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Heresy knows no bounds and the inquisition will do everything in its power to hold it at bay.

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Male Human Arbitrator

Neat. Dark Heresy's getting a second edition.

Dark Heresy

INORITE! I am made of excite right now.

I'm sorry, I completely missed Occux posting at he same time as me.

Is my damage being counted next round, or did I just not do any? I am confuzled

Waiting on Jacques dodge before I finish the round

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript


Ah, alrighty.

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

Hey guys, DM ARC has some family in the hospital and he isn't in a mental state right now to post. Hopefully he will be back soon. He wanted people to have a heads up.

Thanks JT

All the best ARC, hope all turns out ok.

Male Human Arbitrator

Understood. ARC, whenever you get the chance to read this, just know my thoughts are with ya.

Take whatever time you need ARC, best hopes are with ya man. We'll all be here when you feel you're ready to come back.

Okay, I've been easing myself back into the boards, dropped a game or two and now I feel I'm ready to start up again but I've lost interest in this particular game. I am enjoying gaming with all of you so for those who would be interested I am willing to start up a new game for us to play instead. I haven't gotten any particular system or campaign in mind but that hasn't stopped me before. If you wanna keep playing we can use this discussion board to decide on a system/campaign and go from there.

Hey ARC, glad to hear you're back. Hope RL is treating you better.

I'm in for whatever, I've quite enjoyed this game...sorry to see it go, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. LOL, seems all of my 40k games have gone the way of the dodo...darn Tzeentch! always causing trouble!!!

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

I think this is a good circle of players. I will miss this thread but after you lose momentum I understand needing a fresh start. I am in on whatever. Could you give us a quick plot synopsis on what was going to happen though?

Well obviously, Occux was going to succeed the emperor and become the new machine god...sheesh. ;D

Male Human Arbitrator

Heh, yeah, you wish. I think we were just gonna become chosen of Chaos, soon, perhaps even, a chaos champion.

Anyway, I'm good with any Sci-Fi system, whether it be a 40K book, Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase... whatever. I just need to believe all these systems I own won't just go to waste sitting on my shelf whilst my group insists always on more and more Pathfinder.

Welp, what can you do. I'm up for more, shadowrun would be cool methinks.

That's two for shadowrun... And I did just buy shadowrun returns for my iPad this weekend. Sound good to me. Any objections?

Male Human Bard

Not a one. Would it be 4th Anniversary or 5th edition?

I've got access to 4th ed...

Fourth edition. I don't own anniversary or fifth.

I only own the core and arsenal books for shadowrun so ill limit stuff to what's it them.

Male Human Arbitrator

Ah, okay. Do you know if there are any express differences between 4th and 4th anniversary. I've only got anniversary, but I do own the Runner's Toolkit boxset because sometimes I just can't help myself.

Not sure. I think there's a PDF for the differences between four and anniversary.

Can I get a roll call for who is on board for shadowrun fourth edition? I've percolated several ideas for runs already as well as a semi-metaplot.

I just need to know how many we've got so I can recruit more if we need to fill gaps.

I'm in.

I'm game as hell boys and girls.

Male Human Bard

This guy is game.

Okay, start thinking about your runners. And please discuss amongst each other. I'll get a new campaign set up tomorrow.

Haven't heard from JT so hopefully he still wants in, otherwise I'll look into recruiting.

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

Yeah I can run

I'm thinking a magic using infiltration type.

Male Human Arbitrator

I'd like to make a smuggler kind of character, lots of cars and mechanic skills, possibly a bit of rigging capabilities.

Here's the link to the new campaign...

Welcome to the west coast

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