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First, sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum.

Second, the gift I want to buy is a hardcover and a pdf of different products. When I look at it in my cart the pdf, which is from my friend's wish list, says it will be added to my downloads upon purchase. Shouldn't it go to hers? Will the book be sent to her or to me as well?

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Greetings Dragonborne,

I just reviewed the order and it appears that the gift PDF is now properly displaying as going to the giftees account. The physical book should be sent to the physical shipping address set for it. I know our tech team looked into this recently, if you review your shopping cart and find that the errors are still persisting make sure to let me know and I'll be glad to assist you further!

Just to double check, one of the products in your order was a softcover released a few years ago and shares a similar name to a product we'll be releasing next month, I just wanted to ensure that you were ordering the intended item. :)

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