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I've had many things to think about, and I will put my hat in the ring to GM something soon. Obviously, a lot has happened (*cough* that other game) and also, a wonderful AP I'm in may have just lost our GM...and I'm also looking for work/freelancing...so life has been complicated lately.

However! I'll give a go at GM'ing something. Gimme a few weeks.


Onward! :)

I'm going to look at them all and see which season I like the best.

Perhaps the conceit will be that we hate the money grubbing, murder hobo-ing Pathfinder Society. :D

I'm hearing y'all. I wish it were the option that some people could be PFS and some couldn't!

Maybe I'll just do it with PFS modules (scenarios, sorry; grognard) but not with PFS builds nor credit. :D

Oh yeah, in the GM 101 and 201 documents there are actually loads of examples of excluding or dismissing problematic players, so yeah, I can totally pick folks. And even have private games (with no recruitment), etc.

All great points, Watery Soup.

As a matter of fact, as I am going to probably run PFS Scenarios (they seem to be better than Bounties), we can even consider running this in PFS rules.

The hitches are:

1. I just have Pathbuilder, so I am not sure if I can check if characters are PFS-legal.

2. I haven't ever GM'd a PFS game. I'll have to read up on it to make sure I don't accidentally run a scenario incorrectly and foul it up for y'all's credit.

Most PFS games online here are pickup games via the Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge. I would prefer to choose players based on camaraderie and so forth...I think I'm allowed to do that rather than first come, first serve...but I need to check.

So, the folks chosen can get the best of both worlds, ideally. However, let me make sure what I am proposing is itself PFS-legal. For example, excluding a character submission in favor of another that is more flavorful, but was submitted later. If that is not legal (and it may not be, so that people don't get negged at a convention or rejected from games due to racism, sexism, homophobia, some other bias) then I'll have to reconsider.

Digging all the interest. :)

Some technical stuff:

I've poked around Foundry VTT and found it a little difficult to use. Kind of a walled garden, although neat. And yeah, I bought it. Also, Pathbuilder 2E no longer imports into it.

I don't want people to have to deal with multiple technologies, so I'll probably just do the game with maps on Google Slides as I have previously (unless the assemble group looooves Roll20 or Foundry).

I bought one Bounty and found it to be incredibly short and not super intriguing. I'll have a think about what to use instead.

It's weird that there isn't more PF2E, eh? I am enjoying the system so much.

I'm pleased to see all of the interest, both from folks who haven't played or been on the forums much, and some names I recognize! :)

To answer a few questions:

1. I don't think I would want to reduce posting to less than once/day. Of course things can keep people from posting, but if you set it at say, 2x/week, it will drop to 1/week, then 1 post every two weeks...and that is the way that play by post adventures die.

2. I fully intend to do a module (er, bounty) and then try for another. Probably three of 'em. I have found that APs can die after a few years of slogging, and also, no offense to homebrewers, but every single homebrew I've been in has died an early death. Modules seem like the middle ground.

3. Monks are neato in PF2E.

4. Gishes are possible via Thaumaturge, Magus, or Free Archetype (which I may implement), or via other sources I haven't considered.

5. Oh, and plain ol' fighters are cool in PF2E as well. It's a great system, as far as I've seen.

I'll let this simmer for a bit more and then begin my plans.... ;)

Yeah, I don't recommend PFS as a way to jump into Pathfinder, as there are lots of little stuffy rules for Organized Play, and the scenarios run fast and don't, in general, have the same camaraderie as a campaign...in my personal experience.

I would run this on Paizo's forum with a possible OOC chat in Discord. :)

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I have been silently bemoaning the lack of PF2E opportunities on these boards, and I decided to be part of the solution. I want to run some shorter PF2E bounties or adventures, like The Whitefang Wyrm, and lead people through something, say, from levels 1-4. I like groups of 3-4, 5 maximum, and I like to be a cheerleader for my players rather than, y'know, Grimtooth.

I would do this using Pathbuilder and possibly would spring for Foundry VTT, which can apparently incorporate Pathbuilder forms! :)

I wouldn't be running this for PFS and I'd be happy to take PF2E newbies, and newbies in general.

About me online: I've been playing PF since 2012, always play by post or play by email (or play by Discord post, which was fun). I'm GMing a Reign of Winter campaign that has been going well, and am in a wonderful, rollicking, large Age of Ashes party. I'm a once a day type poster ideally, although sometimes work deadlines make that difficult.

About me offline: Grognard, I guess, since I started with 1E of That Game, not that I have ever been a rules expert, and I spend my time working in music or trying to smash the system, maaan, and growing native plants. I often have a cat or dog sitting on me, as one does.

Post if you are interested!

Congratulations, all!

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Caelius Giando wrote:

Apologies, Shadowlord, it opens a pdf when I click the link but there might be a permission somewhere I'm not aware of.

Trying again: Caelius Giando

that worked!

Axolotl wrote:

Ok, I'm interested!

Here's a Pathbuilder link to my character (I'm pretty sure they export nicely to Foundry as well...)

Reyek is a human monk with sylph ancestry, former miscreant and abused acolyte, current swamp scoundrel with a half-orc 'brother'.

** spoiler omitted **...

Are we spozed to declare Free Archetypes for Level 2? Rogue for Reyek, for sneaky tumbles and trapfinding, I think.

Ok, I'm interested!

Here's a Pathbuilder link to my character (I'm pretty sure they export nicely to Foundry as well...)

Reyek is a human monk with sylph ancestry, former miscreant and abused acolyte, current swamp scoundrel with a half-orc 'brother'.


Reyek is a lean, rangy youth with a wide smile and long, wavy hair often pulled up into a bun. His bronze skin and features reflect a mix of Taldane, Garundi, Qadiran, and Jalmeray--but Reyek has no idea of his parentage. He was a foundling in Absalom, winding up in a monastery of a sect best left unmentioned--the priests regularly abused the children and entertained themselves by setting up fights between younger acolytes and older ones. In this awful environment, Reyek found himself possessed with the skill to survive, whether from his sylph ancestry or from some inner drive to live. He befriended a clever half-orc boy named Evron, and together they planned their escape.

The streets of Absalom, outside the walls of the monastery, were less brutal--but Reyek and Evron's nascent attempts at begging and thieving soon drew the attention of multiple street gangs and guilds. While Reyek proved himself worthy in a few hard-fought brawls, he feared for Evron, and they made their way to Otari, quickly starting a somewhat safer, but still dangerous, business: transporting goods to and from Meravon, through the Fogfens. They were faster than the river, but the trips were risky. Evron's ingenious wheeled punt that both worked as card and boat and Reyek's fists saved them from deadlines and malevolent creatures almost every excursion. The time they met a string of dancing lights, though, was the worst--they followed it for a league before realizing their enchantment, and breaking it with a series of swear words and brandished punting poles. Fogfen Ferrying Services took a week off after that.

With Evorn increasingly drawn towards safer, lucrative shipwright work for the harbor, Reyek feels a little lost. When Wrin tracks him down to tell him out the illumination at the Gauntlight, he feels like he has purpose again.

and here's a link to Reyek's PDF.

Colorfoot wrote:
Hi! I'm looking for a PF2e pbp game. I'm still relatively new (I've played a couple of PFS scenarios. Literally 2 :)) but I've got a level 1 ranger I built for PFS that I'd love to play somewhere. I don't know enough to know which Adventure Paths she'd fit into, but I'm pretty flexibile as a player and could make most things work. I've got bunches of pbp and TTRPG experience, just not with PF2e.

Yeah, it's weird how there are so few PF2E recruitment threads. I wonder if this AP thread could be cloned to make one for PF2E APs? :)

Elfriede Vass wrote:
Elfriede is interested. I tried to convert her, more or less, to 2e, but she's my first build in 2e, so if anyone has advice or wants to explain that I messed something up, I'm game to hear it.

Pathbuilder is fantastic. I paid for it (I think $5?) and totally worth it.

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working a bit on "alluring Nymph bloodline gnome sorcerer" in a way that won't be too annoying to rp.

I know that Kittenmancer! :D

The wedding wasn't too shabby either, held in a 'barn' in a thunderstorm.

Ok, so I got the Bing Redirect 'virus' and had to reset Chrome, and thought I had lost Lisi for a bit there. Lisi is ok, whew. And whoever created that Redirect malware deserves a truly foul fate.


Yes, you can "cheat" by rolling, then seeing that it's low, and saying you do two things and using the crummy thing for the low roll and then the thing you actually want to do for the next roll.

Not very sporting.

Yasami, the idea of The Phantom Menace as a poorly run Star Wars RPG campaign tickled my funny bone years ago. I think they did that for all the movies.

Makes it easier on everyone! Abolish work!

ok, here's a 10 minute background for Lisitsei.


Recent Impressions

The young goblin can’t stop shaking, even when Lisitsei applies the healing plaster to the long tear in their their side. ”Me need–fire–need to cauterize it,” they say. Lisi is rather impressed the goblin can say cauterize in Taldane. ”It’s ok, Kluvenk. We don’t do cautery. This will heal. Just breathe,” says the druid, efficiently patting the plaster into place with tanned hands. Poor kid, whatever did this had venom in its saliva. A few more hours and they would be burning with fever, maybe worse. And their family can’t pay, and I really need funds for the next grove purchase… He puts his worries away and focuses on soothing the goblin kit. Eventually Kluvenk stops shuddering in pain and rests next to his worried parents.


Lisi stands in contemplation, sunset limning his features in the Crimson Tide Wood. Before him is a gigantic furry creature, frozen, ready to attack or flee–a giant shrew, of all things. ”Hello, friend. Haven’t seen you before,” he says gently. ”I think you got hungry and came close to the goblin lands, didn’t you.” The shrew, of course, doesn’t answer, but makes a low angry churring sound deep in its throat.

Lisitsei clears his throat. ”These woods keep getting raked over, friend, like dying coals. I’m so sorry. Let me give you directions to where there is better hunting. More grubs for you to find.” He focuses and gives an impression to the shrew. For a long moment, the half-elf and the enormous beast lock eyes. Then, like the flowing back of a tide, the animal turns slightly and lopes away.


Lisi stands in front of the Call To Heroes gonfalon and sighs. He thinks about the poisoned streams leading off of the Conerica, and the invasive weeds choking the near reaches of the Crimson Tide Wood and he examines his shrunken coin purse. ”The annual. Call. To Heroes.” he reads aloud. ”I just want to sit in a mushroom ring, in an untainted forest, climb a hill and not see more smoke and tailings in the lakes,” he grumbles to himself. However, adventuring will do what his largely pro-bono legal and medical work–and habitat restoration, usually him laboring long into the evening–won’t, namely, earn money, which will then pay for his…legal, medical, and habitat work. For a moment he curses the circumstances of Isger’s plundered, poverty-stricken state…and then he marks the time for gathering for the Call, and notes it in his ledger.


Lisitsei wants to restore previously destroyed parts of the Crimson Tide Wood. While not as thick as the Chitterwood, the trees there provided shade and shelter and food to humanoids and beasts alike. He has been engaging in a skillful debate with Narine Howerdell–they disagree, but they also seem to disagree while getting cozy in a booth at Cayden’s Keg. Lisi brings up the selective cutting that Druma does, Narine scoffs at those Kalistocracy nonces, and they parry and thrust over another round of ales, and so it goes. It’s a lesser goal than what he had hoped for, holding sway in the courts of Elidir…but Narine is pleasant company. Most of the time.

Lisi spends time, when he is in town, meditating in Monument Circle. The Conerica River is certainly fouled with mining tailings from Dustspawn, but he can’t figure out the wells and how the water is fresh. At some point he intends to check the impurities in all of the rivers in Isger to see if there are poisons that people are missing in the groundwater. This is a distant goal and more of a conundrum to him, compared to helping out the woodlands, but it affects him nonetheless. Sometimes he sits and loses track of time and plans entirely, due to a combination of woolgathering and bitterness.


Pesha, Lisi’s teacher. A patient, stoic, oread druid, found wandering at the end of the Five Kings Mountains, from the warm scrubby foothills to the pine-covered vales, and occasionally, the treeless windy heights where none save fearsome beasts and fearless dwarves shall tread.

Valdi, Lisi’s “classmate” during his tutelage with Pesha. A very eager dwarf who wished to serve Torag, but wound up a druid instead. Valdi has gone back to the dwarven mountain kingdoms but occasionally reappears in Breachill or the woods where Lisitsei makes his retreat.

Princeps Dromonion. Hallus Dromonion considers Lisi to be a thoroughly vexing thorn in his side, Lisitsei having successfully argued twice in court, using established Chelaxian law, that certain groves being sacred, needed preservation for an indefinite period. The Princeps has not enjoyed sending these reports back to Infernal Cheliax. Hallus keeps a tightly ordered barracks near Breachill and often sends missives back to Cheliax about retaking Citadel Altaerein and ‘cleanse the vermin therein’. He has thus far been ignored.


”This will be good for you, Lisi,” says Suline, embracing her half-brother. ”I know…I’ll miss all of you,” says Lisitsei, glancing their father folding his arms in the darkness of the doorway behind her and then looking hurriedly at the ground. ”We’ll be here, and so will Tep and Slip,” says Suline, laughing as her kids come around to give their uncle hugs. After a moment, he walks away from the family homestead, waving, off into the woodland and toward where he has heard the druids can be found.


Lisi sits alone in the damp shade of enormous boulders at the beginnings of the slope of the Five Kings. Once, trees came all the way up to these rocks, sometimes gardened by the Isgeri, but never clear cut and burnt the way they have been now for centuries. And yet, the whorls of fungal hyphae beneath the ground remember the shapes of trees that were once here. Lisi listens and breathes, and waits, and as the sun begins to drop, a little green and orange shape clambers down from a boulder above him–a slender, bright humanoid with eyes so dark green they are almost black. It looks at him and then tiptoes over to him and sits on his lap.

”Guba,” he says, wonderingly. ”I think you are called Guba.”
Guba, as if confirming this, gets comfortable and curls up like any cat or dog would.


Lisitsei stands in the bailiff’s box, trying not to sweat in the warm Elidiran courtroom. It had taken some time to get up here to the capital and argue his case, but it would all be worth it. The judge is an older woman, with a world-weary face and glinting spectacles. She shoots a piercing gaze at the druid. ”Your use of dryad rights in Serenity’s Copse and…bee highways in Druma as precedent in the case of Groves XII, XII, and IV…was unorthodox,” she says sternly. ”However, they were correct. The court rules in favor of ‘...Assembled Lesser Fey Tribunals of Near-Crimson Tide Woods, et al…’ in the case against Wolford Consortium. Wolford and its parental organizations shall henceforth remain clear of any named groves under pain of further penalty.” She slams her gavel and the court erupts in chatter, dismay, and from the ground-seats, piping cries of fey jubilation. Lisi beams. I could start a law office, he thinks. This is the beginning of great things.

It was not the beginning of great things. After Ravounel was formed, Cheliax withdrew garrison after garrison, leading to even more banditry and depredation in the countryside. The writs of a druid-barrister went unread, and Lisi found himself back at square one.

(and my longer background will be up tonight...had to work during work hours for some terrible reason!)

It's nice to have multiple choices within categories (Arcane, Divine/Primal, Skilled, Melee)--but it isn't a requirement to have all those categories. Choosing 8 people is nice if you then have people fall away to 4, but you might want to keep 4 in reserve. I know some groups love 5 or 6 players, but it can bog down play by post unless you bot people after 24-48 hours. Of course, some games move verrrrry slowly and everyone is happy with that!

You might want to give Ventiine a chance as they are in several APs, which shows that they are in it for the long haul, plus table diversity is good--and it doesn't take that much to comb through 10-15 applications. You never know!

Thanks for the feedback, Fern! I will be whipping up a more detailed background ASAP.

breithauptclan wrote:

OK. So Watch my DM inbox and keep an eye on this thread for final picks.

Chuck8 wrote:
As for confirmation that our character's in the running, all I can say is that the only thing anyone can do is create the best character they can.
Well, of course. Mostly I am concerned about being excluded because I didn't submit in the correct form, in the correct way, or in enough detail. I'm seeing submissions ranging from a vague character concept to Pathbuilder links of fully specified characters.

A good recruiting DM will say "hey, great stuff so far; I just need such and such to complete your application."

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PFS is sweet but short. At least you get to finish, though...and I agree, seeing familiar faces is nice. I've been in PFS games where it felt very much everyone for themselves and there was some serious optimization going on (your opinion on super-optimized characters may of course vary)

Here's Lisitsei, an environmental protection lawyer druid who will heal, cast, and be a party face. Earth Justice! :D

(I just liked the Barrister background and went from there. Hope you don't mind a non-campaign background--the Player's Guide says it's ok :) )

Lisitsei Nagorát

...was I influenced by your avatar, DM Fern? :D

Ooops, Goblinblood Wars.

Thinking about a Leshy Druid for healing via Goodberry and Diplomacy face stuff (and casting of course).

I'm intrigued, and have no idea as to what to play. :D Interesting that there's a friendly goblin at the outset--I wonder if the Goblinwood Wars history in 2E is slightly different? :)

4LeafChloe wrote:
Axolotl wrote:
4LeafChloe wrote:
Hi, I'm not super great about putting myself out there, but everything I know about bloodlords has me really excited, and nobody I know would be interested in running it, so decided to just throw my voice into the mix. I know its a bit early to be making any concrete decisions, but if anyone is interested in doing so (whether it ends up happening or not) I'd be super excited to join in as a player. My discord is Demon Summoning Enthusiast#9882 if anyone wants to get in contact
Welp, that took me on a merry dive into what is out there on Geb. I was just looking around for a Strength of Thousands game (there don't seem to be a lot of 2E games on here yet) and I gotta say, a Geb game where you play some sort of undead-friendly (or undead?!) character is interesting.
Yeah, its super interesting looking! I tend to love all things undead though (well, undead, or infernal) so it compels me more than just about any other adventure path based on premise alone. My other groups have consistently fallen through, and I don't really know any gms who would want to run it, so more than likely its one I'll end up running rather than playing, but I can dream

The really crummy thing is that APs on PbP can be a slog. I'm GM'ing Reign of Winter and we've slowed down a bit. It's a multi year commitment, and the initial excitement can die down. However, there *are* those dedicated GMs and players out there, so don't give up!

Nice explanation. I have been looking around at games that don't use combat as much. Problem solving and obstacle-overcoming, that's fun (don't get me wrong, combat is fun as well).

No, I have just looked at Swords and Wizardry before, but haven't played it.

I have Maze Rats and NGR, although I haven't used either. I like that both of them are OSR but kind of odd. :)

Anyone else out there?

4LeafChloe wrote:
Hi, I'm not super great about putting myself out there, but everything I know about bloodlords has me really excited, and nobody I know would be interested in running it, so decided to just throw my voice into the mix. I know its a bit early to be making any concrete decisions, but if anyone is interested in doing so (whether it ends up happening or not) I'd be super excited to join in as a player. My discord is Demon Summoning Enthusiast#9882 if anyone wants to get in contact

Welp, that took me on a merry dive into what is out there on Geb. I was just looking around for a Strength of Thousands game (there don't seem to be a lot of 2E games on here yet) and I gotta say, a Geb game where you play some sort of undead-friendly (or undead?!) character is interesting.

Ohhh, I miss that Giantslayer Eberron game, Mittean!

Eben, lurk away! I have a pretty strong foursome of players and I diverge from the module at times if Rule of Cool applies.

btw one thing I've found that helps a game is to create an ooc Discord server or group, so people can nudge (or be nudged), talk, and whatnot as opposed to in the Discussion tab here.

I recognize these names as well :)

I'm playing a 5e game and enjoying it. I'd be interested!

Machi-e touches Cora, giving her Protection From Evil.

The fire elemental attacks the grioth.

Slam, Flanking: 1d20 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 4 + 2 = 12

for: 1d4 ⇒ 2
Burn?: 1d4 ⇒ 4

DC11 Reflex save or light on fire, grioth

Grimmy wrote:
Axolotl wrote:

ok ok I bought Mordenkainen's Guide to Foes just so I could get that Glasyan Tiefling background :D


Nice! Lore wise are you guys set on infernal heritage? BD told me in PM, I had thought abyssal heritage for story connection reasons.

It's ok if that's the case I just have to rethink some things. Go with your vision.

The setting does have Asmodeus, Nine Hells etc as you would expect, I checked.

But they don't factor in the adventures.

Hmmm we can make it work.

Maybe the prophecy says they are the key rather than the problem. Bring in the old Blood War angle ever so slightly.

Reflavor it according to setting as you wish. I don't know enough about the setting to opine. I just wanted Dexterity bonus and the Glasyan spells. ;)

Grimmy, have you figured out who's in what table? How many people are milling about here? :D

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ok ok I bought Mordenkainen's Guide to Foes just so I could get that Glasyan Tiefling background :D


I hadn't seen that Old School doc! While I think that the skill-less way of navigating dungeons is cool, I'm pretty sure it would lead to tremendous bog-down of time with a lot of Q&A in a play by post format, unfortunately.

I may grab a character sheet and fill it out based on what I find, as the Soulknife Archetype seems really cool. I want my tiefling to be a little less combat-y and a little more skill-y, and there's actually some skill bonuses that the Soulknife gets...and, yeah, psychic blades.

Anyone seen Trese yet? There are a pair of completely goofy magical brothers who are more fighters than rogues, but truly wonderful characters. Trese is a Netflix show all about a woman solving supernatural crime in folklore-haunted Manilla. And a friend o' mine is a voice actor on the show!

'Dow - where are Specialties to be found?

Variant Tieflings are in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes--a Glasyan Tiefling would be so nice to get a point of Dex and you know, heir to the Mother of Spies. Only 30 dollars! This is how they suck you in, right?

Unless someone knows a good online character builder with sources.

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Aye, I was wondering about starting level.

Here's Beziriphas (not his birth name--that's unknown, and not his adopted name either):


Ha, Black Dow, my thiefling always gets upset when slighted. What a pair! I don't think he loves blackmailing either--he likes to steal things, which he argues is "fairer". :P

(spoiler: stealing is not fairer)

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