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Chapel Ty'El wrote:
You heard the GM, folks! Everyone submit two characters!

Don't tempt me! lol, I just had an idea for a "destined" bloodline sorcerer or bloodrager, but the character in question believes fate/destiny is all poppycock and hogwash haha.

Here's my submission, Rose, a Speaker for the Past Shaman with a Lore spirit. (nicely enough speaker for the past has no familiar spirit.) I'll add the crunchy bits later tonight/tomorrow, I'm still working through them, but had the character idea and had to write the story.

Physical Description:
A young, blonde elf with glittery blue eyes that look like her soul has lived for aeons. She dresses very practically, her boots are muddy from hiking around in the wild and her knees are dirty from working in her garden. She always carries paper and writing materials. Slung over her shoulder is a bow and at her hip is a longsword. Around her neck is a necklace with an astrolabe pendent.

Background Summary:
Rose is an elf shaman. Her father was a sorcerer tinged with madness from somewhere deep in his bloodline. Her mother was a witch. They met in the wilderness at the mouth of a river, he avoided civilization because of the growing madness within him and she sought for her patron. They stayed together, wandering all over and having many adventures together. That all came to an end with her mother's pregnancy. They settled in a glade far from civilization, built a small cabin, and lived there as their daughter, Rose, was born. When Rose was a few years old, her father 'went away forever' and her mother refuses to tell her any specifics.

After that her mother took Rose back to the city, to live with her parents. There, her mother met a merchant, and they were married. Rose grew up in her step-father's house. She began to manifest magical powers and talked about the spirits around her speaking with her. The more her magical ancestry manifested, the worse her father's family began to treat her and she was slowly ostracized by her peers and relatives. Her mother never had problems with her magic and tried to find a way to save her from all the abuse. As her life became more unbearable, Rose ran away from home and started to travel.

As she travelled, she'd settle down for a while and the human friends around her would grow old and die. She'd watched it happening growing up in the mostly human city, but did not have any close human friends. Now that she was making human friends, she saw how ephemeral they were and how her memories of her once young friends were clouded by memories of their old, fail bodies withering and dying.

Now, she moves to a place, teaches young children and watches them grow, befriending them along the way. She leaves when they are in their prime, so her memories of them will always be happy.

Rose is a Speaker for the Past Shaman with a Lore spirit. She's a history buff, travelling to places, especially ones with traumatic histories, and slowly learning the secrets of the spirits there. Teaching gives her contact with other people and in her free time she trumps all over old battlefields and graveyards looking for relics and feeling for spirits to learn from.

Her latest home is Roslar's Coffer, she's been there a few decades, survived the town's destruction and helped rebuild it from scratch. She's torn about leaving here, she's made deeper friends here than ever before, leaving will hurt but she also fears staying.

Personality Summary:
Rose grew up listening to her mother tell her tales of her ancestor's adventures. From her mother and father's adventuring days back through her famous and infamous forebears' numerous exploits. She started very naive and sheltered; her view of the world was very romanticized. As she was treated worse and worse, she became bitter, surly, and withdrawn. As she's traveled and met so many good people who treated her much better, she's recovered and is a positive, happy person. She never mentions the spirits that talk to her, just passing off her depth of knowledge as copious book learning.

Background Story:
"Come here my precious little jewel, and snuggle in my lap, while I tell you how Papa and I met," Mama said in a soothing voice as she wrapped her arms around me, lifted me off the floor, and sank back into the deep, comfy chair near the roaring fireplace. The storm rattled the windows and the wind whistled through the cracks, and gave the room a cold, clammy feel. The fire toasted me on one side and I looked up briefly into Mama's dark, mysterious eyes framed with long black hair before I nestled into her lap, resting my cheek on the cool metal of her gold astrolabe pendant.

Wreathed in the comforting lavender smell of Mama's perfume, I smiled as my eyes closed and I murmured, "I love this story Mama. Especially the part where you and Papa fought the..."

"Hush child," she admonished, "we have a long way to go before that part..."

"Good day Miss Rose!" Angus called as he walked by my fence, interrupting the daydream I was having while gazing out over Roslar's Coffer.

"You have a great day!" I called back to him, waving and smiling. The cold, blustery day hadn't dampened my spirits even as it looked like it was going to rain. I wonder if this will be the last time I see him. His children were almost old enough for me to teach now, it was time to go.

The first time I saw him he was dirty, scruffy, and five years old with a big pout. He didn't want to be in school, he wanted to be out running around free. His parents nudged him forward hoping me, the new to town elven teacher, would teach him enough so he would have a better life than their own subsistence farming. I crouched down to his level, made a pout myself, winked, and said, "I bet I can find an arrowhead in the field before you!"

His jaw dropped but I was already running towards the field, looking over my shoulder, and laughing, a big smile broke out on his face as he ran after me.

"My, aren't you all day dreamy and maudlin everytime you prepare to move on," came the musical whisper from my childhood imaginary fried, Alivia, breaking me out of my new day dream.

Smirking, I turned towards the house looking forward to the warm fire within, "Let's try and think of what my new name will be when we move. Rose was a good one, what flower should I be called this time?"

"I suggest Rhododendron, it just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?" chuckled my ever cheeky friend.

Fingering the gold astrolabe pendant around my neck and wondering what the future held, I walked into the cottage and closed the door as big cold rain drops began to spatter on the stone walk.

My brown, leather bag sat on the sea stained wooden dock, the smell of rotten fish and seaweed assaulted my nose while seagulls cried and swooped around the ships nearby trying to pluck a meager meal from wherever they could steal it. Mother fussed over me and brushed my long golden blond hair away from my face as I waited to board the ship. A few large raindrops splattered down on the dock and made wet splashes and ephemeral ripples in the water.

"I have something for you my precious jewel," mother looked up at me, took the golden necklace from around her neck, reached behind my neck, and fastened it. We both looked at it for a moment and a small sigh escaped her lips.

"I can't take this, it's yours mother. Grams gave it to you."

"Nonsense!" mother reproached me, "When I was your age and setting off to look for what I knew was out there for me, my mother gave it to me. And I too didn't want to accept it, but she told me it was tradition for the oldest daughter to take it with her as she went into the world. Now, it's your turn. I've seen it when I look into the future, you'll find peace and your purpose in life by travelling. Your place is no longer here, I'm sad to see you leave, but your life here hasn't always been easy."

A sudden, nearby lightning strike shook me out of my day-dream and briefly illuminated the interior of the small cottage in stark, lurid detail. On the mantle, the skull of the orc that killed Angus' mother rested. I took great relish in killing it, I'm not always the nicest person towards those who harm my friends. Humans age so quickly and die so soon, when their short lives are cut even shorter it breaks my heart. The least I can do is avenge them.

The skull looked happier than the long, glum face of my father ever did. Father was taciturn and dark, a stark contrast to my vague memories of Papa, a tall, blond, eternally laughing elf. Father's eyes were inky black with a glimmer, while papa's were like mine, sparkling blue and faceted like sapphires. I didn't have too many memories of him, he went away while I was little. After that Mama and I moved in with Grams and Pop-pop, we were some of the few elves in the city.

Mama married Father, one of the few other elves in the city, and we moved into his large, stone house near the docks. The day I went through the large, iron-bound doors for the first time, Mama announced we were home. I didn't speak to her for days, angry that she betrayed Papa by marrying this dour man. I was angry at Father for trying to replace Papa and I refused to call him Father to his face. I began to wear dark clothes, write morbid poetry, and rebel at every turn; anger was my constant companion. I even tried to dye my hair black, but for some reason, it quickly turned blonde again. Once, I purchased a minor potion to change hair color from a merchant in the market, and that failed as well.

"Your ancestors are restless today aren't they?" the voice from thin air said. "All sorts of memories are churning."

"You know this always happens when I need to move on. I hate to leave, but it's better than watching them grow old and frail then die. I'd rather be sad and remember them young and vital."

Half remembering a dream I whisper,
"Sylvan historian, who canst thus express
A flow'ry tale more sweetly than our rhyme:
Bold Friend, never, never canst thou laugh,
She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss."

"You really are bad at poetry aren't you?" groaned my lifelong companion. "It's a bit better than your normal doggerel, but disjointed."

"I heard it from an ancestor in a dream, I can only remember bits and pieces of it, it seemed really good at the time."

I shiver in the cold cottage, I hadn't started the fire yet, caught up in my own reverie. I blew into my cupped palm and a ball of light welled up in it bright enough to find the flint and steel.

The first time I did that, I ran throughout the house calling to Mama excited to show her what I could do. When I showed her, I almost missed the look in her eyes I was so happy I could do magic. Concern and sadness flickered across her face before she regained control and smiled at me, "It seems you have quite the talent, I shall start teaching you how to harness and channel it. We start tomorrow."

After that, every day Mama and I worked together, she taught and I avidly tried to soak up every last word. Mama and I grew very close, all my anger at her over Papa drained away as she told me I'd inherited some of his talent for magic and she would help me control it. Father was his usual, glum self and that was the beginning of him ceasing to even try to win me over. He withdrew and stopped caring if I liked him. I learned more and more and whenever I mentioned Alivia, Mama always looked worried. I stopped mentioned my companion who helped me with every spell. Father grew more and more distant and the rest of his family treated me like a pariah.

When my powers continued to grow, Mama told me about Papa's powers and his natural talent. Stories I'd never heard before about the two of them, their adventures, and eventually the incidents. I learned that his talents came tinged with problems - his family was incredibly talented with magic, but the magic came tinged with madness. She would never tell me what happened to him, she'd merely cry and look worriedly at me.

Mama told me she started to teach me her form of magic in the hopes that the control it provided would counterbalance the turmoil that Papa's magic would cause. That final day I saw her before boarding the ship, my mother assured me travelling would fully awaken the powers she'd been teaching me.

"I am not a figment of your imagination and you are not mad," my invisible friend flatly stated.

"I wasn't thinking that," I countered.

"You've always thought that since you learned the truth about your ancestors."

"How do I know you aren't my madness?"

"Because I've told you I'm not, I'd never lie to you."

"Well, there was that one time..."

"That was not a lie! I just failed to tell you everything."

"And nearly got me killed."

"When will you let that drop? You got out of there with barely a scratch!"

I struck up the fire and we spared on for hours as we've always done. For now, I'm going to assume I'm sane.

About Me:
I've been GMing nearly every week for over 20 years. In the past few years, my friends who I game with have gradually moved away to jobs in other cities and my in-person campaigns have come to an end. I'm familiar with Pathfinder, although not encylopedic by any measure - there are too many books, and have run a couple of campaigns with it. I've been a subscriber to the Adventure Paths since Dungeon Issue #1 (far before Paizo existed) and for the ones I've run, I've always enjoyed the stories.

As far as online gaming, a partially overlapping set of friends that I went to college with and I have been doing play by email off and on for nearly 15 years after some of us moved away to better jobs. We do a daily email campaign for a couple of years, then talk about who would GM the next for some time and then we'd start up another one. We've had six campaigns that way over those years. I've ran them and played in them. That too has quieted down for about a year now.

I'd appreciate a spot in this campaign. I want my daily roleplaying fix back. I tried to get into a couple of campaigns on the forums here about 5-6 years ago, but they never got off the ground.

I probably won't smooch your bum like some of the folks here are doing, but I will smile nicely, say please, and slip you a wad of bills under the table :D

Dotting with interest. Not sure yet what I'll be looking at, but I'll put a bit of thought into it before posting something.

Sovereign Court

Amelia Yukino Rose wrote:
Chapel Ty'El wrote:
You heard the GM, folks! Everyone submit two characters!
Don't tempt me! lol, I just had an idea for a "destined" bloodline sorcerer or bloodrager, but the character in question believes fate/destiny is all poppycock and hogwash haha.

I'm just Saiyan, with such an intelligent, hardworking, kind, and beautiful GM, it's almost a shame to only submit one character.

Alright, here is my submission. Karan(pronounced more like Quran than Karen) the aasimar monk.

I thought of another question. Can the background skill ranks only go in craft, profession or perform? Or is Lore also available?

character sheet:
Aasimar Monk 1
LG Medium Humanoid
Init +2; Senses Perception + 8, Sense Motive +6, Darkvision 60 ft
AC 15, touch 15, flat-footed 12 

hp 13(1d10+2CON+1favored class)

Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +3

Acid, Cold, Electricity resist 5
Speed 30 ft
Melee: unarmed strike +5(1d6+3)

Special Attacks
Stunning Fist 1/day DC 12
STR 16 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 14 CHA 10
Base Atk +1 CMB +6 CMD 18

Level 1 Feat: Weapon Focus unarmed strike
Monk Bonus: Dodge
Monk Bonus: Stunning Fist
Freebies: Combat Expertise, Power Attack, Deadly Aim, teamwork feat

Trait #1 :  Reclaimer
Trait #2 : Purity of Faith

Acrobatics(1) +6; Diplomacy(0) +2; Knowledge Religion(1) +4; Perception(1) +8; Sense Motive(1) +6

Craft Carpentry(1) +1; Perform Sing(1) +1

+2 perception and diplomacy from race
Monk's kit
This kit includes a backpack, a belt pouch, a blanket, rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.

0 pp 52 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Special Abilities
-Celestial Resistance
-Spell like ability-Daylight


- AC Bonus
As long as Karan isn't wearing armor, helpless, immobilized or carrying more than a light load he adds 2 to his AC and CMD.

-Flurry of Blows
One extra attack at highest BAB when full attacking.

Appearance and Personality:
Karan is a former resident of Roslar's Coffer, though he doesn't look it. He almost looks like a tall human but the silver sheen to his skin and small halo over his head ruin that image very quickly. His short hair and eyes are also silver.

Karan is a contemplative fellow. He was a sheltered child and has spent the last decade training in a monastery so he doesn't have the forceful personality usually associated with aasimar, though he is friendly to everyone he meets until given a reason not to be.

Karan was born in the Coffer 7 decades ago. As soon as he was born his parents knew that they would have to be very protective of him. His silver skin would cause the other townfolk to be wary of him. He spent almost all of his childhood in his family's home. He learned to build shelves and tables alongside his father but almost never saw the people who purchased the items. His parents were very concerned about superstitious people giving him grief. They loved him very much and he never minded not having other friends. As they aged he took over much of the work even if the townsfolk believed his father to be the one building their things.

Karan's mother died of old age a few years before the Twisted Nails attacked Roslar's Coffer. This was very hard on Karan, at the time. Once the attack happened he was glad she didn't live to see it. During the attack Karan's house burned down with his father inside. Karan fled town with everyone else, who were all surprised to learn he lived there.

Karan split away from the other refugees and travelled alone for a while until he came across an Iomedaean monastery. His parents had been Abadar worshipers but he was of course familiar with the Inheritor.

Karan spent the years since the attack studying at the monastery. He heard about people returning to the Coffer but he didn't feel any attachment to the place with his home and family gone. At least, not at first. As the years passed he longed to return and visit his parent's graves. And perhaps to settle back down.

Oh, almost forgot.

I've been playing Pathfinder since the original playtest. I got into pbp about 5 years ago. Most of that was on Usually on there you can't view a game unless you are part of it. Here is one I was in that I think is open however. I played Galadon.


I also have a few games on here you can take a gander at. Probably the best example is this one since most of the others are society games.

Against the Aeon Throne

I'm Dalinar in this one.

All the cool kids are doing a about me.

I really only started playing pathfinder a little over a year ago after joining this message board looking for some asynchronous RPG, my wife was about to have our second and I could not get enough time to play IRL.

Wile I have only been playing pathfinder for a year I do have alot of experience with the underlying system from 3.0 and 3.5 I got a little disillusioned by WOTC's direction and played other games. Not really giving pathfinder much of a look. I now see that I was wrong to avoid it.

With 2 very young children PbP is going to be my primary RPG focus for the foreseeable future, I know a PbP AP is a long term commitment and I intend to be here for the long run.

eggellis wrote:
I thought of another question. Can the background skill ranks only go in craft, profession or perform? Or is Lore also available?

If you are referring to the free points, yes they can only go into craft, profession or perform. Feel free to use your allocated points to go into lore!

This is Ouachitonian's submission. Grod is a surly half-orc paladin who's better on the inside. Definitely a Knight in Sour Armor type. He has a bad history with Iomedae's church (being a half-orc in Lastwall can do that to you), but soldiers on regardless because it's the right thing to do. I'm sure he'll have plenty of opportunity to get over his dislike of Iomedaeans during the course of the AP. :) He's mostly a frontline combatant, but has some skills and can serve as a backup healer as well. Background, Appearance, and Personality are in the alias.

Grod the Cunning wrote:
This is Ouachitonian's submission. Grod is a surly half-orc paladin who's better on the inside. Definitely a Knight in Sour Armor type. He has a bad history with Iomedae's church (being a half-orc in Lastwall can do that to you), but soldiers on regardless because it's the right thing to do. I'm sure he'll have plenty of opportunity to get over his dislike of Iomedaeans during the course of the AP. :) He's mostly a frontline combatant, but has some skills and can serve as a backup healer as well. Background, Appearance, and Personality are in the alias.

As for me, btw, I’ve been doing PBP on this site since 2015. Some gaming experience before that, mostly more wargaming rather than single-PC RPG type stuff. The Grod alias is reused from at least two other games that floundered. Feel free to dig back into the posts on it for examples. A shame about the Giantslayer game I used him in most, I really enjoyed that one. Ivar Stonewrought is another alias of mine you might look at for post samples, a Dwarven Paladin (Stonelord) involved in a long-running Iron Gods game.

Do you need finalized crunch for the character? And if so, didn't you make a decision on that alternate favored class bonus question I asked about earlier?

Hope to have my concept at least done by tonight. Been busy with a restoration project so have had less time to theory craft/brew up my submission. Leaning towards either a slayer or vigilante... we will see.

This is gonna be a tough contest. Some great ideas here, and I'm not 100% sure I know what I want to submit yet.

At the moment, I'm looking at a Savage Elf Were-Touched Shifter (Tiger). Think of him as being an Outsider who gets along with the civilized folk of Lastwall mostly out of necessity, rather than desire. He works as a scout and guide in and around the Fangwood, and will occasionally work along side the druids in the area.

I'm kind of torn between giving him either 'The Outsider' or 'The Pessimist' campaign traits.

I was really wanting to use my Shoanti Ranger that I built some time ago, but he was built with a 25 point buy, and it seems like I just can't do him justice by down-scaling to 20. Ah well. :)

Anyhow, I'll get something more concrete posted hopefully tonight.

Also, @GM Shadowlord, You are awesome. :D

Okay, here is Phntm888's submission, Sarela Falrin, half-elf Bonded Hedge Witch. The backstory and physical description are also in the profile.


Forlorn elves rarely establish long-term relationships with humans, due to the pain they feel when the shorter-lived partner inevitably perishes before them. That was not the case with Sarela’s parents, an elven healer named Marasil and a human paladin of Sarenrae named Jankyr. Marasil would travel from village to village in Lastwall to ply her trade and heal villagers. Jankyr was stationed at Roslar’s Coffer as part of the town’s garrison, due to the presence of the Sarenite monastery. Typically, Marasil would only be in town for a few days before moving on, during which time she and Jankyr would exchange pleasantries, hiding their attraction, both knowing nothing would ever come of it. One year, Marasil was delayed in another village for several weeks due to an outbreak of fever, and she came to Roslar’s Coffer much later in the year than she normally did. Shortly after she arrived, a powerful blizzard blew through Lastwall, trapping her there for several weeks. During that time, she and Jankyr began courting, and by the time spring came, they had gotten married and Marasil stopped her travels, focusing on selling remedies only in Roslar’s Coffer. Not having studied magic of any kind, her remedies were mainly herbal in nature, well-suited to those whose injuries and illnesses did not require magical healing from the Church of Sarenrae.

A couple of years later, Marasil gave birth to a half-elven daughter they named Sarela. Sarela quickly became both her mother and father’s pride and joy, as well as their source of headaches. She grew more slowly than most of those in town, on account of her Elven heritage, but still faster than an elven child would have. Her mother wasn’t entirely sure how to handle raising her, since she grew faster than an elf would have, and she had a more elven build than human, which made it difficult for her father to teach her the things about combat his father had taught him. She sometimes found it difficult to make friends with the other children, as well, since she was constantly either too immature for the children close to her age and too mature for those younger than her. Sarela had boundless energy, and without anything to focus that energy, she would often find herself in trouble in some way or another.

Once Sarela was 7, to help her focus, Marasil began having Sarela help her maintain the small garden they had in their house, and teaching her about the different plants and herbs they grew. Sarela proved to be quite adept at learning these things, and eventually her mother began teaching her history and the basics of healing as well. Sarela proved to be a natural, and as she grew older, her mother began teaching her healing and the history of the area, as well. Marasil’s style of healing was different than those of most. Where normal healers typically relied more on intuition and awareness to heal their patients, Marasil was more precise. She would thoroughly examine and diagnose conditions, basing how much cure to use on her patients’ height, weight, and age, and how that cure could affect the patient to optimally heal their ailments. Sarela proved natural at this, having been blessed with the natural elven intellect.

Unfortunately, when Sarela was 13, a raid by the Twisted Nail tribe of Orcs from Belkzen come hard at the town of Roslar’s Coffer. When it became clear that the town would be overrun, Jakyn gave Sarela his ring with Sarenrae’s holy symbol on it, and told her to hold it close and run as far and as fast she could with her mother. Sarela and her mother left immediately, fleeing Roslar’s Coffer, as her father ran the other direction - towards the Orcs, to buy as much time for his family and the rest of the town to escape as he could before he himself was killed by the Orcs.

Sarela and her mother mourned the death of her father, and her mother decided to return to her more nomadic lifestyle, this time across the border in Nirmathas, further away from the Orc-infested Hold of Belkzen. Sarela would assist her mother in healing patients, growing her skill and learning more of what her mother knew. They would travel together, and over the years, Sarela’s abilities became great enough that by the time she was 20 years old, she was nearly the equal of her mother.

Unfortunately, Marasil’s delicate elven nature got the better of her. She contracted the disease known as Scarlet Leprosy - rare in Nirmathas, but dangerous nonetheless. Despite all of Sarela and Marasil’s combined skill, after a battle of merely a week, her mother succumbed to the disease and perished. Sarela buried her mother and wept, for she had now lost both parents, one to a disease which she should have been able to cure. As she did so, she heard a voice whisper to her. Confused, she looked about, but saw no one. Eventually, she realized it was coming from her father’s ring. The voice said her skill at healing was great, but it could be greater, and that if she allowed the voice to teach her, she would be able to heal potent diseases such as the one that claimed her mother, and to protect those like her father, and make their sacrifice unnecessary. Sarela was confused, but desperate for answers and knowledge, agreed.

The voice in the ring taught her magic, how to conjure healing energy, and other powers - some protective, and some more dangerous that the voice assured would cause even orcs trouble. She mastered these abilities quickly, for her mind was strong and sharp. Her abilities did occasionally cause her some troubles with some of the more superstitious people, and she learned to keep them hidden and avoid overtly displaying her abilities. She discovered she could bring others luck, and such luck could make the difference between life and death.

During this time, she overheard a peddler in a village mention that Roslar’s Coffer was being rebuilt, and she decided to return to the home of her father and her birth. She set out and, after a few weeks, returned home. She recognized some of those who were there, and noted some of the absences. She found a home and followed her mother’s trade as a healer, with her own garden in the back. Her mother and father’s reputation, as well as her kind, healing nature, helped her avoid any kind of scrutiny, and she continued to learn that which the ring could teach her. She has come to believe that either Sarenrae or one of her servants is speaking to her through the ring, teaching her the healing arts.

Physical Description:

Sarela is about as tall as the average human male, and possess a very slender build. She has slightly pointed ears and delicate cheekbones beneath bright green eyes and mane of brown hair with a slight curl to it. She makes no effort to hide her elven heritage, being proud of her mother and her work healing others. She usually gathers her hair back with a scarf, and usually wears dresses in greens and browns that allow ease of movement, typically with a little flowered embroidery, and stout shoes that are good for walking a lot. If she is working in her garden or mixing poultices, she also wears a leather apron and gloves to help keep dirt and such off of her clothing.

Role: As a Witch with the Hedge Witch archetype, Sarela's primary role is support and debuff. The Healing patron combined with the Witch spell list gives me the ability to handle condition removal, and Hexes make me a potent debuffer.

Pathfinder/PbP History:

I've been playing RPGs since the early 2000's, but my parents played D&D while I was growing up, so I've had exposure to everything since the 90's. I started playing Pathfinder around 2012, and began doing Play-by-Post here on Paizo's forums at the end of 2014. I'm fairly active, and am running several games here on the boards.

Here a couple of writing samples from a character I have in a Wrath of the Righteous game, Balthasar Heimrin:

Sample 1

Sample 2

I've never done a recruitment longer than one week before and I'm beginning to think I think I was crazy to put it at two weeks! We're almost halfway through that now and so I wanted to remind everyone that recruitment ends next Saturday, 4/13. Please make sure to submit a completed character and update the recruitment worksheet in the header.

Thank you all for your continued submissions. I'm enjoying reading through each of them almost as much as your wonderful comments on my level of awesomeness! Never has a recruitment made me feel so special! :)

Amelia Yukino Rose wrote:
Do you need finalized crunch for the character? And if so, didn't you make a decision on that alternate favored class bonus question I asked about earlier?

I do not need the crunch for your character for the submission. Some people find it helpful to build out the crunch because it may help you use your traits, feets and class abilities to drive some parts of your story. While I will answer and address any questions raised or submitted, I am not a GM that will scrutinize your character sheet, I trust you to build it correctly and fairly and do your best with. You probably know more about your character abilities than I do!

Amelia Yukino Rose wrote:
So my question is: Does taking this favored class option add one spell to the spellbook(as it seems it was merely copied over from the wizard, though it may be their intention), or does it add it to the amount of spells the arcanist can prepare?

Yes, I did. +1 spell to the spellbook.

@GM ShadowLord

I wanted to check that I am not missing anything in my application. I do not see it showing as reviewed. I should likely just be patient.

Quick update; my submission is mostly complete, crunch and background all. I should finish it this weekend at the latest.

Okay! I have Varryk Swiftshot ready to go. I just haven't finalized his gear... which I probably won't bother doing unless I get selected.

Varryk is a Ranger (Infiltrator) with a grudge against the Whispering Way. I've done my best to tie all of his Traits to his background, which is... kind of long. I'm not *super* up on my Lastwall/Ustalav/Whispering Way lore so let me know if anything I have up is off and I'll change it.

I'm sorry it took so long. I was too distracted by how beautiful GM ShadowLord is


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ElegantlyWasted wrote:

Okay! I have Varryk Swiftshot ready to go. I just haven't finalized his gear... which I probably won't bother doing unless I get selected.

Varryk is a Ranger (Infiltrator) with a grudge against the Whispering Way. I've done my best to tie all of his Traits to his background, which is... kind of long. I'm not *super* up on my Lastwall/Ustalav/Whispering Way lore so let me know if anything I have up is off and I'll change it.

I'm sorry it took so long. I was too distracted by how beautiful GM ShadowLord is


I got to "and see the hornbow inside,' and thought "Oooohhhh s#!!!"


The Rising Phoenix wrote:
Semik "The Marching Corpse" wrote:
Will retraining be allowed?
I've no problems with retraining rules.

Would that apply to the free feats you are giving? Most of my ideas are for a caster, which means I would have little use for combat feats.

The more I think of this particular campaign, the more I want to run Asa through it... but not as a magus. So yeah... going, to give Asa a half brother (same "mother" if you have read Asa's backstory, different birth parents). Similar goals and motives, but doesn't have a lick of magical talent... so dedicated himself to learning how to hunt and track and kill his enemies through more mundane means.

So, this guy (tentatively called Nadir) would be a dhampire slayer (no archetype). The roll I see him filling would be a combination of melee damage dealer and scout/tracker/infiltrator for the group. Personality would be somewhat untrusting of his fellow party members at the start, but fanatically loyal after a bit of getting to know each other.

His reason for being in the region would be train in the wilderness surrounding the town, hunting the stray orc scouting party in exchange for the townsfolk of Roslar's Coffer to allow him to resupply and crash at the inn for a few days in between "hunts".

While he would not be directly interested in the Whispering Way or its cronies as such (Varyia Wrenth, the vampire who created him, is not associated with the Tyrant) but he also would have a particular hatred for them based on what they are. Besides, slaying undead (especially vampires) is good practice for his REAL target.

Should get a "skeletal" (bah-dam-tch) alias created for him shortly. Will fill out the registrar once I do.

Ah, and, to wit;

I have been playing RPG's for about twenty years. I'm very experienced with DnD and Pathfinder. I used to play in and run several games on the boards before illness sidetracked me. I still have a RL group that I game with weekly and have been getting back into playing online.

Here's a link to an RP post I made in an Adventures in Middle-earth game I'm in on these boards so that you can see the type of RP I usually do; Link. Hopefully that worked right!

In general I check the boards several times throughout the day, as I have an office job that doesn't really monitor internet traffic :3

Let me know if you've other queries for me, GM!

Due to the incredible number of good submissions, and a lack of inspiration, I think I will have to withdraw. Best of luck to everyone else!

ElegantlyWasted wrote:

Ah, and, to wit;

I have been playing RPG's for about twenty years. I'm very experienced with DnD and Pathfinder. I used to play in and run several games on the boards before illness sidetracked me. I still have a RL group that I game with weekly and have been getting back into playing online.

Here's a link to an RP post I made in an Adventures in Middle-earth game I'm in on these boards so that you can see the type of RP I usually do; Link. Hopefully that worked right!

In general I check the boards several times throughout the day, as I have an office job that doesn't really monitor internet traffic :3

Back before the cancer decided to derail it, I had a blast (as I said) in Elegant's RoTRL campaign. For what it is worth I can vouch for him being awesome with character interactions and whatnot.

:3 thanks for the vote of confidence, my friend

I might be tempted to pick that back up especially since I bought the campaign on roll20... a lot easier to roll through it with pregen'd maps.

Scarab Sages

Dotting. I have a character I’ve been working on slowly but it’s been a crazy week, so glad for the two week recruitment :). Will have it up early next week.

OK, re-purposed and reclaimed an alias that made only two posts and didn't get selected (ironically enough for a similar campaign).

Still filling in the fields and whatnot, but here is Nadir Jegan, dhampir slayer. Filled out the spreadsheet with my application info... consider my hat formally in the ring now.

Thank you for the continued applications and I'm sorry to see that a few have pulled out. Best of luck to you in your future games!

Rurik Ulleg wrote:
@GM ShadowLord - I wanted to check that I am not missing anything in my application. I do not see it showing as reviewed. I should likely just be patient.

Patience is good. I'm going through the applications slowly, reading a couple of them a day and making notes. I have been PMing each applicant when I'm done to let them know that I've reviewed their application and if there was anything missing I mention in there.

ElegantlyWasted wrote:
I'm sorry it took so long. I was too distracted by how beautiful GM ShadowLord is>.>

Apology accepted.

Semik "The Marching Corpse" wrote:
]Would that apply to the free feats you are giving? Most of my ideas are for a caster, which means I would have little use for combat feats.

I'll be honest and say that I hadn't considered this possibility, but that's Pathfinder for you! I think I'm ok with this given the constraint of one per level and meeting the requirements for it.

I have most everything done. I want to go through my backstory again make sure I'm happy with it then I'll post.

Not sure if you saw my question, so I'll repeat it - I know that you said crafting is okay, but how much time will we have to actually do it? The Player's Guide doesn't seem to mention crafting at all, so I'm not sure how much emphasis I'd want to put on it from both a background and build perspective.

Dotting for interest. Considering applying with an unchained knife-master ninja / scaled fist unchained monk (as things go on) -- essentially converting Coalhouse Porter to the cause, but I do have to read up on the AP via the player's guide. I think I'd like this one ...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Dotted. I've got my character submitted for consideration to be selected. Worksheet has been filled out. Dragas is ready for your review!

theasl wrote:
Not sure if you saw my question, so I'll repeat it - I know that you said crafting is okay, but how much time will we have to actually do it? The Player's Guide doesn't seem to mention crafting at all, so I'm not sure how much emphasis I'd want to put on it from both a background and build perspective.

I've only read the first book so far and there is not much downtime in it.

Hey GM Shadowlord, you handsome devil, you. :D

Blaydsong here. Took me longer than expected to get this together, but I think I've got the beginnings of something good.

Meet Kane (Formerly Ka'ness Shadowmoon), the Elven Were-Touched Shifter (Tiger). As I mentioned before, he is a bit of an outcast in the area, living on the edges of the Fangwood. Despite that, I decided to go with 'The Pessimist' trait, as it seemed to mesh better with his character. All required information is in the spreadsheet, as requested.

Without further ado, here's the meat:

Primarily, Kane is a melee striker-type, in a similiar vein to the monk, I would think, but he'll also be a decent skill-monkey. I'm considering multi-classing him into at least a couple levels of Ranger, both to flesh out his combat abilities and it increase his skills.


Before the attack of the Twisted Nail tribe on Roslar's Coffer, Ka'ness Shadowmoon lived peacefully with the residents of the small town. He lived just inside the borders of the Northern Fangwood along with his wife and daughter. While they never had any wants, he made a meager living as a scout, a guide, and a maker of simple weapons. While he never went out of his way to make friends among the people, he began to earn some measure of respect for what help he was able to provide, and he rarely ever turned down a job or a plea for help. His life was made complete by his belief in the Green Faith, and his family that was always waiting for him when he was done.

That all changed when the orcs raided the town. Not realizing the extent of the attack, Ka'ness went out to help the people of Roslar's Coffer drive out the attackers. His spears were of great value, despite the loses. Unfortunately, he did not foresee the orcs using the forest as part of their attack plan. A small band of the Twisted Nail found the elven home with mother and daughter defenseless against them and slaughtered them without mercy. By the time Ka'ness came to realize this, it was already far too late. The night that he found his family's remains, the people heard a sound of feral mourning come from the forest the likes of which was never heard before, or since.

Ka'ness mourned the loss of his family for a week straight, his loss causing him to fall into a deep despair and weakness from starving himself. He thought to give himself to the Green, as his life seemed to hold no further meaning. His actions were halted, however, by the appearance of an enormous tiger. It was strange enough to see such an animal in these woods, but to see one of such size was practically unheard of. The beast stood nearly as tall at the shoulder as he was, and almost twice as long. It just stood in the trees, watching the elf with large, piercing green eyes. Ka'ness made no move towards or away from the giant cat, knowing it would be futile either way, though he was enraptured by the creature's beauty and grace. Eventually, it started to approach him, silent as a breeze, despite it's size. It stopped once more when it was mere inches in front of the elf looking down at him as if in contemplation, but Ka'ness knew that there was more to it.

He realized that the tiger was here for a reason. No words were needed. Some how, he knew that this creature was a representative of the Green that he had followed diligently for all his life, though whether to end him in disappointment or something else, he wasn't sure. A moment later, he thought he had his answer when the giant cat opens up it's maw to reveal the massive teeth inside. Rather than a sudden strike, though, it slowly placed it's mouth over his shoulder and gently closed it's jaws. There was nothing violent about it, but the pain came regardless, possibly worse due to the slowness The tiger's incisors pierced his torso from front and back, ripping through his flesh. The pain was excruciating, but he did not cry out, believing that he was being given his due. But suddenly it stopped. He was sure that the teeth stopped just short of his heart. The tiger released him from his jaws and Ka'ness dropped to the earth, nearly unconscious with pain. He managed to open his eyes just in time to see the tiger walking away, glancing back at him before disappearing into the brush. Then he finally passed out.

When he finally regained consciousness several hours earlier, he realized that his body was untouched. No sign of wounds or blood anywhere. Did the majestic tiger actually show up, or was it only a vision from the Green? He quickly came to realize that, either way, he had somehow been changed. He found that he could change his form, however subtly, into that of a tiger. From then on, he vowed that he would continue to live, though his outlook and demeanor had changed from the loss. He was no longer as helpful as he once was, though he would take jobs for coin, and his attitude was more pessimistic towards others, though he would not dismiss others completely. Since that night, he has spent much of his time alone in the forest, only venturing out for supplies or information. His goal is simple: prevent a similar event from happening again. Despite his new outlook, he feels strongly that no living being should suffer a loss in such a way. He feels that this new-found ability may be his gift (or curse) to help accomplish his goal.Along with his new outlook and abilities came a new name: Kane.


Kane is a tall and lithe, standing at 6' 1" and weighing 117 lbs. His long red hair is wild and unkempt, and his green eyes are as piercing as the those of the tiger that his new power emulates, lending to his feral appearance. While he once may have been a helpful part of the community, his pessimistic and dour nature has lead to people seeing him as little better than a mercenary these days. While he is not selfless, neither is he heartless towards others needs. Especially when it comes to something that threatens the lives of the locals. On more than one occassion, a traveling merchant or lone explorer has been saved by the dour elf and had any offer of reward rejected. The next moment, he might take paid work with a hunting group as a guide, but completely ignore their call for help if they get in over their head.

The loss of his family has caused Kane to adopt a negative point of a view on most things, always seeing the worst in a situation, despite what may be obvious. While this can seem very frustrating to those around him, his actions will often cause people to question if his demeanor is only an act. Perhaps there is some kind of balance between negative words and positive actions.

A couple extra notes:

Why Chaotic Neutral?
I'm not a big fan of the thought process that "CN means crazy and stupid". I think that alignments encompass a wide variety of options. The following is an example that I particularily like in regard to Kane.

Chaotic Neutral wrote:

Core Cencepts: Capriciousness, fate, freedom, individuality, liberty, self-possession, ubpredictability.

A chaotic neutral character values his own freedom and ability to make choices. He avoids authority and does not fear standing out or appearing different. Inextreme cases, he may embrace a lifestyle entirely suited to himself - living in a cave near a city, becoming an artist, or otherwise challenging traditions. He never accepts anything at face value and makes up his own mind rather than blindly accepting what others tell him to do or think.

In the case of Kane, he may have a bit of madness to him, in that he is suffers from the loss of his family during the orc raids, but he deals with it more by his negative attitude and by helping out others in his own way.

Ferocious Loyalty?

Thematically, this might seem like a poor choice for a character like this. But I look at it this way: in general, Kane is not necessarily a loyal person, but there is an underlying part of his character that retains that sense of loyalty, almost like a pack or tribal mentality. Suffering the loss of his family made him see that life is precious, and it must be protected, even if he doesn't go out of his way to be a good guy.


I've been playing D&D since 1992-ish, and started playing 3rd edition right from day one, which easily transitioned into my getting into Pathfinder, though most of the people I was playing with at the time were die-hard D&D fans, so I didn't get as much playtime as I would have like. That said, I've always prefered the mechanics that were born out of 3.5 and blossomed through Pathfinder, and stuck with it as much as I could. I've been playing a lot more over the last 4-5 years, and the last 2 years, I've been helping to run our local Pathfinder Society group, as well as running a couple home games.
As far as Pbp experience, I've only been doing this on the Paizo boards for about the past 2 months or so, but I used to play on a different site (Explorer's Unlimited, if it rings a bell) for several years, playing a lot of Palladium games (and a few others). I had to take a break for a while and recently started getting the bug to play in Pbp format again. I love the amount of depth that you can get into with roleplaying in the Pbp format.

My current ability to post is actually pretty good. Due to the nature of my job, I have fairly consistent access to a computer, and can often get 2-3 posts a day done, but I always do my best to try to post at least once a day. Weekends are not too bad, either. I know things around here tend to slow down during the weekends, but I'm usually able to get 1 post done during the weekend, if not 1+/day.

Here's a couple current examples of my post:

Gilgrim Flintmaul


Henric Drake

Hopefully this covers everything. Of course, the character sheet is list in the profile. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this. I'm always up for positive criticism on how to improve my writing, and thanks for taking the time to do this. :)

So a lot of the crunch-work has been done for my "Grim Servant of Death", from it should be able to flesh out the backstory a bit.

Ended up taking a drawback for a third trait. Stacking with the campaign trait it should make it fun for anyone trying to aid him in anything.... :)

The Emerald Duke wrote:

So a lot of the crunch-work has been done for my "Grim Servant of Death", from it should be able to flesh out the backstory a bit.

Ended up taking a drawback for a third trait. Stacking with the campaign trait it should make it fun for anyone trying to aid him in anything.... :)

Sounds like he and Grod would get along great. I mean, as much as two paranoiacs ever can.

I have three characters ideas tossing around, but here's the main one:

Goldoth is a half-orc. He is the product of a Twisted Nail raid, one a few years prior to the big raid that almost took Roslar's Coffer off the map. His mother abandoned him in the Fangwood Forest, and he was taken in by sympathetic druids (who named him). They raised him, but he now lives alone in the forest just outside of town. The residents know of him, enough to know that he isn't an existential threat to anyone, but they don't interact often.

A few years after Goldoth was born, his mother remarried (her first husband was killed in the aforementioned raid, and was part of the reason she abandoned Goldoth), moved to Vigil permanently, and had a human daughter: Goldoth's half-sister Beth. Goldoth's mother died of illness when Beth was ten or so, and she told Beth about Goldoth on her death bed, having been told by the druids that they had taken him in. Beth had never grown close to her father, and blamed his absence for her mother's death; she ran away from home to live with Goldoth in the Fangwood outside of Roslar's Coffer.

Goldoth took his sister in without question. She taught him Taldane, and would go into Roslar's Coffer from time-to-time to sell woodcrafts he made and buy things for the two of them, to make life easier. One day, she didn't return. Goldoth waited a very long time for her to return, sure that everything was fine, but eventually went into town to search for her. She wasn't in town either.

Goldoth is simple-minded. I'll be aiming to get his Intelligence as low as I can get it. He believes violence is wrong, and killing especially, though he sorrowfully makes an exception for hunting to sustain one's self. He has killed wild animals in self-defense, but he believes this was a failing on his part, rather than necessary. He has no concept of deception, and struggles with linguistic expressions; he always assumes whomever is speaking is doing so truthfully and literally, though he has been told and vaguely understands that not everyone speaks truthfully or literally. Though a pacifist, Goldoth is strong and able-bodied. His motivation is simple: he's trying to find Beth. Whatever else happens around him, it's an obstacle to finding Beth. Whether what's happened to Beth is related to the events of the campaign, or whether Beth is even alive to be found, I'll leave up to you. More fun for me if it's a surprise.

Mechanically, I see Goldoth as being most useful in combat. I intend to build him as something of a front-line combatant, being primarily a tank but also capable of dealing a lot of damage in melee. Out of combat, I don't expect Goldoth to have much to contribute, but that's also where the juice of playing him comes from, for me, so I'm not too worried about that.

As for appearance, I picture Goldoth as large, and he'd probably look imposing if his face didn't give away his childish innocence. I figure his clothes are generally dirty and a bit tattered, and his hair is somewhat greasy and poorly kept. His weapons and armor would be well cared for, by comparison.

About Me:
I was introduced to D&D a little over a decade ago, via 3.5e and some of the Forgotten Realms novels by Salvatore. Too few of my friends were interested for me to play reliably in-person, and I was already steeped in a number of forum communities, so I turned to play-by-post pretty quickly. Sadly, I have had pretty terrible luck thus far. I have a lot of experience building characters, and a bit of experience playing low-level characters, but I've only gotten to play at higher level a couple of times.

At some point, I started keeping track of details about campaigns I've participated in. Not counting campaigns to which I applied but then wasn't accepted into (or which otherwise didn't make it past the recruitment step), or campaigns that I GMed, I've participated in 34 campaigns of varying length. Two ran to a satisfying completion, and three more technically ran to completion, but in a "I don't want to keep GMing this so the end I guess" sort of way. I abandoned one game, the fourth attempt at Goldoth, largely because I felt that the GM didn't respect our time (he no-showed for several sessions without warning or later explanation, and I got the sense during the one session he did show up for that he didn't really care about the players so much as about telling his story), but also at least partly because I was uncomfortable talking in-character as Goldoth over voice.

I've generally found that I engage with a few sometimes disparate elements of D&D. During creation, I've found that I trend towards min/maxing, solving the game-within-the-game that is the rules. I've found that this tendency is harmful to the game, so I've generally tried to make a conscious effort to build flaws into my characters, both narratively and mechanically, to rein in this impulse. Likewise, when combat starts, a part of me wants to "solve" the encounter. This is, I think, less harmful, but I still try to deliberately set rules for myself in combat based on which character I'm playing so that I don't lose sight of the larger game. Beyond that, I enjoy roleplaying characters. Constantly building the same few characters over and over in the hopes of finally getting into a game that lasts means that I've spent a great deal of time thinking about some of these characters.

Time-wise, I generally check the site at least once a day in the afternoon, but I often can check in the morning before work, or at lunch during work if it's slow (which is most of the time). I'm currently in one other campaign, which runs weekly for a couple hours. I generally don't travel often, and I'll notify you if anything does come up.

All three characters I thought about submitting, I've made at least one attempt to run in the past.

My actual submission, I've attempted Goldoth four times, two of which materialized and left logs I can reference: second attempt and third attempt. The first was over Skype and fizzled before the game really began, and the fourth was purely over voice. I'm happiest with the third attempt anyway.

I've attempted Wolfgang L three times: first attempt, second attempt, and third attempt. I'm strangely happiest with the first attempt. But all three were so short that I worry I haven't really found Wolfgang's "voice" yet.

I've attempted Gisèle once, under the name Guillaumine: first attempt. Just bear in mind, I joined this particular campaign late, so my first posts are on page 25. Of all the PbP campaigns I've been in, this one ran the longest, both in general and for me in particular, being 2 years 3 months and 1 year 2 months respectively. Consequently, I think this campaign is possibly the best representation of my commitment to a PbP game, and a good look at my general posting style.

Beyond these three characters, I've run a few others. My first character, Delanor, I ran a number of times before finally finding success and getting into two different campaigns running at about the same time that both ran to completion. Sadly, I have almost no logs to reference here. I largely ran Delanor in campaigns that took place over instant messenger or voice, and the few sites I ran him PbP on no longer exist. I do have records from the bits of the third attempt, the seventh attempt (for all that's worth), and the ninth attempt (where I joined around Session 51). The ninth attempt is one of the two aforementioned complete games, running for 2 years 10 months total, with me participating for the last 1 year 9 months. I also ran a character named Tanfirim in that campaign, largely as a backup character during extended periods were Delanor was dead. I'm probably happiest with Delanor in my tenth and final attempt, the other campaign that ran to completion (ran for 2 years 5 months, and I joined 2 months in), but I'm overall happy with the ninth attempt as well. I rather don't like the third attempt, though it was for a very long time (until the ninth attempt, actually) the longest campaign I had gotten to participate in. It took place before I really understood that I ought to be looking for a character's "voice" to begin with, so the Delanor of 2009 was a sort of disjointed, inconsistent mess of a character.

Aside from that, I've also made four attempts to play a character named Abby: first attempt, second attempt, and third attempt. The fourth attempt is ongoing and sort of in-person (I'm participating via video chat, but everyone else is physically present), so I don't really have any logs. I'm generally happy with all of my attempts at Abby thus far, at least from my end of things.

To round out my Paizo aliases, I have Zaszy, who I've essentially attempted once: first* attempt. I'm... not super happy with this one. Originally, I was to substitute into a different campaign. At the time, I had no evil character concepts I was interested in running, and after the GM shot down my proposal for Abby as a good-turns-evil character, I threw together Zaszy as a sort of challenge to see how high I could get my Bluff skill. That GM then flaked before I actually substituted in, and a friend then approached me about running a short campaign that happened to be set in the same area (Cheliax), so I just recycled the character for that campaign. I wanted to give him an accent, and I think I spent more time focusing on it and relishing my high Bluff bonus than I did thinking about the character or his motivations.

That's about it for stuff I can actually link to.

Dotting for great interest. I don't know how I haven't spotted this thread so far, must be GM ShadowLord's brilliance that blinded me.

Have been chewing on the character concept all day and will do the crunch when I get home.

Until then, some "about me" bits:

- Have been playing TTRPGs for close to 20 years. I much prefer collaborative storytelling, character development and roleplaying to crunching optimal builds and learning all the minutiae of rules by heart.
- Been playing Pathfinder since 2011, both here and on RPGCrossing. GMed a couple of in-person games (a Pathfinder RotRL game, and a Curse of the Crimson Throne game converted to D&D 5E).
- I like creating and playing flawed or restricted characters, as well as roleplaying drawbacks and below average ability scores.
- I love creating connections between player characters, and/or between my character and NPCs.
- I relate to all of the things under "Player expectations", and they are qualities I look for in my own players as a GM.
- I am on a Western Europe timezone and English is not my first language, so if my posting times seem a bit weird and my grasp of idioms is not perfect, this is why.

Sample posts:
- Introducing one of my favourite characters to play, an ADHD ratfolk alchemist who is overly fond of baked goods. Mostly played this character in a homebrew Discord campaign, so I don't have a lot of linkable posting records for it.
- Some posts from my half-orc witch. From a mash-up of Kingmaker and Ruins of Azlant game.
- Basically anything in this game (I'm Yaziyah Tanja, Shoanti shaman). What I consider my "best" character so far (it helps to have a fantastic GM and cast of fellow players!).

Alright here is my submission.

Half-Elf Inquisitor that I plan to take Zen Archer Monk. Heavy ranged focus but can do a little switch hitting if necessary. Good array of knowledge and awesome survival and perception.

Background, crunch and description is in the profile.

I took t he rich parents, not to get awesome weapons or armor, but due to the feel I wanted for her background and to give her more *survival* type gear that I felt went in line with what I was going for. If you think it is too much I can drop that trait, but figured I would point it out. Any excess gold she still has would be used for mundane stuff like room & board, paying for travel etc. With new gold during the AP going toward actual gear.

The Exchange

Presenting, for your consideration, Vlad the Heretic, Fighter 1.

Background, appearance, and personality are in his profile.

Vlad will be taking the rest of his levels in Barbarian and Pain Taster. He is based on the Flagellant hero from Darkest Dungeon. He will be tanking and soaking up damage via high AC and damage reduction later on. He should be able to survive all kinds of punishment, even into negative HP. Out of combat, he's a religious zealot that will probably intimidate, if anything.

About Me:
I have been role-playing since Red Box days. I am nearing 20,000 posts on these boards, and have been here for about 5 years. I am able to post multiple times per day during weekdays, with less availability on weekends but still able to post. I'll be in for the long haul.

GM Flattery, Freely Given:
He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. I guess he must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person's natural expression when they looked his way followed by overcompensating with a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile. Of course the blush that accompanied it was a dead give-away. It didn't help that he was so modest with it, it made the girls fall for him all the more. Despite all the opportunity that came his way he was a one-woman-man who prized genuineness and thoughtful conversation above lipstick and high-heels. He was handsome alright, but inside he was beautiful.

This is Kittenmancer's submission.

Damian is a future oradin with Life Link and channel, a healbot without the bot, plus ranged damage and buffs. Can also be a face for the party.

Vlad the Heretic wrote:
GM Flattery...

LOL! Well played! I almost spit coffee across my monitor. I half expected you to tweak a line from Raymond Chandler at the end there:

ShadowLord had a bod so good it would make a Bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window...

Well, I’m going to throw my hat into the ring, even though there are already a lot of good submissions. I’m working on a gnome Oracle buffer/debuffer named…

Trunt Zecks:

He’s probably going to be Dual-Cursed and he’s followed by misfortune so he’s an outcast local with the Pessimist Trait. High charisma but he mostly uses bluff and intimidate to get himself out of dangerous situations. I’d kinda like for his Oracle spells to only kick in in our first fight if we can manage that, but I’d understand if that isn’t manageable. I’m going to try to wrap up build and background tomorrow and put it in the alias. Probably get the application sheet filled out tomorrow too.

Question, can I leave a couple spots in my background to include other possible party members after recruitment is over?

A little about me:

I’ve been playing DnD 3.5/4E and Pathfinder since the mid-2000s just with friends and family. I had a 5-6 year hiatus after I got married and had 3 kids. At that point, I didn’t have time for FtF so me and some RL friends started a PbP for Ire of the Storm with me playing Stonewall, a dwarven tower shield specialist. We finished after 2000ish posts, 6 levels, and 1.5 years and then started another campaign. It’s a homebrew set in Golarion in which I play Thurl Wisdombringer, a dwarven Contemplative Ki Mystic Sensei Qinggong Monk VMC bard. That one is ongoing. I also started a Crypt of the Everflame which I DMed. I enjoyed that but there was another player that had some RL come up so we decided to just call it quits rather than find a replacement, again that was with a RL friends group.

I enjoy crunch and most of my groups have been mostly Right Brained packed so our play has tended that direction. I’ve found that Role play is easier for me on PbP though and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done so I’m wanted to experience more of that. Also, one game isn’t scratching my RPG itch.

I check obsessively but can’t always post right away (still usually more than once a day when necessary) because I’m a slow composer, unaided by the fact I’m usually on my phone, but I still try to structure my posts well.

So this would be my first RPG at all with complete strangers let alone PbP and I’m excited to get to know some new people.

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As we approach four pages of flattery, bribery and shenanigans with nearly 30! characters, I can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun in a recruitment reading what you’ve come up with! It’s a shame I can’t run four tables of you guys.

Sovereign Court

I don't know, I think just a talented individual could easily manage more than one table of us lowly players (who are not worthy to post in the same forum as one do great).

GM ShadowLord wrote:
theasl wrote:
Not sure if you saw my question, so I'll repeat it - I know that you said crafting is okay, but how much time will we have to actually do it? The Player's Guide doesn't seem to mention crafting at all, so I'm not sure how much emphasis I'd want to put on it from both a background and build perspective.
I've only read the first book so far and there is not much downtime in it.

Okay, thanks. Hopefully I'll be able to finish soon.

I've been watching this thread for a while and finally decided to enter the fray.

All of the required information is in the profile, plus extras. Pardon how much I wrote. I've had this character percolating for this AP for a while now!

She should be done, except for a teamwork feat. I figured if she gets picked, the party could discuss which one(s) to get.

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I have decided that I am going to close recruitment early as there are already way more applicants than I can possibly select between. If you haven't already done so, please wrap up your character by midnight EDT tomorrow, Wednesday 4/10/19.

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