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Kagur Beast-stalker wrote:
In light of that I’ll switch concepts :)


I’m wanting to build toward the Mammoth Rider Prestige Class. Any issues with that, GM? I figure that if there’s any AP that has room for a big old companion tromping around, it’s Giantslayer.

Will we be in essence assuming that the group completed the earlier portion “offscreen” as it were? My understanding is that certain items play a major role in the campaign, and I’m wondering if we already acquired them, if so how they’ll be distributed, etc. or if they’ll be sprinkled in later. (Though I’ve never played it past about where we’re starting, so my vague notions could be way off base)

I had a half-Orc barbarian in a game that died at the end of book one. I might make some changes, but I think I’ll definitely submit a version of that character.

I don’t think I’m going to submit. Too many irons in the fire.

Sorry, I think I thought you’d already found someone. I’ll check out the gameplay and potentially get back to you.

Looks like you might could use some skill support and trapfinding. So I'm thinking probably a Slayer, or maybe an Alchemist.

What’s current party composition look like? Also, still level 2?

I’m working on a Dex-based, TWFing Slayer. It’s still coming together, though.

What sort of stats are you using? Point Buy, rolled stats, etc?

Congratulations to those who made it!

...and if there are any more GMs out there, you’ve got a bunch of us that didn’t make it who’d be happy to get a second chance.

Hmm. I had forgotten that Samton was going for Childhood Crush-Shalelu as well. Might have to change mine. Might.

I think I’m going to go for something a bit different than I was originally thinking. An Elven slayer who was a childhood companion (and hopeful future lover) of Shalelu. Probably will play to type, going for essentially a “combat rogue”. I’ll definitely pick up Trapfinding with my first slayer talent at 2. Build is still coming together, though.

Question: how do you feel about VMC?

Oh hey, I think I played with Samton and Lor-Sinn in a previous Jade Regent game. I was a Wayang unRogue in that game. Any chance you'd take a Wayang? (I'd link the alias, but it's been recycled since then, so there's not much point)

I’m interested.

Nephits wrote:
Grumbaki wrote:

In all my years of pathfinder I’ve never tried a gunslinger. I think that this would be the perfect campaign for one.

Specifically, a Pistolero.

Race: Human
Trait: Rough and Ready, against the technic league
Lvl1: Gunsmithing, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Finesse
Lvl 3: Precise Shot
Lvl 5: Rapid Shot, Dex to damage

Idea being that he can use the pistol as an improvised weapon should he run out of ammunition. Build would only “turn on” at lvl5 as that is when he would get dex to damage with both shooting and close combat. Though by then he would hopefully not have ammo issues.

Think it would be fun to finally try it out

I was thinking the same thing. Possibly dip into swashbuckler (Picaroon) for TWF & Finesse with a light weapon in one hand, gun in the other.

How many tables can the GM run at once ;)

I was thinking gun-wielding Magus (Eldritch Archer). Or possibly Alchemist (Gun Chemist).

I’m down for Iron Gods.

I've never played Shattered Star, and only barely played any of Hell's Rebels. I'd definitely be interested in one of those.

I'm in an Iron Gods game, but would be happy to try a different one (the character I'm playing basically uses no tech stuff, so I'd be interested in a build that goes whole-hog for that sort of thing).

The 3PP ones I know basically nothing about. I'd try them, but they're farther down the list for me.

I like Kingmaker,but I've played enough of it that I don't know if I'd want to add another game of it.

I’m going to withdraw. I’ve just had too much else going on to completely redo the sheet. Have fun!

Anderlorn wrote:

I am not going to go for Constructed Pugilist Brawler and Limb Extender does not do range, it does reach.

Limb Extender: As a standard action, the constructed pugilist can activate an extender, giving her limb the reach weapon special feature. Returning the limb to its normal length is a standard action.
You could also go for a rodent like a squirrel or a rat or even the american porcupine or a musteloid like raccoon or a weasel.
All too small for me. I wanted to use a cheetah but since the awakening doesn't give them hands, I dropped the idea.

D’oh! Brain fart on my part.

Anderlorn wrote:

A good idea, unfortunately none of the functions include range but definitely something to remember for a melee build. Thanks!

Constructed Pugilist does have a ranged option; Limb Extender. Not sure that I agree that the prosthesis can be added in addition to all of a character’s ordinary limbs.

Then I'll take the feat. Go ahead and do my rolls.

rorek55 wrote:
you don't need to take the feat two select a different variant teifling.

Ok. What about the “you may roll on the Variant Tiefling Abilities table three times and choose the most favorable ability.” part of the feat? If it’s one roll regardless, I won’t take the feat. But getting my choice of three rolls makes the feat totally worth it.

rorek55 wrote:

firearms are Ok, however, due to the nature of the AP, getting ammo or power will be exceptionally difficult. Getting materials to make either will also be difficult, at least through the early books.

If you wish to roll on the variant chart, I will roll for you, and you can pick whether to keep the variant ability or your SLA.

Go ahead and roll. I was thinking of taking one of the Variant heritages, do I need to take the Fiendish Heritage to do so? (And if I do so, can I roll three times on the Variant chart and pick? Because that’s worth the feat all by itself.)

Can Aasimar/Tieflings roll on the variant ability chart?

1d100 ⇒ 59 +1 on Will saves. Not super exciting, but not bad either. I might rather take the Maw or Claw Alternate Racial Trait for a pair of claws though.

Can Aasimar/Tieflings roll on the variant ability table?

I guess I can. I usually just copy and past from HeroLab, so reformatting might take a while, though.

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Sounds like it'd be a fascinating game.

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GM, do you allow pregame crafting? I’m thinking about a Dwarven smith who worships Hephaestus, so he’d probably have made a good bit of his own gear if possible.

Any chance of using the CR1 Lizardfolk from the Bestiary instead of the monster class? I’d rather not have to buy a new book that I’m unlikely to use again. (Honestly, I didn’t even know the relevant Monster Class book was a thing until this thread.) My idea is Lizardfolk Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple. A dragon-blooded Sorcerer turned into (as far as he can tell) something like a humanoid dragon by the Cursed Operation.

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Black Dow, I was thinking about an Oracle for precisely that reason. The flawed hero is a very Greek trope.

Dwarves seem like they ought to be devotees of Hephaestus. All hammering away at forces buried deep beneath volcanoes and whatnot. I might have to make that character.

Any core race? How do things like dwarves, halflings, half-orcs, etc fit in?

I was looking at the original recruitment post, where you say:


To keep things simpler, the pantheon of gods will be that of Golarion although this setting is not on Golarion. All Paizo accepted and interesting 3pp will be allowed if I can get my hands on the information. I am looking for 5 gumshoes...

I can change it though, no problem.

I’ve got the PBS and a pretty high Dex, no problem. Even without Rapid Shot specifically, a BAB Of 7 already gives me an iterative attack. “Do I get iteratives without needing to spend a feat on Rapid Reolad?” might have been a better way to phrase the question.

I’ll probably stick to force shots, if only for the convenience of not needing to buy ammo or spend actions reloading. I’m ok with that tradeoff even against regular AC. Though it might change how often I actually use Rapid Shot, since those -2s can add up. I’ll think about switching that feat out, actually.

HP: 8d8 ⇒ (8, 1, 5, 7, 4, 7, 7, 8) = 47

Are y'all using background skills?

I’m thinking a gun-wielder. Probably not an actual Gunslinger, but a magical class that works with guns, like an Eldritch archer Magus or a Gun Chemist Alchemist. Ideas I’ve been meaning to try that fit this setting better than they do most of Pathfinder.

Any idea if there's a way to get Zeitgeist content in HeroLab? That's generally where I build, and it'd be much easier to do so if I'm not having to fudge in the theme feat and the like.

I’m interested, potentially.

Aha! Excellent! Many thanks, o kind and wise GM.

I've gone back and forth about whether or not I wanted to add another campaign, but this is one I don't want to miss. (Also, predictably for PBP, a couple of my existing campaigns look like they're dying. So I'll have the time.) So here's Drahkn, a kobold slave who fights as a mini-dragon, with maw, claws, and tail. I'll be taking him up in Draconic Bloodrager until I qualify for Dragon Disciple, then following that path until I run out of DD levels.

Kobolds don't get a special FCB for Bloodrager. Is there any chance I could take the Barbarian FCB? To whit:


Barbarian: While you are raging, your racial natural attacks deal +1/4 point of damage.

(As of now he's built with the generic +1 HP for FCB.)

Also, I'll definitely be taking a lot of the Kobold racial feats like Draconic Aspect, Draconic Breath, Noxious Bite (not technically a Kobold racial feat, but close enough. How many PC races can get a breath weapon?) etc. Gotta play up the "paragon of my race" line as a Peregrinus.

Can we do a Peregrinus build based on our race's natural attacks? This idea might be a little silly, but I'm thinking of a Kobold Draconic Bloodrager (into Dragon Disciple eventually). It seems sensible enough to me, but since they aren't technically weapons mentioned in my race's Weapon Familiarity trait (indeed, Kobolds don't have one), I figured I'd ask.

4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 6, 2) = 16-2=14
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5, 2) = 11-1=10
4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 5, 1) = 15-1=14
4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 6, 2) = 14-2=12
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 2, 1) = 13-1=12
4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 5, 6) = 21-4=17

So that's what, a 27 point buy? I'll take it.

It looks like all your styles are TWF, weapon & shield, or two-handed. No choice that caters to the classics duelist with a weapon in one hand and nothing in the other? (Which would also be great for a Magus)

1d100 ⇒ 25

Acid Resistance 5 for a Tiefling? Yes please.

Seems like a Grey Paladin solves that problem nicely, since they’re more morally flexible and lose immunity to fear. I’m definitely going to strongly consider that route. Especially since my original idea would likely turn out extremely similar to the concept panegyric posted above (in class/archetype, if not personality)

I had an idea, but I want to check first: what do you think of Paladins in this AP? The "Driven by Guilt" Campaign Trait seems perfect for one (I'm looking at the Players' Guide now, if you can't tell), but given the Lovecraftian Horror theming, it seems like this one might involve some very morally grey decisions that would make things hard for a paladin. And immunity to fear might be a bit *too* powerful.

Can Aasimar/Tiflings roll on the variant charts? If so, do Tieflings need the Fiendish Heritage feat?

I’m definitely thinking my application would be Alchemist on one side. All the fun of self-mutating discoveries seems like it would fit right in. On the other...this would be a great place for an Aberrant Aegis, but you wanted us to stick to Paizo, right? Probably something combat focused, however I go. Strong possibility of going into the Master Chymist prestige class, to add a split personality to the body horror. It’s too bad that locks me out of the Metamorph archetype.

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