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Swapped out magic weapon for protection from evil since that makes way more sense for Sam's pacifism.

Good luck, everyone!

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Good luck all.

First, a foreword on recruitment for this adventure path.

Recruitment for PbP is never easy. You are surrounded by so many creative and amazing people that is nearly impossible to make "the right" choice. I want to thank each and every one of you who applied to this recruitment. As I read through your submissions, I feel like I got to know your characters and how they would play out in this game. The amount of time and energy some of you put forth was not lost on me and for that I thank you. As much as I hate selection, I love reading over your concepts!

About the selection process:

We had 34 players submit characters for 6 slots in the game. Do the math and you have less than a 6% chance of getting selected. Please know that I do not arbitrarily select players and random, I put a lot of thought into how I build a party.

I read through every detail that you provided me for your characters, re-reading some of them two and three times to make sure I had it correct. I made comments about each one in my sheet and moved on to the next character and repeated the process. After reviewing all 34, I whittled the selection down to 24 players, enough for four tables. Had I been in a position to run four tables I think I would have been happy with all of those players. But alas, I cannot run four tables.

For the first time ever however, I will run two tables and select twelve players to join me. But how did I cut 24 to 12?

1) Your concept! I like to see you put time and energy into your characters. Some of your concepts were amazing and really captured my attention!

2) If you were a former player, current player, or a GM of mine then I already know a lot about who you are and what your playstyle is. This provides an innate bonus that can't be topped by any other factor. Not everyone I know got selected however, there are several other factors I use.

3) Several other GM's from other games stepped forward and PM'd me with a list of their top players that they recommend and I reached out several GM's from other games to probe them on games you are in. As a GM, another GM vouching for players own their own without prompting from me also carries weight.

4) Your history here in the forums. I look at how long you've been around. How many games have you been in. How many are you currently in. What is your post frequency. What is the quality of your post like. Along with other factors, I use this to guage who you are as a player. In other words, I stalk you. :)

6) Gut feeling. Sometimes I see someone new that I don't know that I want to take a chance on for some reason.

5) Fit. I try to build a somewhat balanced party, but this carries the least amount of weight. I may ask some of the selectees to change their characters around slightly to fit a party dynamic.

Screw the fluff, SHOW ME THE MONEY!:

The following twelve players have been selected to participate in this adventure path. In alphabetical order they are:


If you are a player in the list above, please jump over into discussion for further discussion.

To those not selected:
Nothing I can say here will make you feel any better. I've been passed over numerous times for games and it always sucks. Take with you the fact that I appreciate your time on this and should the need arise I may contact you about a backfill in the future. I hope that our paths will cross again in a future recruitment!

Best of luck in all of your future games and thanks for all of the laughs. I had a blast with you all along the way!

GM ShadowLord

Congratulations to everyone who got in.

Have fun, folks!

With two full tables, it's not too unlikely that someone will have to bow out of a game before long. In that unfortunate event, please consider me as an alternate.


Good luck to the chosen, and have fun!

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Congrats to the chosen twelve!

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Good luck all!

...any other GMs in the thread want to form a table from the unchosen? :)

Congratulations to the players, and good luck to GM Shadowlord, two tables! Thanks too for going over all the submissions.

Congrats to the chosen. Knowing a few folks on that list myself I can say with relative confidence that those should be awesome games. Hope y'all have a blast and hope harder to see you guys in other games. Especially you, Drogeny & ElegantlyWasted. You guys in particular rock (not saying anything against the others, mind you, but have fond memories of some of our past games).

Congratulations to those selected! I hope Coral finds an opportunity to play this AP but I imagine there will be more recruitments.

Scarab Sages

Congrats to the chosen. Have a great game y'all!

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Congratulations to everyone who made the cut! Best of luck to GM Shadowlord taking those who made it in through this epic journey.

Congrats to chosen, and congrats to the Unchosen for applying with such creative gusto!

Thanks for the consideration, ShadowLord, and congratulations to all who made it - have fun!

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ah well, Have fun all!

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