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Red Dragon

Dragonborn3's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,107 posts (29,841 including aliases). 3 reviews. 3 lists. 2 wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 103 aliases.

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Shadow Lodge

Welcome to the game. :)

Things had gone so well on the last job. Clearing out some bandits and even bringing done a rabid wererat gave you some minor fame in town and earned the attention of caravan owner, Silas Grib, about working for him as caravan guards. After fighting for your life it seemed like an easy job and you'd get to travel by caravan instead of on foot!

As the town of Belhaim comes into view, however, you get the feeling the easy job might be over quickly and your payment not coming. Greeting you just outside the city is a rather imposing man and a few others.

"Silas Grib, you're under arrest for smuggling! Come peacefully and you might get out of jail quicker!" The man calls out loudly, causing your employer to jump from his caravan and run back towards the treeline. He's caught by the guards rather quickly and manacled before he can get far. The leader then turns to you, looking you up and down. "Are you in league with Grib? Don't try to lie now or things will only get worse!"

Shadow Lodge

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So I had an idea for a neat little PBP that's a bit of a deviation from the norm. Usually I see “no third party material” or, rarely, “third party on a case-by-case basis” in recruitment threads. I understand why, but I know part of it is a stigma/myth that surrounds third party material in many cases. So, yeah, this one is gonna allow a lot of third party material, just for the heck of it.


Ability Scores: 25 Point Buy. This is for fun, so why not, eh?

Hit Points: Max! This goes for any animal companions, mounts, etc, but not for anything you summon with Summon Nature's Ally, Summon Monster, or similar abilities.

Background Skills: These are just nice. We're using them. :)

Level and Starting Wealth: Level 2 and 2,000gp. You've some minor experiences(might have been adventuring, might not) and had a particularly reward venture or investment.

Alignment: Any. However, I don't want people making Chaotic Evil characters. I feel that can be... disruptive and fits villains better.

Magical Item Crafting: Yes, but you have to abide by the 2,000gp limit. In this way you can have items(most likely scrolls or potions, depending on your class/feats) your character made personally, but not enough to outshine the rest of the players.

Races: Paizo's races(ask for higher powered ones if you're interested), and then some 3rd party races. These include Saurians, Entobian, Zif, Oakling, Numistian, Muse, Mogogol, Boggle(no Arcane Craft feat. It's too easy to make the +5 meaningless), Dragonkin, Seedling, Lizardfolk, and Briarborn.

Classes: Dreamscarred Press Psionic classes, Swashbuckler, Warlock, Artisan, Spell-Less Ranger and it's variant Skin-Changer Ranger, Dragonrider, Magister, Scholar, and the wonderful Spheres of Power system, classes, and archetypes.

Traits: Two. You can take a drawback for an extra Trait. You can reflavor the fluff of traits and even the name as long as you link to the original.

Automatic Bonus Progression: You may use it if you want, but it is not required.

The Adventures: I'm thinking either Murder's Mark or Dragon's Demand. Thoughts for other low level adventures?

I was looking at the different spheres again and decided to check out Conjuration and see if it was as fun as some of the rest. Sadly, it doesn't look like it.

This stems a bit from the need to select Extra Companion a lot.

"You may select (form) talents multiple times, but no more than once per companion, unless the talent says otherwise."

To me this reads that I cannot have a creature with the Draconic Creature(form) talent and the Quick Creature(form) talent. Am I wrong?

I've been looking at Spheres of Power a lot recently and finally got around to making a character for it, but since I'm new to the system I wanted to double check and make sure I got everything right.

The idea for the character is I've had for a long time: a thief that learns runic magic, but hurts himself when using said magic. This is something hard to pull off(though A wilder with Warrior's Surge fits the bill), but pretty easy with SoP.

For your review, here is Gerald Antairus.

How would one figure out the Hardness and HP of a gun? The closest thing I could think of is either a projectile weapon(5 and 5) but that doesn't seem right for those made of metal.

A friend and I can't seem to find it, but isn't there a rule about needing a weapon with the same enhancement bonus(+1 to +5) or higher to sunder a magical weapon?

So I'm creating a back up character just in case my paladin dies in Carrion Crown and I noticed the Ectoplasmatist archetype replaces everything Phantom related... Except Bonded Senses.

Since this is not intentional(I hope) I pose the question: What should this ability be replaced with?

Shadow Lodge

Can a sorcerer bloodline effect a spell-like ability? Specifically Draconic or Orc, which increase the damage dealt by spells on a +1 per die basis.

Shadow Lodge

Just double checking this idea. Can an E. Ascetic take the Expanded Defense Utility Wild Talent? Rules as Written it can, but it pays to double check. They need something to make up for losing their initial defense(which is only terrible is you started as something other than Fire).

Shadow Lodge

I got into a brief conversation with a friend on if Incorporeal creatures can use Tremorsense. I'd like to think they can, but his logic is that they aren't solid enough to touch earth and stone. And what if they gain Tremorsense instead of naturally having it?

Shadow Lodge

I'm wondering how these two talents interact.

Kinetic Fist:

Element(s) universal; Type form infusion; Level 1; Burn 1
Associated Blasts any
Saving Throw none

You surround your body with energy or elemental matter from your kinetic abilities. You can use this form infusion as part of an attack action, a charge action, or a full-attack action to add damage to each of your natural attacks and unarmed strikes until the beginning of your next turn. Since kinetic fist is part of another action, using this wild talent doesn't provoke any additional attack of opportunity. You deal an additional 1d6 points of damage per 3 dice of your kinetic blast's damage (minimum 1d6), and this damage is of the same type as your kinetic blast's damage. This extra damage ignores spell resistance and doesn't apply any modifiers to your kinetic blast's damage, such as your Constitution modifier.

Fire's Fury:

Element(s) fire; Type utility (Su); Level 1; Burn —

When using fire blasts or composite blasts that include fire, add your elemental overflow bonus to the damage dealt. If the kinetic blast normally adds double your elemental overflow bonus to damage, these effects stack.

Let's keep the example simple. A 3rd level Pyro Kineticist has Improved Unarmed Strike and Weapon Finesse(Said Kineticist is Human). He spends a move action to Gather Energy and reduce the Burn cost of Kinetic Fist down to 0.

Is his damage
1d3(base unarmed damage)+1d6(Kinetic Fist damage)+1(Fire's Fury extra damage)


1d3(base unarmed damage)+1d6(Kinetic Fist damage)?

Shadow Lodge

I was unaware of the Rainy Day Discount code when I placed the order(I have a book mark that takes me to my profile instead of Paizo's home page) and was curious if it could be applied since the order is currently still pending.

Thank you for your time.

Shadow Lodge

Recently, this campaign has not only disappeared from my Campaigns tab, but every character that I was playing in it no longer has it listed as a game they've participated in. It is also not in my Previous Campaigns list.

Is there anyway to figure out how/why this happened, and how it can be fixed?

Shadow Lodge

Due to a mistake on my part, part of this order was declined and left the order as Pending. The mistake has been corrected, so if the declined portion can be approved now, it would be much appreciated.

Shadow Lodge

For all your OOC and discussion needs.

[]Yes? []No?

When the VR device -a simple looking helmet with directions on it's use- showed up at your house you couldn't help but put it on and begin the beta test. You might have felt excited, or a little scared perhaps, but this felt like it was the right decision.

At first the game started out a bit cliche. You and a few others were offered jobs as caravan guards. Eveeything went smoothly the first few days, though you were kept busy fending off some wolves and a couple bandits, but it wasn't until the caravan arrived at Belhaim that the real adventure seemed to start.

The town had barely come into sight when several armed guards rode up and stopped your caravan, promptly arresting the owner on smuggling charges. While the owner seems intent on taking you down with him, the sheriff believes you knew nothing about this, and takes him away.

Unfortunately, this means you aren't getting paid and are now stranded in Belhaim. Luckily a local tavern owner, a human named Talia Orem, offers to give you room and board for a few days. That's how you and the other players ended up eating an early dinner in the tavern...

Take some time to roleplay with each other. :)

Shadow Lodge

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"You've been selected to test a new virtual reality MMO! Do you wish to explore a wondrous world?"


A message every gamer wants to see at some point or another. With VRMMOs on the rise around the world, everyone's competing for an account in their genre of choice and keeping tabs on new developments, you haven't heard anything about Golarion Online. No one seems to know anything about it, and dismiss it as a hoax. Still, something made you click Yes and put on the headgear...

House Rules:
Character Creation Rules for “Golarion Online, Beta Testers”

20 point buy
Max HP at level one, roll every level after.

Paizo Classes: Core, Base, Hybrid. No Summoners(Monster Trainers, below, take their place), Unchained, or Occult.
3rd Party Classes: Artisan, Spell-less Ranger and it's Variant, Monster Trainer if you have the pdf/book from Northwinter press(sold on Paizo and a few other places), Scholar,
Tactician, and the Vitalist.

Two Traits, but no drawbacks.
Favored Class Bonuses: Only +1 hit point or skill point.

Melee Feats: Feat trees are consolidated into the first feat, but you must pick a “path” to go when you take the feat and you gain the next feats when you qualify for them. Talk to me about the path if it's unclear. This is to help melee martials compete a bit more with their ranged counterparts.
Example: a character selects Combat Expertise and picks the Dirty Trick path. When he qualifies to take the feats Improved Dirty Trick, Greater Dirty Trick, etc they gain it as a bonus feat.

Magic Item Creation: Dynamic Magic Item Creation from Pathfinder Unchained will be used, with the exception that the time is cut down immensely. When you start creating the magic item you make all the checks one after the other until the item is either finished, destroyed, or you simply failed. I'll roll for the events after we find out how many checks are needed.

Other Variant Rules: Ask and we'll see. Called shots are in.

Video Game stuff: HP and level display for allies, along with names. You can sends messages to your fellow players as well, as the spell sending. Items are stored in your Inventory, and while they aren't visible, they still count against encumbrance and can be stolen as normal. Think Sword Art Online, since that's part of the inspiration for me to try and run a game again.

Thanks to Jaster Kite, I'm going to try and run a game of my own, inspired by his. You'll be taking part as people controlling online avatars and exploring a new game world by taking part in a starting quest called The Dragon's Demand. Of course, that's the same name as the module made by Paizo, and the game I'll be running. :)

I will say there are going to be times I won't post for a few days though, so the game probably won't move as fast as it could. I apologize in advance.

One last thing. Don't talk about your characters here. Send me a private message. It's a test run made up of strangers, not a group of people getting together to plan out who plays what in the new game. Any questions you may have can be asked here though.

Shadow Lodge

My second attempt ever at a guide(the first being a Wilder guide I only ever got as far as naming), I decided to work on an Elan guide for a few reasons. One, I like the idea of a race being remade. Two, they're pretty versatile and durable. Three, i just like psionics. :)

Link to the Guide

I still to work out the exact builds for the five pregenerated Elans, a more in-depth look at the racial archetypes, and general feats that are good for any Elan.

Feedback and discussion are always welcome.

Fire God's Blessing.
Fast Healer

Is Fire God's Blessing considered magical healing or healing from resting for the purpose of if you gain the extra healing from Fast Healer?

Shadow Lodge

I know it's a bit late to be asking this, but would any gamers going be interested in playing a bit of the Emerald Spire during the convention? I'll be bringing ore generated characters in case someone doesn't have one or doesn't want to make one.

I'll only be accepting, at most, 5 players.

Character Creation:

25 point buy.
Any Paizo material, but you have to bring the book it came from with you or the relevant pages printed out.
Try to bring your own dice.
Common and Featured races.
Only one archetype(if any).
Max hit points.
Average starting gold.

Two traits.
While the Unchained Classes are allowed, nothing else from Pathfinder Unchained will be used.

Shadow Lodge

As it stands right now, damage is pretty simple. Take damage, discard a number of cards equal to the damage you took. If you didn't have enough cards, so what? Discard what you can and ignore the rest.

Somehow, back when we started Risemof the Runelords, we got that wrong. Instead of damage coming from our hand, we send cards from our deck into the discard pile. While we were all relieved, I noticed how easy the game became later on.

Now that I've got Skull & Shackles, I'm thinking about making our mistake a Houserule. What everyone think? Is it too much? Should any excess damage come from your deck instead of being ignore?

So, here's a bit of a question.

Is the extra damage from Power Attack multiplied on a successful critical hit? I ask because, until Mythic Power Attack came out, I always thought it was, but MPA specifically says that the damage from the feat is multiplied on a crit...

"Things aren't going to get better for a long time, I can tell. The people that didn't change, the ones that are still human? I already know they're going to hate us. Hate the Pulsed. I'm lucky. I can hide my horns and tail. My only friend looks like a humanoid cat right now though. He'll have a much harder time. I'll help keep him safe though, just like he will keep me safe. Signed, ImpTail."

"This is my fault, I just know it. For three years I was.. Well, the doctors call it a coma, but it was much, much more for me. I was just dreaming, and that dream was more real that anything at all. Not that you'd believe me it I told you what was going on..." ~Máché37

Posts like that and more are showing up on UnknownPower, with the number growing as time passes by. Some people are talking about the riots, the looters, the strange way they look. Some are happy about the Second Pulse, because now at least they know they aren't alone. How could they not, when it seems to be all the news is talking about?

Shadow Lodge

Discuss here, o' players of the New Age!

To some of you, welcome back. To other, thanks for joining us. I'm rebooting the play by post game "An Age of Modern Magic" just a few hours after the second Pulse, an in-game event, occured Enjoy the new world.

Much like another pbp I'm in, this game is player/story driven. Unlike said pbp, we're not going to be so rules light. For reference to the rules and to the first game itself, here is the old recruitment thread. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Enjoy the new world.

7 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

The KD is an archetype for Magus that focuses on Bladed Scarves. At 9th level they can pick this arcana.

Curse (Su):
Choose an ability score upon taking this arcana. Whenever the bladed scarf dancer scores a critical hit with a bladed scarf, he may expend 1 point from his arcane pool to deal 1d4 points of damage to that ability score of the creature struck. This arcana can be selected multiple times, but a different ability score must be chosen each time. The bladed scarf dancer must be at least 9th level before selecting this arcana.

If you activate this ability and have the arcana six tines, does it take 1 point or 6?

A friend of mine has mentioned an old feat that gave you extra hut points, and every time you took it you gained more plus what you had before(3 the first time, then 6, then 9, for a total of 18) or something like that. Can anyone help me find it? My curiosity has been piqued.

Things I know.
1) The hit point stuff above.
2) it was could be taken multiple times.
3) it was a fighter bonus feat.
4) it might have come from the Living Arcanis setting/rules.

My question us simple. When adding a temple that increases a creature's CR, what us it's new CR?

For example, does a house centipede with the Giant and Advanced templates become CR 1/4 or CR 2?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

So, getting away from the recent questions about half-elves and their FCB's, I was looking at their Multitalented ability. Here it is for reference.

Half-elves choose two favored classes at first level and gain +1 hit point or +1 skill point whenever they take a level in either one of those classes.

So, my question is if the +1 hit/skill point is in addition to the one they normal gain from level up in a favored class? If not, should the language have been cleared up to state that, and add in the alternat FCB's they can choose from when the Advanced Race Guide came out?

So yesterday I decided I would run a one-shot for my friends. The thing is I want it to be as creepy and firmly in the horror genre as it can get. (:<

Here's the rules they got.
[spiiler]3rd level
Core Rulebook only
20 point buy.

Then I added a bit of randomness.

Player 1 (Personality trait: Proud. Focus: Knowledge)
Player 2 (Personality trait: Frugal. Focus: Magic)
Player 3 (Personality trait: Emotional. Focus: Combat)
Player 4 (Personality trait: Religious Focus: Arcane)[/spoiler]

So far, my plan us rough. Around the time a carnival/circus troupe comes into town, people start disappearing and the population of stray dogs seems to boom overnight. A few people will be found torn apart, supposedly by the dogs.

Wether if not the carnival/circus has anything to do with the real villians(a cult of Lamashtu*) is undecided, but there will be a Gray Jester with them(heroes of horror monster).

So what I'm looking for is ideas. Traps? Haunts? Monsters, some tweaked to look different to avoid meta gaming? NPC's?

A pregnant midwife, who is later 'kidnapped', will tell them about the cult! and show them the mark on her stomach and revealing her 'past' as a worshiper, lying about no being a Lamastuan. She's not pregnant, but rather a summoner who births her Eudolon(a glabrazu type). Her 'water' will break during their rescue attempt. For added creepiness, she'll take 1-2d4 points of damage while summoning her eidolon, and the damage she takes will not only grant temporary hp to the eidolon, but tear open the marks on her stomach.

3/4ths of the group are experienced gamers, so I really want this to be memorable!

Shadow Lodge

First, sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum.

Second, the gift I want to buy is a hardcover and a pdf of different products. When I look at it in my cart the pdf, which is from my friend's wish list, says it will be added to my downloads upon purchase. Shouldn't it go to hers? Will the book be sent to her or to me as well?

So, in the likely event that my Goblin Sage Sorcerer dies(I say likely because, well, there's been groups of enemies so far, and our main melee is a Tiefling magus and a mount less goblin cavalier), I'm planning on a Samsaran Druid(Saurian Shaman) going into Barabarian(Invulnerable Rager) and the Vital Strike chain.

Reason for Samsaran: I want to grab Divine Power(1st level), Holy Sword(4th level), and Forceful Strike(4th level) from the Paladin spell list with Mystic Past Life.

So what ability scores(20 point buy) and order of feats would you suggest?

My players have asked if merely closing your eyes defeated the multiple chance to miss.

Say the spell caster is using Mirror image and gets five images. To make things easy, on a roll of 6 on a d6 you hit the real spell caster. But if you close your eyes, your chance of hitting goes from 1in 6 to 1 in 2.

Us this correct?

Let's says a Crossblooded(Red Daconic/Orc) is a Wordcaster caster. If he cast a spell(see example) that did two types of damage, what it the total damage at the end?

For example, a 3rd level word spell (Burning Flash + Shock Arc) would deal the following damage at 6th level.

5d6 fire
5d6 electricity

A strict reading of the Arcana would add ten more damage to both of those(I think), since ten dice are being rolled. Is that right?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

So, first, here's the linkthat says SLA's count as spells.

But do they count as prepared spells or spontanous?

As the title says, I'm seeking advice on what spells I should prepare. I'm an 8th battle cleric of Torag with 20 wisdom, as well as an Oread.

Our party is as follws: Oread Cleric, Dwarven Monk, Wayang Oracle(Dark Tapestry) and a Halfling Sorcerer(Wild/Crossblooded)/Ninja/Arcane Trickster.

We know it's a large black dragon, since we encountered it before and it slaughtered our frontliners at the time(A fighter and an Inquisitor).

One spell IS know has a low chance of working on the dragon is Terrible Remorse(I need to roll a 14 to get through it's SR).

Thoughts and suggestions?

One thing I know people complained about was that the Synthesist brought back the old 3.5 Wild Shape rules: Replacing physical ability scores.

So my suggestion is simple. As normal Eidolons grow stronger they gain bonuses to Strength and Dexterity. Instead of replacing a Summoner's Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution with the base form of the eidolon, simply ive them the Str/Dex increases instead.


Just a race I came up with in my spare time, and I thought I'd post it for others to look at and critique.


The Pataks("Drakelings" in Common) are a race branch on the family tree of dragons, though they are starting to flourish as they find their places in different areas of the world.

Race breakdown, variants, and some Favored Class Bonuses:

Small(0 rp)
Slow(-1 rp)
Weakness(-1 rp) (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -4 Str) Not nearly as strong as their distant cousins, Drakelings still cary themselves with grace.
Linguist(1 rp) Common and Draconic
Natural Armor(1 rp) +1 Natural Armor
Skilled(1rp) Stealth +2
Flight(4rp) 30ft, clumsy.
Bite(1 rp)
Elemental Vulnerability(-4rp) cold
Total RP: 16

Loses: Flight and Climb
Gains: Amphibious, Water Sense, and Swim
Changes: Elemental Vulnerability(cold) to Elemental Vulnerability(electricity)

Loses: Flight and Elemental Vulnerability
Gains: Expert Climber

Loses: Climb and Flight
Gains: Normal Speed, Fast, Sprinter, Fleet, and Vestigial Wings

Favored Class Bonuses
Alchemist: +1/2 Bomb Damage
Barbarian: +1/4 Natural Armor
Druid: +1/5 flight maneuverability Clumsy to poor(lv5), poor to average(lv10), average to good(lv15), good to perfect(lv20)
Magus: +1/4 to Arcana Pool

Is there anything that says a druid has to Wild Shape into the same size as the typical animal she wants to turn into? Could one, for example, choose to turn into a Huge Wolf or a Small Lion?

I was looking at the Soundstriker Bard and noticed neither of the abilities say Lingering Performance can't be used on them.

I believe this mean that, at 6th level and over 3 rounds, a Soundstriker can make 18 attacks for the cost of 3 stadard actions and 1 round of performance. Am I missing something, or is it as cool as it seems?

Shadow Lodge

A friend of mine suggested I run a game on Saturday a while ago, and I set to work on some house rules. While I don't know when I will actually run a game, I would like some feedback on my house rules. Thanks in advance.

House Rules:

The following 3rd party classes and/or archetypes are allowed: The Godling, the Pyromancer, the Mosaic Mage, any Dreamscarred Press Psionic class and archetypes(I don't have Hidden Intentions yet, so that's out. Sorry.) the Priest, the Spellblade, the Charlatan, any of Maxximiliuss Archetypes, any of Epic Meepo's Archetypes, and the Divine Channeler. I may add more at a later time.

Draconic Sorcerer Bloodline: The claws are now at-will instead of rounds per day. This extends to the bite attack Dragon Disciples get if the Sorcerer takes that prestige class.

Celestial Sorcerer: The wings are now an at-will ability like the wings of the Dragonic or Abyssal bloodline.

Barbarian, Moment of Clarity: This rage power can be used once per rage at 2nd level and once more for every six barbarian levels the character has.

Barbarian, Totem Warrior: Totem Warriors may select Totem rage powers from more than one Totem(Non-Totem Warriors are still restricted to only one Totem). For instance, a Totem Warrior could take Lesser Spirit Totem at 2nd level and Lesser Beast Totem at 4th level. A Totem Warrior can only pick Rage Powers from the following list.

Barbarian, Totem Warrior Rage Powers: Any Totem Rage Power, Animal Fury, Bestial Climber, Bestial Leaper, Bestial Swimmer, Low-Light Vision, Night Vision, Raging Climber, Raging Leaper, Raging Swimmer, Sprint, and Swift Foot.

Barbarian, Urban: Urban Barbarians can be of Lawful Alignment.

The Vital Strike feat chain can be used on a Charge or with Spring Attack, Ride-by Attack, and Shot on the Run, but not with Pounce or similar abilities.

Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, and Greater Two-Weapon Fighting are now just one feat with the following prerequisite: Dexterity 15.

The Eldritch Heritage feat tree can be used to gain the Wildblooded ability/abilities of a Sorcerer Bloodline you already have(except Wildblooded Fey because that ability also replaces Bloodline Arcana). You do not need Skill Focus in your bloodline skill to gain the Wildblooded ability, but you still need to be 3rd level. A Draconic Sorcerer, for example, could take Eldritch Heritage(Linnorm) at 3rd level and gain the Elemental Spit ability and be treated as a Sorcerer 2 levels lower for purposes of the ability.

The Amulet of Mighty Fists is now priced the same as weapon enhancements(+1 = 2,000 gold, +2 = 8,000 gold, and so one), but are made with a specific type of natural weapon in mind, such as a claw or bite or unarmed strike, and only work for that natural weapon. If you find a +1 Flaming Amulet of the Mighty Fists made for a Bite attack and you do no have a Bite attack, then the Amulet is useless to you.

Stuff I kill you with.
Survival is a Class Skill for Animals.

Shadow Lodge

Here is the discussion thread, where we'll, you know, discuss stuff. :)

Everyone I have talked to has described it differently. A fire burning your very soul, absolute nothingness, a feeling of security. The Pulse was a world-wide phenomenon. It. Changed. Everything. Slightly changed intro from The Pulse, a story I was writing and decided would be a neat game.

All over the world, people have started changing. Some grow taller while others shorten, some have teeth growing into tusks, and others find themselves going through changes far more... severe, and strange. For some, the answer is that it's all in their head. For others, it's the first sign of insanity. Still others decide that they need to hide somewhere until they can figure out what's going on. And what better place to hide than the streets of the world's melting pot, New York City?

Shadow Lodge

So, with a bit of a confidence booster from a friend(in the form of tips for this particular game), I've decided to open up a game. This thread is merely an interest checker at the moment.

A day or two ago, maybe more, something very strange happened. A pulse of unknown origin and power washed over the entirety of planet Earth, changing reality in a way that is both miniscule and massive.

Magic is returning.

Slowly but surely, Earth is becoming as magical as the days when myths and legends were facts and true. Indeed, some of those myths and legends are coming back as well. Magic isn't effecting everything equally however.

In this setting, only 1/4 of the world's population is effected at this point in time. How this effects you character is up to you, since there is more to it than spells and rituals.

Now for the guidelines(as this is rules-light, thats what I'm calling them.

- Everyone starts as Human, but as time goes on they might change slightly over time to another race(Elf, Halfling, Ifrit, Kobold).

Sam is slowly turning into a tiefling. After hitting his forehead on a sharp edge of a door, he looks for a cut and instead finds fully formed horns. He blacks out from the shock and wakes up to find two pink marks, like scar tissue, where the horns were. Later, the horns return, but stay small enough for his bangs to hide them.

-Level 1, any class, 10 point. Realize you probably shouldn't have access to all the abilities of a first level character of you class though. You aren't used to the changes yet, so you don't have access to everything.

Charlie is becoming an Iquisitor. At the moment, he has enough energy to cast one spell(including cantrips) a day or use his Judgements. Since he has the Travel domain, he retains the +10ft to his base speed while he has that energy, but can't use the first level power.

Example 2:
Katie is becoming a Fighter. One day she decides to join a fencing club and finds that she instinctively knows how to use a fencing blade, and can provide a challenge for the fencing club's president. As she passes a construction sight, she realizes she knows what their building and how(Knowledge[Engineering]).

To represent a real change that is more obvious than getting a rank in Knowledge(Nature) and suddenly knowing not to eat that berry, everyone gains Magical Knack as a trait, with the change that it is at will instead of once per day.

Now remember that this is a free-form game with more emphasis on the story than rules. Much like the Avalon Chronicles the Rule of Cool is king. Don't be a jerk is also King. They share the crown.

One last thing. I'd like the majority of this game to start and take place in New York, New York. This doesn't mean you have to live there or even already be there. Maybe a friend of yours is going through the same thing you are(or close enough) and you're going there to meet him/her and possibly figure out whats happening. Perhaps you were on what appeared to be a messageboard for roleplay, but noticed a lot of people were explaining how they got their powers and are describing exactly what happened to you and they're all going to meet at a convention. Again, I'm leaving that up to you.

I need to give my fingers a break. Please ask any questions you've got about the game(it's player driven by the way, again just like Avalon)! This game is open to everyone who wants to play.

Okay, so I'm building a character for a horror game, set in an apocalyptic world, and I was thinking about playing both a psionic and a healing character.

So, of course, Dreamscarred Press's Vitalist is a given. Is there any other way though?

15 point buy, and I'm playing a kobold(-2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 int) that is a 'dragon priest'. That part is set.

So, any ideas?

This feat seems like a bad option for Half-Elves everywhere.

Human Spirit:
Human Spirit
Your blood burns with the passion and unyielding quest
for self-improvement displayed so prominently by your
human relatives.
Prerequisite: Half-elf.
Benefit: You receive 1 bonus skill rank. Whenever
you gain another Hit Die, you gain an additional skill
rank. You cannot gain more than four skill ranks in
this way.
Special: You can only take this feat at 1st level. If you
take this feat, you cannot take the Elven Spirit feat.

Look at the last line in the Benefit section. This feat maxes out at 4th level, pretty much useless after that.

My Thoughts: I think(hope) a line saying you could take this feat up to four times got left out. Sure, four feats for four more skill points a level sucks Natural 1's, but that would make more sense, right? The problem with that thought though is the Special section, which says you can only take this feat at first level...

One of my groups, the one playing tonight actually, has started the World's Largest Dungeon. This is last week's game play, through the eyes of my character, the gnome barbarian known as Farail. I may have gotten some things wrong.

Session One:
Prologue and Day 1 of the Dungeon.

Ships, pirates, and a really big body.

Tracking this guy and his group was becoming a damn big hassle. Weeks on a boat stuck with (Abe's Character), a catfolk that liked to tell everyone he had a spade; (Alex's Character), a holy warrior of Abadar who hated being around the foul-mouthed sailors(and that cat); (Sarah's Character), a halfling who looked like she was one of those magicky types. And then that pirate lass joined up with us, wearing the symbol of the Pirate Queen like some prized bauble she'd got at a festival or something. I think the kitty's got a thing for her too. Or did.

I'm getting ahead of myself though. Name's Farail. Nice to meet you and no you don't get my family name. I'm a simple gnome that way. You know what you need to know, and that's it. Now shut up and listen, cause I'm not one for repeating myself.

Okay, so we all were at the table looking to join the Pathfinders. Stuff was showing up on the shores closest to the Eye of Abendigo, powerful stuff, and the local government said the 'Finders could keep whatever they found after some of their own navy got destroyed or something. I was here to see how much of that magicky stuff actually got locked away. I don't quite like magic, if you couldn't tell. Sure, I'm smart enough to be one of those book toting, no upper-body strength, pot bellied wizards or one of those sovereign glue sniffing, sissy cauldron carrying alchemists, but I never liked how they got stuff done. I know I'm rambling, so shut your pie hole already! Thought I told you to listen?

So we're at this inn when some guy with a changing face comes over and sits down. Depending on your angle, he either looked like a weasel or a lemon. Weird guy says his brother and his exploration group stopped sending messages about two weeks ago, and he's worried. Told us his brother thought the Pathfinders were looking in the wrong place and had gone to look somewhere else. Offers us a hundred gold up front and to buy us passage on a ship. I try not to be blunt and ask what we should do if his brother can't come back, but the halfling just pipes right up and says “What if we find him and he's dead?” like the guy wasn't sitting right next to us! He told us to just bury him where we found him if his brother was dead.

I was thinking that cat's spade was going to be real handy soon.

So we get passage on this ship and after a brief run in with the Andoran Navy because our ship was flying a Shackles flag, we were on our way to some city called Bloodcove. The cat said he knew someone there that would probably be traveling with us. Turns out it was the pirate priestess he said was “all woman, just don't tell her father.” I'm smart, I'm blunt, but I know there are some things you damn well better not say to a woman's father. Experience tells me that's a quick way to get a hammer slammed upside your skull. Never tried wooing a dwarven lady after that.

So we get to Bloodcove and start traveling up the river. Yet more weeks on the water with nothing to do but learn some more sailor songs to annoy the knight with. Fun times. Made me go toss my idea to shave the catfolk in his sleep. Weird he may be, but he knows how to make that paladin's face hide behind his hands!

Now remember how I said that catfolk's spade was gonna come in handy soon? Well, when we found the little brother's ship run aground and ransacked by what was probably the crew of the much bigger ship next to it, I figured I was right. But I wasn't very lucky that day. Both ships were empty, and there was a trail on the shore leading inland. I think we were all pretty happy to be getting back on solid ground for a change. Trail wasn't hard to follow anyway, though I couldn't figure out how many people had made it. We found the little brother's camp next, all seven tents torn up and the bedrolls filled with bloody holes. Whoever ransacked the ship had followed them here and apparently took them with them as they continued on the trail. Life was not treating this man nicely.

Still, we had to find this man's brother. Course, the others were probably just looking to get a share of the magic items the guy had been looking for now. I wouldn't turn down a nice sword myself, but I can make do with my spears. Haven't met anything yet that my spears or axe couldn't handle.

You ever hear of titans? Like giants, only bigger and stronger, right? Well we found a dead one up on the mountain the trail led too. Looked like he had been there a while, but time had barely touched him. He was dead alright, a few spear jabs proved that, but he didn't smell like he was rotting. We found some big notes in his shirt pocket, bigger than a table actually. Too bad it was all in gibberish. We kept them anyway, and the Abadarian knight said some holy last rights or something over the body. Bit late for that in my opinion, but it made him feel better and there wasn't any harm in it.

Next to the dead titan we found a door going into the mountain. Still looking for the brother, we went in and found two more doors that opened up to an unforgiving blackness. The kitty cat made some floating lights and sent on in, but nothing pushed the darkness back and the light didn't return. I got fed up with the way the others were trying to figure out why the light wasn't working past the doors, and told them I was going to go through. Got some string tied to my belt so the others could know if I got attacked, and stepped into the darkness.

It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would. Just more worked stone and someone in the area past my torchlight coughing. I tugged on the string and the others joined me. Forgetting about the coughs I had heard for a moment, we heading into the door straight across from the one we just came through.

Gods above, the sound the cat made had me thinking he was coughing up a hairball! The smell in this room was to much for his poor little nose, and he had to leave. Soon it was just me and the halfling lass searching the room and finding nothing more than some dried blood. I remember wondering where all this blood was coming from when there weren't any bodies...

Outside the priestess had found the ones responsible for the coughing I heard earlier, and was talking to them. Just a bunch of orcs huddled in a corner. Strange, right? Never thought I see'd orcs cowering. They told us there was no escape from this place, and that death darker than the surrounding darkness could descend on us at any moment.

Apparently, we were all trapped and going to die.

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