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GM Bold Strider's Rules for PbP:

1. I love the explanations and motivations of the characters. Backstory in spoilers on your profile or innovative pre-game posting will give me something to work with in the RP aspect of the game that may not exist in the scenario.

2. I am not overly harsh if you miss a day or two on posting, but if it becomes a regular occurrence where you are down to posting once a week, then I will message you to have a talk.

3. I will guarantee posts five out of seven days in a week. Most likely, Saturdays and/or Sundays might be skipped due to travelling and family time and such. I would like the same from you guys in order to keep the game moving along.

4. In the event of an absence, notice is always better than nothing! A quick little blurb that life has overwhelmed you or that you just had a baby helps immensely. On that note, if you are going on a drinking binge or just had a kid (aka life takes you away from a computer for a while), take care of life! I just ask for a heads up.

5. If you AFK without notice, I reserve the right to just say that your character delays. Most likely, this means that you will miss a turn as I usually run multiple bad guys under a single initiative (averaging their Inits, usually). If you give notice or the party is in dire straits, then I will always bot your character.

6. (I have trouble with this sometimes as well.) Please try to post more than simple one-liners, even in combat.

Really Bad: Dice Rolls with no text.

Bad: GM BS tries to hit the goblin with his sword. [insert dice rolls]

Good: GM BS yells to his party members, "I got this one over here!" as he tries to lop off the head of the red goblin menacing him with his horsechopper.

Great: GM BS looks to his left and sees Peredur and Iesha struggling to hold the door against the waves of goblins pressing against it. He brandishes his greatsword in both hands and reassures his party that he is about to take care of the lone holdout in their room. "I got this one over here!" He swings his sword with all of his might, hoping to end the green menace and avoid any possible tetanus from the rusty horsechopper, dripping with blood, held by the goblin.

7. I don't pull punches. If your character does something stupid or gets unlucky, death can be a consequence. If a player has fallen unconscious, I generally don't keep attacking them, but that is still a possibility in every fight. (E.g. - There are no other actions for the monsters to do or it explicitly states that they go after such individuals.)

8. I always base my calculations off of the statistics in your tagline. Very few people post updated statistics in their posts, but some do. I frequently miss those. If you always want me to have an easy time updating the game for you, then please keep your taglines updated.

9. I hope that I haven't scared you off, but the most important rule is: Have fun! If you aren't having fun, tell me! It's no fun for either of us if you sit through months of agony and then send me a 500 word rant about how I'm a terrible GM. (True story.) If you aren't having fun, let me know. I will try to fix it.

PFS-wide Boons:

Riftwarden Magic: All Pathfinder Society Characters have access to the following spells from the Demon Slayer's Handbook: Anti-Summoning Shield; Protection from Outsiders and Telepathic Censure. [Port Godless 5-07]