF2E, or would it be retconned? Would there be some new way of tagging spells for the different flavors of caster could use them? And what about 7th-10th level spells? By and large they don't exist in Starfinder (which I almost misspelled as Starfinger), largely because of shifts in the setting and, I suspect, because of issues regarding high level balance. That isn't as much of a concern in PF2E though.

One thing that might help is that, as of the latest errata, you can take two free boosts with a character instead of what their ancestry gives them.

So your elf could, instead of +Dex -Con +Int +Free, get something like +Str +Wis, which would be more immediately helpful if your intention is to be a melee druid.

Ravingdork wrote:
drakkonflye wrote:
Chronomancer: someone with time based magic who can call weapons and armor from the time stream for limited periods. Make him a mid-range caster with decent skills who can alter time to make a hit a miss, or a miss a hit, or alter a saving throw "by a few seconds". As for conjuring items, think of it as a "need it on the fly" where he "borrows" something from the time stream for a few moments (level based duration?), maybe even more powerful items as he progresses (magical and specific material?), and time-related spell abilities such as haste, slow, timestop, etc, that affect only him, and can affect others at higher levels, but as focus spells instead of full magic. One ability I can think of would be to be able to call duplicates of himself like he was pulling himself out of the time stream from different minutes. Another idea would be a sort of "do over" where he might rewind an instance (say a combat round?) as if it didn't happen, but yeah, this could lead to issues of redoing rounds that don't go in his favor unless limits are put in place. Still, it would be interesting to see what Paizo could do with this
You may want to take a look at the Chronoskimmer archetype.

The Time Mage archetype as well, while you're at it.

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I just started craving this yesterday; ooze stuff. I'd especially like rules for ooze companions of a few different stripes. Undead companions already showed us a path to making companions with innate abilities on the same level after all.

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