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Evil empires, oh my! What can a small group of plucky heroes do when the Azlanti invade a small colony?

This campaign-mode run of Against the Aeon Throne is sponsored by Poshkettle Tea!

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Prologue. The Tea Party.
Why are these plucky heroes headed to Nakondis, anyway?
Pon's interviews and investigations of his teammates while they were traveling through the drift.


Book 1, Part 1. Nakondis Under Siege.
Invaders Ahoy!

Book 1, Part 2. Rebels of Madelon's Landing.
Where we meet the good folks of Madelon's landing, and Aibretta hands out some missions.

Book 1, Extra-Credit Assignment: The Miners of BTEP3.
Where we meet the miners and rescue them from repeated cave-ins.

Book 1, Part 3. History Unearthed.
In which we explore the Royal Venture and go off to face the remaining Azlantis on Nakondis.


Book 2. Extra-Credit Assignment: Rebuilding Nakondis.
In which our heroes get to breathe for a few days while their ship is being rebuilt.

Book 2, Part 1. A Distant Call.
In which The Teapot receives a field commission from the Stewards!

Book 2, Part 2. Outpost Zed.
A 'Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy' where the party can prepare for their assault on the Prison Moon.

Book 2, Part 3. Jailbreak.
In which our intrepid heroes attempt a jailbreak.

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Dalinar Theodrin.
Half-orc Icon Solarian
Disinherited royal prince and Starfinder.

Akitonian Human Operative Steward Infiltrator
Just a humble mechanic who is in over his head! (AKA Special Agent Pon of the Stewards and Aldrox, an Azlanti cover identity.)

Nuar Xenoarcheologist Technomancer
A gentle nuar warrior scholar, and perch for baby squox.

Prosper Starr.
Astrazoan Envoy Skyfire Centurion
Such a handsome young human -- or is he? His true identity is Polypus Sparglefit, a shapeshifter!

Rush Ling.
Wrikichee Mechanic Skyfire Centurion
Rush, A brain damaged veteran turned to science experiment and his gregarious AI, Lingston.

Professor Spectrum “Spec” Silvervanes.
Oso Xaursi Scholar Overlord Mystic / Envoy
A professor of neuroscience who knows nothing about working on a ship, but is learning quickly!

Skittermander Ace Pilot Operative
The Teapot's pilot, cook, and housekeeper. Also caretaker of many, many baby squox!

Squox of The Teapot:

Cubber: Cedona's pet squox, and mother to all the squox kits.

Pip: The squox kit that Minos left in charge of the others.

Socks: The kit that was told to listen to Pip, but that no one expects to really do so.

Snug: an infamous pesterer of his siblings.

Lord-Dracos-Thagomar - Third-Scion-of-the-Fallen-House-of-the-most-noble-Gunthar-Family -and- Destroyer-of-all-thing-Fluffy: A curious squox that likes to get entangled in the engineering room.

Automata of The Teapot:

The Singing Chef -- Every skittermander housekeeper's dream come true!

Also an Azlanti cleaning drone.

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Charli Poshkettle: Gnomish Starfinder and Tea Mogul who financed this mission.

Poshkettle Tea: Your sponsors of this space opera adventure!

NAKONDIS COLONY, Madelon's Landing:

Aibretta Fulson: The colony's best mechanic, and center of the rebels.

Cedona: A mysterious android who is rumored to have once held a job in 'law enforcement.' Part of everyone's past!

Goraya Li: The singing lashunta and assistant project manager for the colony.

Jellik Fulson: A human colonist farmer and fugitive.

Ludvar Cresk: A burned mechanic who's lost his voice.

Madelon: Head administrator of the colony, and Azlanti prisoner.

Quorisca Arquinn: A human woman with some military experience who explored the wreckage of a ship with Cedona.

Randall Tace: A rather resourceful supply clerk.

Spritz: A water elemental.

Welldis Arquinn: Quorsica's teen-aged son, and one of the colony's healers.

Assorted Prisoners in the Barracks:

Paolo, Mario, Stefani Tengridi -- three human brothers.
Molly Riverwalker, Yasmi Ashidi, Danib -- also human
Cheskit -- shirren


Belli and Kyrian Li: Goraya Li's nieces, miners on Blue Tin Range.

Sam Chang: Chief mining engineer.

Palgo, Sue Bliss, Clikchik: Trapped miners.

Toren Li: Goraya's brother, another trapped miner.



Cadet Kaya of Peridot Squadron. An azlanti cadet that the group questioned.

Lieutenant Sharu. Head of the Aeon Guard training unit stationed on Nakondis.

Master of Arms Olajra. An ruthless man who demands accounting and inventory, likes down pillows and might have a secret crush on a Pact Worlds icon.

Ellioch. A slightly snobby Azlanti AI aboard the Royal Venture.

Periapt Ameondria. A noble Azlanti lady who captained the Royal Venture. Deceased from long before the Gap.


Captain Tilldanec. The Captain of the Relic, whose crew got tricked by our heroes.

Aliens in Azlanti Space:

Sayonsi. Witchwyrd merchant who takes an interest in the party's goals.

Talmrin.. A weasel-like gosclaw crime boss on Outpost Zed. She likes to talk in a grand and archaic dialect.

Half-Red. A tiny stelliferan merchant who flashes colors to communicate.

Hassachir. A female wrikichee mechanic whose illness gets treated by the party. She offers to upgrade their ship.

The Xaarb. A large furry merchant who is all mouth.