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Heresy knows no bounds and the inquisition will do everything in its power to hold it at bay.

Due to my real life group's penchant for dropping any non fantasy game we start after one or two sessions I'm looking at alternatives.

I haven't decided on a system yet but possibilities include:

Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch
Star Wars Saga edition

I have many, many more.

I am looking for four or five players
If interested lemme know top three systems and favourite sci-fi sub-genre

Shadow Lodge

Color me interested. Throwing in my vote for one of the 40k RPG's (they're the only ones I have experience with), but I'd be good with whatever.

Hmmm. Always interested in the sci-fi :)
Love the setting for 40k, never played tho.
Love starwars, have experience playing.
Traveller , classic, never played always wanted to.

Either of the three and I'd be on board.

Definitely interested.

I think the only book I actually have is the Star Wars Saga edition.
But if I can find enough of the others on line, I'd love to give it a go.

Played a little Shadowrun and Traveller way back when... Know the 40K setting but like Spazmodeus have never played in it.

Know and played Spacemaster - which was my fave system, also Judge Dredd has a place in my heart too...

Would be up for a sci-fi game - been a LONG time since I played anything outwith fantasy so would be a welcome change of gears.

I'm running a Sci-Fi game right now on these boards that's been going for a while using a system of Pathfinder rules I call Starship Fantasies (sounds like a porno, I know). We could actually use an operations officer at the moment.

I personally would love to play in some sci-fi too. I'm not familiar with any of the mentioned systems, so I would prefer one that's either simplest to learn, or close to d20.

Edit:Star Wars Saga would be my choice. Always wanted to play a Jedi.

Liberty's Edge

Would love to play either a Shadowrun or Traveller game. Had started 2 Shadowrun games on here, but the Dm for both just disappeared...

Love to play in a Star Wars Saga Edition game. I have the rulebook for that; don't have rules for the others, but I feel like I could get my hands on them one way or another, given some time. Still, I feel like you could reflavor the "Star Wars" a little bit in the SWRPG if needed.

I'd definitely be interested in a sci-fi game. Due to the lack of standardization in that genre (==> no 2 people on this board seem to have the same favored ruleset!), I suggest using some system available for free online, maybe d20 modern/future or fudge.

I've heard of space master but don't own the books or ever played it and I do have the old judge dread d20 book

Dm Jelani that sounds really interesting, can you send me a link or pm the info? And star wars is somewhere between 3rd edition and 4th edition d20

Rough count for system preferences

40k - 3? LordHector, Spazmodeous, Black Dow
Star Wars - 4? Spazmodeous, Kydeem, DM Jelani, Loup Blanc
Shadowrun - 2? Black Dow, Daniel

The Exchange

I really enjoy shadowrun. I only ever played one game (and played it wrong, due to my being a n00b), but I'd totally be in for that. Very cool universe & rules.

EDIT: Not sure which version, I think it was the latest.

I might be interested in Shadowrun, I've never actually played a game before but have been interested in trying to.

I'd love to play in a 40k game. I've been reading the Rogue Trader book lately and loving it.

dotting for interest also

Uhh, sure. I wrote/cobbled together the rules myself. They're all on a Google docs folder Here. It basically takes Pathfinder and switches it to a single class system based on feats for customization. There's only one class called Hero, and then there are four archetypes. Martial, Divine, Arcane and Gish. The unarchetyped hero is similar to a rogue/skills character.

Normal pathfinder class features (rage, sneak attack, bombs etc..) have mostly been converted into feats, didn't do them all because I was lazy but you could easily do the rest as the players request them.

I'd love to have another group playtesting my rules. (And I've love to get to play them!)

Count me in trailer 2300 would be cool

The more I think about it, I'd be down to do any system where I can get my hands on the rules for free. I enjoy learning new systems as long as they're not overly complex and would run well in a PBP. I only said Star Wars because it's d20 and it would require the least work for me to learn, and I'm familiar with the Star Wars IP/Universe already.

what systems are free on line?

Pathfinder and most of the d20 derivatives. A few others, but not many.

The Traveller SRD is here. Fate is here, although it doesn't have either Diaspora or Starblazer Adventures obviously available. The old WEG D6 Space system is free from DriveThru/RPGNow and there are others there too, some only in taster form to be fair. Eclipse Phase is a freebie, or you can pay for it. Stars Without Number is free to download, and would suit an old school D&D style game. I'd suggest figuring out what sort of game you want ot play, then picking rules to suit.

Traveller SRD looks good - will have a gander at Fate (not familiar with it at all)

Think a system which is online makes a big difference to me...

Anyone familiar with 2000AD story Strontium Dog? Just as a thought our group could operate as a bounty-hunter/merc group (gives us the chance to operate on both sides of the coin?) Not thinking muties per say just a group of HKs beholding to a higher authority?

My 2 monits worth

GM Spugly Fuglet wrote:
Count me in trailer 2300 would be cool

Yeah traveller 2300, bought it back in the day ( still have it :) ) but none of my friends were interested :(

Love the hard sci-fi

Oh, and I've too read up on some Shadowrun and find myself pretty enthralled by the setting.

After giving system a bunch of thought I've decided I want to run Dark Heresy. Provided there are enough of you interested in that system.

Alas, I own not the Warhammer 40K rules, and so I could not join you on this adventure. Best of luck to those who participate, though, and if you decide on a system that's online or SWRPG, I'm still interested!

Oh good, while I'm not actually "well versed" in the Dark Heresy, I have a friend who I could borrow the book from. He's played in a game so he could give me some pointers.

And I've been reading the Dan Abnett Inquisitor novels lately and adoring the things. Brilliant they are.

I'm out then. Not too into Warhammer, don't have the rules and tried learning Warhammer Fantasy RPG rules but they were too weird.

Posting tentative interest in Dark Heresy, provided there's room (I haven't counted exactly how many of who was interested in what). I've been on a tech-priestess-ish bent of late.

Don't have the system although as an old school WHRP player and White Dwarf reader I do know the setting a little.

Like Loup Blanc this probably means I'm out - will have a gander on Amazon and see if the system is available for cheapness...

Liberty's Edge

Same here...no real experience with Dark Heresy, but have played WFRPG. So I guess this counts me out...too bad I was looking forward to a Shadowrun or Traveller game!!

I'm in !!! : )

So far I have Rasputin17, Shunka Warakin and Spazmodeus on board I'm hoping for at least one more player but I'll set up a discussion thread so we can start working on character stuff.

The Exchange

Yeah, I was only in for shadowrun, so I guess I'm out. Have fun all!

I played Dark Heresy once long ago and it wasn't bad.
I was checking to see if I could find someone to borrow the books off of.
No joy so far.

Hello thar! Been looking for something play by post, this sounds right up my alley, mind if I tag along? I've got a scum in mind.

You're in. Go to the discussion tab so we can start planning the your cell.

Out hate DH sorry GM have fun guys

Shadow Lodge

Loves me some DH! Am I still in the running?

yup LH your in.

I might have someone that can lend me the book.
How soon do you need a character to be considered?

I still have one spot open since I'll go max five. Hop on to the discussion thread.

Are you all full up? I have a dark heresy book around here somewhere

To keep people happy I will roll in the open
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (7, 8) + 20 = 35 weapon skills
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (4, 10) + 20 = 34 ballistic
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (3, 6) + 20 = 29 strength
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (8, 5) + 20 = 33 toughness
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (10, 2) + 20 = 32 agility
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (1, 6) + 20 = 27 intelligence
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (3, 1) + 20 = 24 (31) perception
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (3, 5) + 20 = 28 willpower
2d10 + 20 ⇒ (9, 7) + 20 = 36 fellowship

2d10 + 20 ⇒ (8, 3) + 20 = 31 reroll

1d10 ⇒ 8 additional score dice for shooting skills or whatever if I am not a warrior type class

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