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Full Name

Rogar Valertis


Human (taldan)


Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03








Chaotic Good


Cayden Cailean


Brevoy (Rostland)


Common, Draconic, Hallit



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Rogar Valertis

Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 7

About Rogar Valertis

Rogar Valertis

Rogar BG:
Background:Among the historians and bards of Brevoy the name of the Valertis family resounds with honor and praise still. They were among the first followers of baron Sirian Aldori when he created the Swordpact of the Swordlords. Several of them were admitted among the then new istitution and distinguished themselves in battle and duels. More than one of them is remembered ballads and ancient sagas as sworlords from the Valertis family vanquished bandits from the south and barbarians from the west, travelled the world, banished demons and hunted dragons. For a long time it seemed the time of glory for the Valertis would last forever. As with all things, disaster struck. Choral invaded leading his dragon legions to subdue Issia and moving south in short order and the swordlords with the Valertis at their head decided to fight him to keep Rostland safe. The Conqueror's forceswere impressive and well trained, they weren't many but their might was undeniable, yet although he and his dragons had no peer on the open field the agile foces of the Swordlords were able to twart his advance by ambushing small contingents of the enemy and hitting his forces retreating before his dragons could be fielded. The Valertis were at the helm of the resistance effort and for a time it seemed the Swordpact and their rebels could win. Then the Valley of Fire happened, the rebels were decimated and Rostland fell while Brevoy rised from its ashes.
The Valertis family was hit hard by the defeat: they lost their head and their best fighters and much of their lands to the invaders. Suddenly they were impoverished and left with just some minor rural holdings. They had much honor, great past glories and a noble title the Rogarvia confirmed despite the Valertis apparent disdain for those who decimated them. They rapidly found out how those were inadequate resources for the new era, and faded into obscurity, remembering what they were but unable to reach for the same glories they had considered their birthright just some years before. They were just another impoverished noble family unable to keep up with the times and living in the past because the present was too painfull to contemplate.

Rogar is just the last of a long line Valertis, too proud to bend their knee to any lord yet too poor to matter on their own.
The first of 3 sons he showed great promise with the sword. He was accepted as a page to an actual Swordlord at the age of 10 and distinguished himself in his training. Sadly he was also an hothead who rarely thought before acting, he had great appreciation for gambling and women, all traits his master, Albash Garess an ascetic aged swordlord from the easter reaches of the kingdom, deemed detrimental to his growth on the way of the sword. For a time Albash hoped to change the boy, but after a particularly embarassing episode involving a game of cards and two noble girls from New Seteven he felt forced to send Rogar away. Now 17 and knowing he had shamed himself and probably ruined his family last chance at redemption the young warrior decided to live on his own, living as litte more than a bravo and lending his sword to the cause of those who cpuld pay him. He reached Restov and made a living there, squandering his ill-gotten gains in women, alchool and gambling. From time to time Rogar felt shame for his actions but he never could summon the courage to go back home and admit his failure, but those thoughts were usually forgotten after a pint or two.
Rogar life could have gone on forever that way, if not for a duel: Rogar had fought several duels and prevailed in most. He was well known and quite respected among Restov's unquiet youths as a precise, determined blade, as ready with the duelling sword at sunset as with the wenches in the common room. Given his reputation there were a lot of young nobles and students who searched him out for a challange to prove themselves against a former sword-page, and Rogar always took their challanges... and their money. So it was no surprise when one evening a young blonde guy, small of frame and quite feminine looking challanged him. What was surprising was the challanger actually was a woman, Minar Teydosu. Rogar wanted to refuse and made to walk away... then she insulted him calling him craven and proclaming him a shame to the Valertis name. Rogar lost his head and took the challange, in his rage he attacked and attacked but the girl deftly doged all of his clumsy attempts and when he started to feel tired passed to the offensive, disarming him with one last masterful stroke. Rogar, filled with rage but determined to hear what the girl demanded of him asked Minar what was she wanted and she simply handed him a sheet of paper and said "Redeem yourself as the first of the Aldori did before you", then without any other words she moved away and vanished as if made out of thin air. Startled Rogar searched for her in the alley of Restov for the whole noght then, exausted, he remembered the writ she had given him. At dawn he started to read it and suddenly it was like dawn had also come for his life. After a very long time he knew what he had to do to take control of his life again, wasting no time he went to enlist for the expedition in the Stolen Lands...

Round #
AC 20, touch 14, flat-footed 16
hp 32/32
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will -1
* action:[dice][/dice]