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I'm not sure what to make of blasts being closer to cantrips than strikes.

I really hope they are referring to the scaling of damage and not action cost or accuracy.

I would be bummed tf out if blasts became 2ap baseline. Would love a 1-3 variable economy though.

Overall a great read. Most of my concerns were addressed. Rather or not that means they will be fixed, only time will tell.

I hope the weapon feats are gonna be better and more interesting and that we can customize elemental blast more

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Did you guys force any movement / waste any of the enemies AP?
Standing still and just slogging it out (even buffed and flanking) hasn't yielded good results for my group. Especially against at lvl or lvl+ enemies.

That it stacks with fast healing is nice, I'll give you that.

My issue with small amounts of thp is the same as Ninja disscribed. There's a risk that it doesn't change anything, quite often.

I have a similar beef with small amounts of aoe/splash (like the inexorable conflux spell). If the splash damg doesn't kill a mook, nor changes the threshold needed to kill it - by reducing the amount of hits needed from X to X-1, then it didn't actually do anything.

Either way, I'm not offering anything new to this thread anymore. Thanks for a lively debate people and best of luck to you gargoyle.

If your last ttrpg was 5e I'm sure you'll enjoy the Magus. It's a Gish that actually plays like one at it's baseline. And it's just imo one of the cooler classes there is.

Oh and just to dispell any overall concern:
The Magus is still considered one of the stronger post CRB martials. So you will definitely pull your weight and pack a punch.

Yup. Exactly. That was the point I made a few pages ago. And that's what alot of this thread has been about right? That alot of the hybrid studies aren't really that interesting or just not that great.

Laughing shadow is solid if you ignore almost all of your subclass and go for a 2hander. The conflux spell is sweet and the lvl 10 support feat is pretty good as well.

Iron on the other hand have a horrible conflux spell and the cascade feature is pretty underwhelming. Half your lvl as thp, while in cascade is just kinna eh. If it was fast healing then maybe we would have something.

It feels like people go:

'oh big 2hander as a Gish, that's my jam! Inexorable it is then' without checking out what the actual subclass offers. At least that's how I reacted when I got SoM. Then I read the spells and feats, and realized I thought they were all super meh.

Using a 2hander doesn't mean inexorable is the only option.
And laughing shadow very much caters to a 1h dex type char, but that's very underwhelming overall and a Magus doesn't really utilize a free hand that much.

Targe actually delivers pretty well on its concept. It's main issue is primarily 'why the hell would you make a tank Magus anyway?'.
But if that's your jam, then the hybrid study supports that pretty well imo.

Making cascade a free action/reaction or have the bonus damg be pr weapon die would help alot I think.
There's alot of the subclass' identity that's tied into cascade, and cascade is just so.. eh.
I would love to play my ant gnoll laughing shadow Magus as a whip wielding + free hand char. But I have to jump through so many hoops to get such a mediocre bonus. If cascade was free and the movespeed bonus untyped, that would be something.

That's my point. If you build your laughing shadow as a quasi dex char with a 1h and a free hand, it's gonna suck. I tried it and it's just not good.
If you go for a 2h and heavy armor, you are a Magus with the best conflux spell there is imo.

But as I mentioned a few pages back, it feels super unintuitive to ignore everything about the subclass' cascade features. That doesn't mean it isn't good tho, just not how you would imagine it to be good. And most certainly not how it was intended to be played either

How was the laughing shadow built ? I have a sneaking suspicion that you saw a weak character, not a weak subclass.
I'll gladly be proven wrong

TheOneGargoyle wrote:
Lollerabe wrote:
A 1ap damage cantrip that has a movement rider would be godsend.
As a thought experiment, if you could create one single new cantrip that would solve as much as possible, what would it do ? And just how much would that solve ?

Eh, spell design isn't my strong suit, but if it had to be balanced ? Something like:

Sudden jolt. Cantrip 1ap, range: touch -

You charge yourself with a sudden jolt of electricity. Make a melee spell attack against a target within range. On a succes the target takes 1d4 + your spellcasting modifier electricity damage. Prior to making the attack roll or immediately after you may move half your speed in any direction as the electric currents moves you violently.

The wording is messed up but you get the gist.
Maybe the caster should take damg equal to their mod, as they are basically frying themselves. I donnu, but something like that.

Wouldn't archer/fighter just be 2 feats for PBS?

And that's if you really need to circumvent volley. That's a bit harder to discuss. YMMV but I don't consider it that crippling.

And factoring in cascade as a damage + for the melee Magus might be wrong in the first place.
The round where the inox Magus is using cascade is most likely a round where he isn't spellstriking.

I assume you want cascade up asap (if at all) so maybe cantrip + cascade or 1ap cantrip + cascade + stride.

Meanwhile the starlit is already spellstriking.

At lvl 5 cascade is still +1 damg pr hit (on a class that makes few but hard hits. Aka not a great synergy). Meanwhile a gouging claw at lvl 5 is what ? 3d6 + 3 (16 int assumed) damg

So 3d6+3 = 13.5 AVG damg. So 13.5 strikes for cascade to even out.
Point being if a starlit gets of just 1 or 2 more spellstrikes than its melee counterpart, then it's gonna be very hard for said counterpart to catch up.
And yes if we are comparing a d12 18str Magus to a d6 14str propulsive Magus, the former will deal alot more damg at early levels. But as cantrips scales this becomes less and less impactful.

Even more so because the Magus is the alpha strike class. Striking runes and a high str mod rewards multiple attacks.
It's the same reason a 5e paladin should never use a 2h weapon in a featless game.
The more +damg you throw on a single attack the less important the base weapon die becomes. Unless said +damg scales of the die.

And a d12 melee Magus is a non reach d8 medium armor class that suffers (way more than most classes) from AoO.
The starlit Magus can ignore most of those issues entirely.

And as a last comment: sure forums can become whiteroom but stuff like cascade is pretty easy to look at in a whiteroom. It's a flat damage increase. A bad one. On the martial class least prone to making more than 1 attack. And it scales poorly as well.

Well let's hope the vault have some impressive melee weapons. 'Cause that d10 propulsive hobgoblin bow they teased would make non starlit hard to justify at that point.

I guess Magus is in a better place than other post CRB classes tho. Both new weapons and spells can go a long way to address some of their issues.

A 1ap damage cantrip that has a movement rider would be godsend.

I'm sorry for derailing your thread for a spell. But this is some advice I would give most people who are new to a system:

Try to play whatever concept you want and do your best to make it work. The forums are great and it's always cool to get some advice.

BUT peeping behind the mechanics curtain tends to give one tunnel vision. Once you know something is deemed below average or unoptimized, it's very hard to not see it in that light.

Take the infamous flickmace in pf2e. Is it better than any other 1hand weapon in the game if you aren't going for finesse ? Yes. Is it just a better Warhammer ? Yes.

Does that make your dwarven fighter with a Warhammer bad or even remotely below par? No, not at all.

I realize I'm just saying ignorance is bliss in a roundabout fashion. But it can truly become a detriment to one's enjoyment of the game to over optimize based on others (ours) opinion. Mind you, I totally agree with Ninja, Squiq and humble but still - keep that in mind.

Fun anecdotal "evidence":
I work with autistic youngsters. One of the kids at the home where I work LOVES music. All kinds. However whenever he asks me to suggest him a song or album, he'll go to rateyourmusic and look at its user score, prior to listening to it himself. And funnily enough his opinion always matches the rating to a T.

So I made a deal with him - everything I suggest he has to listen to without going to the site first. Turns out he likes ALOT of 4/10 rated things. It surprised and annoyed him, but hey, now he can form an actual opinion himself.

Edit: my current backup chars are a melee inventor and a drifter gunslinger with a high str because Warhammer + big gun = bad'ass.
I know they aren't optimized at all, I even know how to make them way better but I have very specific concept in mind. So I'll bite the bullet and see how it goes.

Ninja u made cascade a free action in your games, right ?

Did it bridge the gap abit or how does it feel ?

You came from 5e right ?

So to put it into perspective:

When people are saying a melee Magus sucks compared to a starlit span Magus it's akin to a zealot barb that went str with their ASI and a zealot barb that went GWM with their ASI.

Neither of them suck at all, but the latter will pull ahead.

It is not in the realm of GWM zealot Vs Berserker that went savage attacker.

Pf2e has tighter math, but optimizing and min/maxing is still a thing. So a 10% damage difference is alot from that perspective.
But from a player's perspective I doubt most would notice that difference.

However action Econ issues are way more noticeable than slightly below average damage, and for some that can lead to a frustrating experience.
I think you'll have fun with a melee Magus. I also think you might end up in the camp of "damn I wish Magus had more action compressor feats" (with alot of us)

TheOneGargoyle wrote:
Lollerabe wrote:

Just throwing this out there for the OP:

NOthing is stopping you from playing a heavy armor + 2h reach laughing shadow. It's conflux spell is that strong, and the hybrid studies changes to Cascade are pretty minor either way.
That's actually one of my own backup chars

Ooooh! I hadn't thought of that!!

I actually really wanted to play Laughing Shadow originally but thought they only went light armour + 1H wpns and so probably wouldn't be durable enough to be a frontliner.

But a hvy armour + 2H wpn Laughing Shadow?? How does this work? And if you have played this backup character at all, how was it to play? And do you think it could be durable enough to hang out on the front lines?

I haven't played it yet and full disclosure:

This was actually advice given to me by a member called Exocist.

I, like you, thought of laughing shadow as a 1h + freehand medium/light armor char. BUT the thing is you don't need a free hand really, and you don't got the action econ room for making trips, grapples etc.

The movespeed from laughing shadow is unfortunately status and dosent stack with longstrider, which you should get a wand of asap - so missing that part is null pretty early.
The extra damg from being in Cascade also requires the target to be flatfooted and even when meeting all those requirements: 1hand free, in Cascade, target is flatfooted - you still only break even with a d12 (assuming a d6 weapon).

So the main 'weakness' of the build (imo) is that it feels very unintuitive and.. annoying ? To not use your class features.

The build is super solid, and being able to gap close or reposition would most likely be more valuable for your survival than some mesely thp (which again requires Cascade to be activated. Which you already know how I feel about).

I would argue that it's both stronger and more fun than an Iron build. But keep in mind that I find both Irons feats and conflux spell super weak

I feel like tank Magus is something you'd only play if you had a very specific concept in mind. Like the inventor tank.
Both concepts happens to nail 40k space marines though (iron warriors and thousand sons respectively) which is a win by itself of course.

Edit: and yeah Bastion feels almost mandatory for both

Laughing shadows conflux spell is just to good to pass up on a melee Magus imo.

Unless your going for a tank Magus (while being cool isn't all that great) in which case targe is great.

Just throwing this out there for the OP:

NOthing is stopping you from playing a heavy armor + 2h reach laughing shadow. It's conflux spell is that strong, and the hybrid studies changes to Cascade are pretty minor either way.
That's actually one of my own backup chars

I didn't know about the FA restriction, but yeah wizard all day then.

Regarding moving enemies and truestrike i think squiggit means it's a 3AP combo, so it's hard to pull off on mobile enemies. Since you most likely need to spend an action on stride to gap close. Prior to haste that can be an issue.

Just to clarify: I didn't mean you shouldnt ever use cascade. Just that's it's not as core as one would think a core feature would/should be. As mentioned, if you can pre buff then great. If it can trigger weaknesses, great.

Rather or not the temp hp is gonna make or a break an encounter ? Eh, maybe using that ap on a stride/truestrike would end the encounter earlier thus negating the need for facetanking.

Best debuff to apply is dead n all that.
I would advice you to not think of AC as something you have to do every encounter.

The extra damage is so low it that it takes a very long time for it to 'pay for itself' in terms of opportunity cost.
And yeah, burst is king so just keep that in mind. You shouldn't slug it out with at lvl enemies as a Magus. THP or not.

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Can't remember if I posted this before but:

Stronger advanced ancestry weapons. Ive come to terms with humans being at the top of the pyramid. But strong ancestry weapons would bring other ancestries to closer to said top.

And I want stronger advanced weapons in general. Besides the flickmace, they rarely seen worth the investment.

I think the following is all solid advice:

- grab primal witch and life lesson with your FA. Familiar gives you an extra focus point in battle, you get more slots and life lesson is nice to have.

- stay using reach weapons. AoO will become a thing and they punish Magus hard. Plus the actual reach might save an action here or there.

- don't use arcane Cascade often. It's very underwhelming an costs an action. Unless you can pre buff, you can almost always spend that action on something better. Really, it's that meh. Oh, do use it to target weaknesses.

- grab armor training with a general feat, and grab sentinel at lvl 10 with your FA (prior to your medium armor scaling) then retrain the general feat

- don't go for power attack. PA is very mediocre at best, and def not worth neither the opportunity cost (your FA) or the resources (assuming humble gamer is thinking of true strike into PA).

- Try to calculate around being able to spellstrike every round. While there will be some rounds where you simply can't or shouldn't a Magus that isn't SS'ing is just a bad fighter.

Hope this helps

What an odd necro

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keftiu wrote:

What if… you channeled different spirits via Stances? One might boost your healing, while another might give something like bonus Strike damage or a persistent damage rider on hits.

Then your subclass choice determines if you channel legendary mortal spirits (like the aforementioned Ulfen ancestors, or those within the bones kept by Kholo and Iruxi), nature spirits and elemental/primal powers, maybe something for a weirder option like fiends or aberrations? You can have your Kellid who communes with the land, your faux-Vodoun hosts to the loa, your Minkaian take on the Miko shrine-maidens… lots of room under the same umbrella.

That sounds great, but it has an inherent risk of becoming the 'mediocre' at all roles class.

As it obviously can't be a full martial/caster/Smonkey while attuned to the right spirit.
Would prolly need some abilities to use certain 'off' spirit abilities while in your stance then. So you could heal while striking or whatever, to give it some versatility.
Maybe akin to the implement system, where you can acces more spirits later at the same time, but they have delayed progression compared to the effects of your current attuned spirit.
Just spitballing

Channeling a certain spirit thus changing your primary role sounds awesome. Like the ancestor oracle, but not punishing and random.

As I mentioned in another thread were you asked the same question: The Shaman from grim dawn and wow are very much my jam.
Elemental powers, some versatility via spirits and totems and either melee combat or ranged blaster depending on build.

But if they draw on more real world folklore I doubt that will happen.

Edit: And if they flesh out elemental weapon and overall support the melee kineticist a bit more on release, that design space seems very covered.

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Didn't the whole 'it dosent warrant a separate class' rhetoric kind of die with the APG?

Both the swashbuckler and investigator seems/seemed way more archetype-ish than an inquisitor imo.

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HumbleGamer wrote:
Lollerabe wrote:

I just hope they won't force me into a certain weapon type and/or psychical stat.

I heavily dislike the swashbuckler, rogue and investigator being forced into using finesse weapons.

Why can't I be a rogue with a Warhammer ?
Or a swashbuckler with a flail for that matter.
I never vibed with the 'this is how we envision X, therefore so should you'.
Especially when it's not a balance concern either

For what it counts, Swashbuckler can use anything they want.

If you opt for a str build ( gymnast, for example ) you are -1 behind other swashbucklers in terms of hit, but you get extra damage from either STR and Exemplary finisher, making things fair.

Investigators are in a similar spot, as they can use devise a stratagem with any existing weapon, but can use their int modifier only if the weapon is agile or finesse ( but nothing stops you from using a STR build rather than a INT one, as devise a stratagem is just a clunky true strike ).

As for the ruffian rogue, not sure whether they can get access to weapons( making them simple ones ) in order to perform sneak attack.

I mean ( for example )

For the purpose of determining your proficiency, martial dwarf weapons are simple weapons and advanced dwarf weapons are martial weapons.

if this means you can perform sneak attack with a ruffian, possibilities increase.

Mauler dedication seems to fit too.

ps: I do agree with what you said. Just wanted to mention that you can walk around some of those forced mechanics, somehow.

Eh precise strike dosent work with non finesse

So you are indeed forced into certain weapons, as you otherwise don't have a class anymore.

Same for investigator (and a strength build is hardly feasible on them either way).
And no unfortunately ancestry weapons dosent change a weapons category (simple, martial etc) only have you calculate your prof with them.

So you cant use say a meteor hammer on a ruffian, even if you have mauler

I just hope they won't force me into a certain weapon type and/or psychical stat.

I heavily dislike the swashbuckler, rogue and investigator being forced into using finesse weapons.

Why can't I be a rogue with a Warhammer ?
Or a swashbuckler with a flail for that matter.
I never vibed with the 'this is how we envision X, therefore so should you'.
Especially when it's not a balance concern either

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I really just can't get worked up over a fantasy class' name. Barbarian and ruffian are hardly names with a heroic history either. But hey, here we are.

A divine inspired striker class with high mobility and a focus on single target Nova damg would be awesome tho.
I'm not entirely sure how Paizo would go about it, but as others have also mentioned I def didn't think swashbuckler was a unique enough concept to become a class, and that worked (sort of).

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Well the design space for an offensive version of the champion is certainly there.

So a gish ish divine striker would be cool.

The name proberly wouldn't be inquisitor due to the many reasons mentioned above, but since that is the only name we all can refer to for now can we maybe agree that the class can be done without the horrible baggage of actual inquisitors ?

It has a tendency to derail any discussion on what the class might look like in pf2e. But hey, if we can all agree to call it something else then great.

I like interceptor or avenger, but whatever gets the discussion back on track works for me.

Yeah + 1 die size across the board would feel alot better. Elemental weapon would need some rework and a niche.

And hopefully more feats that augment your blasts

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We switched to automatic bonus progression after it was recommended to me.

Our dm tried to make our first striking weapon feel super awesome. The second time around we were not as impressed.

With ABP our dm's can focus on making cool items, and not stress to much about our power level. Our table tends to prefer active abilities that are thematic to our chars, so yeah, in short: I think it's nice there is plenty of magic items, we just don't use them.

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Like many others have said - it's not a given that a divine book will be a thing. With that said I would like the following:

- A new doctrine
- unique (focus) spells for doctrines. I imagine a way to make the warrior cleric feel more warrior ish would be through unique spells. Prolly with a focus on self buffing, where as the cloistered unique spells would be support-ish in nature.

- the inquisitor. I have no feelings towards it really, as I never saw the pf1 counterpart. But if it's a divine striker ala 4es avanger, wow Ret paladin or the like, then yeah, that's my jam

- more feats for the cleric,oracle and divine casters.
Edit: oh and for the champion. The champions feat list is a bummer atm.

- archetypes and subclasses with a divine flavor: I really liked the 5e zealots flavor, and thought the battle oracle would do it for me. But that's still a full caster first.
Let me play a divine infused barb, or a Warhammer flaggelant + witch hunter.

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Yeah, sometimes my Danish gets mixed in if it's early :)

The most interesting to play. The most fun to play, or what have you.

Not 22 charisma bon mot funny

Good time to have a positive thread. It can't be easy being a developer and primarily read comments and threads bashing your love child.

I like:

1. Gates. It's a cool way to represent different connections to the plane. Personally I wouldnt mind a baseline or an opt in way to further focus on gate choices.

2. Switch hitting as a baseline. If they can tinker a bit with elemental weapon etc I'd be very happy to play a class the actually benefits from switching up their combat style.

3. Flinging updraft and the like. Super flavorful and fun ways to add CC / mobility.

4. Auras. What can I say, I like auras that actually impact my gameplay.

Honestly if they could make variable actions a core concept for the class and had more support for melee. This would prolly be a contender for funniest class for me personally (assuming damage etc is fixes).

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If you go to the 'elemental defense' thread, I made a suggestion that's pretty short (as in not wordy). Fixes AC and adds a secondary buff unique to each element.

But in short: allow the kineticist to use their con mod instead of their Dex mod when using light or no armor.

It's cooler than medium armor and ties in with con as a main stat.

I kind of want elemental weapon to be something cooler than just summon a weapon. And not provoking AoO is def not cool. That's a classic 'design the problem, sell the solution' thing and it sucks.

If elemental weapon was 1 die step bigger than their normal counterpart. If they had a unique crit spec in addition to their standard weapon one, then I'd be more interested

In which case it can't be a base mechanic the class is balanced around. Which is fine, but it will probably be pretty tame then.

Unless they make it pretty universal. Reducing ap costs by burning hp would be cool. It would need to be a flourish tho.

Otherwise it's pretty ripe for abuse.

Increasing damage dice by 1-2 steps could be another option, but less interesting

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I get the idea but it's a metric ton of fiddily bookkeeping, compared to any other pf2e class.

If they reintroduce burn it has to be opt in, if they wanna satisfy both camps (the love burn, absolutely hate burn camps that is).

I'd prefer a system where you have X amount of resource (let's call it conduit power for now)

Conduit power can increase damg, aoe, add debuffs, whatever. When your conduit pool is empty you can CHOOSE to to use more conduit power but each time you do that, you get drained.
If you dislike pain for power, you never go beyond your freebie limit. If you want to however, you can.

If you make burn a baseline mechanic then players who dislike it will feel like crap, because they are playing a watered down version of the class. With the above design (if done right) it becomes a choice

Thanks for the feedback.

No, the idea would be that the universalists could choose the effect, if they for what reason had more than 1 element gathered.
Not benefit from multiple. That would be dual gates thing.

Bump for the suggestion.

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Okay I felt like I had an actual decent idea.

So people want elemental defense back, con to matter and gather to not suck. How about this ?

Elemental defense lvl 1 feature:

Your constant exposure to the elemental realms has granted you (un)natural defenses.

Starting at first level you gain the following benefits:

You can choose to use your constitution modifier instead of your dexterity modifier when using light or no armor.

In addition whenever you have an element gathered, you gain the following benefits depending on the element gathered:

You gain DR equal to X of Z

Enemies that hit you with any melee weapon or attempts a melee action with the strike trait against you take fire damage equal to X of Z

Air: Enemies that attempts to hit you with a ranged spell or attack takes a - X penalty to their attack rolls

Water: you gain fast healing equal to X of Y.

So that's the baseline idea. Con now matters, armor issues are mitigated and gather now adds a cool buff, making it more akin to panache or conflux spells than a sheer reload.

Further feats could improve the numerical values or add additional effects.

Different gates could behave differently. Dedicated could get a higher value, dual could maybe have 2 effects active with a reduced value, and universal have the benefit of choosing between the baselines ?

It feels like a way to solve multiple issues at once, or am I trippin' ?

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Fair point I guess. Though I gotta admit this whole 'start low and buff from there' seems pretty strange.

In almost every game I've played, new stuff comes out overtuned so people are excited to play it which in turn increases the amount of feedback.
Oh, and it also prevents this very issue.
It's hard to give feedback that dosen't come off as entitled and rude, when the best you can say is 'I love the theme, everything else is really bad tho'

I personally would prefer playtests that came out fighter strong, and just.. stayed that way. Since when did we as a community agree that new classes have to be weaker then the CRB ones anyway ?

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Wholeheartedly agree. They need to up the damage across the board, by a fairly large margin. If they want to stick with the current design of 'not really martial, not really caster'.

Or they have to bank harder on one aspect.

If they make baseline blasts stronger, add in ways to customize them, and then make impulses way stronger but limited they would have something.

The thing is cantrip like spells don't mesh well with good at will strike damage. Current casters resort to cantrips when they:

A. Got no more big spells left
B. Are saving their big spells.
If casters had martial level strike damg, offensive cantrips wouldnt have a purpose (and it would be broken).

I think they need to up the baseline damg and have a limited resource pool the kineticist can spend to add oomph. Be it burn or whatever.
And then make elemental blasts customizable with feats that adds additional effects, from persistent damg, to aoe, debuffs, what have you.

That would make the kineticist an at will blaster with the niche of being able to adapt said at will damg with effects appropriate to the encounter.

Currently they are just meh. The impulses are fairly weak, and have a high action cost.
It dosent matter that they can go all day, if most abilities are 3-4 AP moves with mediocre results.

A druid with the mauler archetype and a bear companion can go all day. Dosent make it a good martial, let alone a good build.


I think the kineticist has the potential to be the most fun and unique class in pf2e yet. But from my POV judging by the current iteration, there's a long and slippery road ahead if they wanna pull it off

aobst128 wrote:
It's great when you're fighting 10 goblins stacked on top of each other in a very large trench coat.

Wp my man wp

Another poster (I think?) Exocist suggested the following:

Give them con mod pr day/hour/whatever as a resource pool.

You can use these points to add oomph to auras/blasts/impulses.

IF you run out, you CAN go beyond the limit and spend additional points, but that would add a debuff. Most likely drained.

That would add a burn ish mechanic for those that like pain for power. And for those that dont, they can just stop when the pool is empty.

Call it living conduit or something.

'by drawing on your own life force you can pull violent energies from the elemental plane, through your gate. Doing this is harmful to you and you can only do it (con mod) pr day.
Yada yada when you do so add the following effects to your kinetic abilities:
Auras - bla bla
Elemental blast - more bla
Impulses - see above.

You can choose to go beyond your normal limit, but doing so puts your body and mind at risk. The first time you use living conduit without having any uses left, you become drained 1.
Further uses increases the drained condition by 1."

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I can't recall it specifically. But isn't the slingers reload what OP is referring to ?

Extra gather feats would be neat. Having baseline abilities / buffs tied to gather, way better imo.

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So you want to nerf a weak class' baseline abilities, due to a super niche case in which a gnoll riding a horse are hitting the enemies with d4 attacks ?

Yeah dude, no. That's a really bad idea

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Yup, that's what I thought as well.

Add some cool rider to gather. Make it feel cool to do and unique to each element.
Action taxes are just.. not fun. They feel like a chore you have to bypass in order to have fun again.

I had/have the same issue with the Magus' recharge. Imagine how much better it would feel if recharge did something extra with its effect being dependent on your hybrid study.

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I posted my initial thoughts in the wrong forum so I'll try again.

Before I point out the negatives, I'll say that the flavor of the class is great. There is alot of potential to make a cool and unique class. It can become a cool switchhitter with alot of utility and flexibility.

Alot of the feats/powers are interesting. Especially the soft CC / movement based ones.

The negatives:

Oh boy, for me (and please note this isn't an attack, it's just my opinion) there are so many:

Damage: the damage of the class is extremely low across the board. Even their big 3ap + overflow (so 4 ap essentially) abilities are very mediocre. I get that it's resourceless but it's way below par, even with that in mind.
I realize numbers aren't the important part in a playtest, but starting this low I worry that the final version will still be way below average.

Feats: there are alot, they have great flavor but they are also essentially the class, more so than in other classes.
The problem is that you kind of need (want?) both baseline kineticist feats and the elemental ones. I think they should receive the elemental ones for free with levels, or more feats if they aren't just free.

I'm personally getting really tired of this tag on baseline abilities that a class needs to operate. It sucked on the inventor, the Magus and it will also suck on the kineticist.

Please stop punishing players for using their base kit. It heavily incentivizes ranged combat or reach weapons and it just isn't needed.

Armor and weapons:
I would really love to see elemental weapon being supported further with feats, and/or make the current feat a bit stronger. It seems pretty lackluster currently and dosent do much after the initial choice.

If melee is to be a viable playstyle, there needs to be some way of gaining medium/heavy equivalent armor. Would be awesome if it was an impulse ability.
Currently it's so hard to make a strength kineticist work, even though it seems like it's designed to be a viable path.

Gather element:
Can we make this ability tie in with the class' kit in a fun way ? To me it feels like a another Magus recharge, which again feels like a action econ punishment just because.
Adding some cool rider and effects whenever you gather would be awesome.

Con as a key stat:

This seems to be an agreed upon 'issue'.
I like it, but tie it in with the class somehow.
The burn mechanic appears to be a very dividing one, but it's possible to add some 'amp up' effect that could satisfy both camps I hope.

Hmm. There's potential but I gotta admit it's the playtest that seems the least polished so far.

Elemental weapon seems pretty underwhelming unless it gets further support.

If I'm playing earth, what 1h martial weapon would I even summon ?

Light armor only, makes strength really awkward. The prof scaling I imagine is an oversight.

They need more freebie elemental feats. Without them they don't really work as a class, but they are competing with your base class feats.

I think a baseline aura pr element would make sense. Have I missed something or do you only get auras through feats ?

Love the idea of the auras though.

The damage seems really low as well. Plus there's the manipulate trait makes melee striking hard. I really wanna like it 'cause the flavor is cool, but it feels like there's some pieces missing right now

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Thanks for the insight into you guys' work process. Always nice to see anyone from the paizo team taking time out to communicate with the community. Cheers

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Whatever floats the boat to be honest.

I'm just saying you could make: "welcome to the jungle" the book filled with everything nature and make it an awesome read, even though it was all druid and barb and ranger stuff. No new class.

I don't dislike their format. I've enjoyed reading both GnG and SoM, as books right after I bought them.

I imagine it's also more engaging for them as a team to work on, than a more 'dry' all options no lore book would be.

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Yeah I really can't agree with that.
Obviously people shouldn't attack or harass anyone. Let alone the designers.
But with that said an echo chamber of any kind, isnt healthy for the game either.

But I appreciate the insight. I didn't know that it had been an issue, and I'll keep it in mind. That won't stop me from expressing my opinions and/or hopes for the game in the future though.

It can also be a bit harder to express gratitude than to express 'frustrations' or needs.

I normally post what I would want to see in the future, in the hope that someone at Paizo might read it - so that 'needs or frustration' part is visible online.

My gratitude however is expressed with my wallet and irl with laughs and countless hours poured into this awesome system. And thus isn't as visible.

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