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The Avalon Chronicles

Game Master lynora

This is a high level rules light game set in a school for magical kids, kinda a mash-up of Soul Eater, Harry Potter, and X-Men. :)

Primer for New Players:


There are two roles one can fill: Student or Teacher

Student-You're young for your race, no older than the human equivalent of 19-20 and no younger than the human equivalent of 4-5 , and have a level cap of 16. The level cap is set where it is to restrict access to wish and miracle. These spells are substantially more powerful than normal in this setting. As this is a school, you and your fellow classmates are the main focus of the stories.

Teacher-Minimal age is human equivalent of 20, but the level cap is more or less removed, preferably not higher than the mid to high twenties. Your role will be important, but more in the background and secondary to the students. This is a great option for players with limited time or who have long periods when they can't post.

Character Creation

Rule of Cool applies here, in spades. Come up with a concept, then using gestalt rules, recreate it as best you can. We are really flexible and open minded when helping players reach as perfect a build as possible for the PCs

Most 3.x/Pathfinder book is allowed, as is anything on d20pfsrd. Of course we can veto. If I don't have access to the book I will ask that you put a write-up of what you can do from that source in your character profile.

For stats, just assign as you see fit. Be reasonable. You will be asked to tone it down if your stats are too crazy. Stats below 30 are generally not questioned. You get max hit points.

You may have one or 2 key magic items for your character, that are central to the concept. Customization is allowed with approval from the GM.

Mundane gear is as much as you want, but remember, you are student and thus, are not going to actually be carrying around all that much. If you go on a field trip, gear is provided for you.

Important stats to have on your sheet would be Attack, AC, HP, Saves, and some key Skills, though these can be more or less assigned on the fly.

Check the campaign tab for important information There isn't all that much there, in comparison, but it is useful stuff to know, and could help shape your character, depending.

Finally, each player begins with one character, as the game is different than many others. However, once one gets a feel for the style of the game, they may bring in other PCs, and even guest GM for an arc here or there. I ask that you just give me at least a rough outline of what you want to do, so I can figure out how best to place it.

When you have your character ready you'll need to get a greenlight from a GM to make sure everything is in order and then one of us can provide an intro. Depending on what's going on in game at that point you may have to wait a bit. Given the size of the cast it can be difficult to manage intros during say a mass combat. But don't fret. You will get in the game. Everyone who wants a spot gets one. We are always open and recruiting. :)

This intro adapted from a post in the recruiting thread by monkeygod with my thanks for compiling everything so I can stop repeating it over and over. :)

Combat note:

This is a new convention so I'm putting it in here since I find it's been very useful thus far. When in combat please put all current buffs under a spoiler in each post. It makes it so much easier to keep track of who has what and makes the job of whoever is running the bad guys so much easier. Much appreciated, thanks.

Some basic guidelines about PvP:

In general PvP is not allowed except in certain very controlled situations. If both players are agreed to it and they have GM okay, some PvP situations can happen. Duels, competitions, even outright combat in certain pre-approved story situations. My one condition here is that players need to keep it friendly out-of-character. This is a game and I don't want to be putting out fires and playing referee every time I log on. The GM gets to have fun too. Trust me, it's more fun for everyone that way. :)
Should you find yourself in a PvP situation there are some things that you can do that will go a long way towards keeping things friendly.

Make sure you know what you're doing in an action before you post it. If you have a question about how something works, please ask over in the discussion thread before you use that in combat. The folks in this game are super helpful and will be more than happy to offer the advice you need to make things work. Multiple edits in a combat situation is considered bad form and frequent ret-conning can be interpreted as cheating even when it's just poor understanding. The best way to avoid this is just to take a little extra time at the outset to make sure of what you want to do.

If you have questions about the other person's abilities or something they've been doing seems wonky to you, please call for a time-out and ask for GM assistance. "Hey, time out, that seems off to me. I'd like to have a GM look that over before we continue just to be sure we're both understanding things correctly." That puts the burden of figuring out what's up on the shoulders of a neutral third party where it belongs and avoids unpleasantness between players. Also, it's perfectly fine to ask for an OOC (or IC for that matter) referee to make sure that everything is handled on a PC/GM level rather than one PC trying to adjudicate another PC. It's about what you're comfortable with, and in my opinion if even one member of the conflict isn't comfortable with it then PvP shouldn't happen.

And most of all, assume the best of your fellow players. I don't believe that anyone in this game is out to cheat or get one over on another player, but if that situation does occur it will become obvious on its own and I will handle it by asking the offending player to leave. This is an extremely uncommon occurrance. Almost every conflict I've had to step in and manage turned out to be a misunderstanding that was easily solved once tempers cooled. Everyone has a bad day once in a while. And we're all here to have fun. If a situation is interfering with your ability to have fun, please ask for an out and I will step in and find a way to get you out of it. But I will only step in if asked.

Agartha Background Info


The world of Agartha was created by a group of amethyst dragons. They used magic to create a world within a world, bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. From the outside it is a small desolate planet at the fringes of the Empire, not even worth noticing. Inside it contains many different types of environments, even an artificial ‘sun’. Many ‘lost’ civilizations make their home inside Agartha. Underwater cities, desert tribes, mysterious jungle temples, remote mountain fortresses and more can all be found within this unusual world along with races of all descriptions. It has been many centuries since Agartha was formed and much of this history has been lost. People have forgotten that their ancestors ever lived on any world but this one or that other worlds even exist.

A few months ago this inside out world was turned right side out with powerful magics. People are still getting used to living on a globe with a sky and different time zones and the idea that travel between worlds is now possible. The political landscape of Agartha is currently in turmoil.

Wards and Extraplanar Travel:
In order to protect this world they made and turn it into a true haven from their enemies, the builders of Agartha fashioned wards to protect it and cut it off from any possibility of attack. No extraplanar travel to or from Agartha is possible except under very unusual circumstances. Due to the neglect of centuries small cracks have begun to appear in the wards, but even that is not enough to outright break them, nor would it be desirable to do so. There are things that can bypass the wards (like Death, and Time) but those are few and far between, and have a fairly high chance of killing you in the process, like the faulty star gate that brought Tamrin to Agartha….at an altitude of several thousand feet. In short, if it can mess with reality it can get in and out of Agartha. Wish and Miracle aren’t enough though. And for those few capable of getting past the wards it is still a very difficult and draining thing to do. Edit: Thanks to the turning inside out of the planet the wards have been changed. Allies can perceive the planet and travel to and from. No one else can even see it or remember it after they leave.

The Dragon Empire:
The overall setting in which our little world exists is based off the Dragonstar campaign setting. From Wikipedia: Dragonstar is a futuristic magic-meets-machine campaign setting created by Fantasy Flight Games for Wizards of the Coast's D20 role-playing game system. The setting describes a galaxy under the dominion of the Dragon Empire. The Dragon Empire is a huge bureaucracy, ruled over by the ten houses of dragons, five chromatic and five metallic, led by Mezzenbone, a red dragon of immense might and evil disposition, who sometimes travels on board The Maleficant, one of the few remaining immense Dreadnought class warship spacecraft. Across the galaxy, the same fantasy races are found to inhabit countless worlds, sometimes living in great technological civilizations or magically advanced medieval cultures. When the inhabitants of many of these worlds took to the stars by magic or machine (usually both), they were amazed by their similarities. Even their languages were the same, although different dialects had evolved on the various worlds. Both scientists and archmages alike tried to come up with a logical explanation of why most worlds were almost the same, but they were stumped. Eventually, a predominant religious leader of unknown origin emerged and proposed that all the gods of every religion were the same, just different aspects of the twelve "True Gods" and their hybrid faiths. The Dragonstar setting can easily combine preexisting D20 material and settings. A PC group can be made up of character races and classes in any combination and be rationally integrated with little work. It is similar to the classic Spelljammer setting by TSR, although Spelljammer was essentially "fantasy in space", with all space travel explained through magic rather than technology, Dragonstar is more science fantasy; fighters use lasers, machine guns, and grenades, and characters fly in starships through solar systems, although things that are impossible due to our current understanding of physics, such as faster-than-light travel between stars, force-fields, and teleportation, require magic.

Dragons and Hunters:
The reason that the amethyst dragons had to create the world of Agartha in the first place stems from a disagreement that they had with their brethren way back when the Empire was new. The gem dragons argued for the rights of the other races and were declared traitors by both metallic and chromatic alike. After many of their people were slaughtered in a brutal attack on their home world, the remnant began building a refuge where they would be safe from further attacks. Those allies of theirs who wished to leave the Empire were invited to join them in exile and many took them up on this offer. Unfortunately a group of assassins hired by the gold dragon then in charge of the Empire (the metallics and chromatics take turns running things) managed to insinuate themselves into the refugees. The Hunters were the best of the best and they knew how to play a long game. They started a religious movement, convincing those that knew them how very righteous they were. In the meantime they began the other half of their mission by secretly stealing into dragons’ lairs and smashing eggs or killing hatchlings. In time they began to spread lies about how dragons were evil beasts who desired nothing more than killing and destroying and therefore must be destroyed themselves. It was all too easy to make these lies stick to the increasingly reclusive amethyst dragons, and soon they had plenty of willing help as they continued to destroy the dragons’ young. While there were occasional battles versus adult dragons, their most common target remained the eggs and hatchlings. After many centuries of this their strategy was very nearly successful. The last living adult dragon after the death of her mate who gave his life to allow her escape took her last clutch of eggs and fled, using Wishes to hide her children in plain sight among the other races. Having made them as safe as she could, she turned towards vengeance, using all the resources of those who had left to wage a desperate war against the Hunters. A successful war except in one thing. She could not bring herself to kill the Hunter’s children, so she let them live.
It has been many centuries since dragons have walked openly in Agartha and most people believe them to be nothing more than legends. The superstitions sown by the Hunters are considered common knowledge and a native of Agartha would likely feel fear and panic on seeing an actual living dragon. All but a very few ancient records of the truth of the dragons history regarding the building of Agartha survive and they are not known to many. The existence of and history of the Hunters is known only to the Hunters and the dragons they hunt.

Arcane Gunslingers:
GM note: This class is not currently available for play due to in-game political situation. This writeup is here mostly as GM reference. There are a couple of arcane gunslingers in play, but we can't currently bring in more. Because they are trained in a similar manner to Jedi (apprentices are basically padawan) there is currently no one available to train them. Right now, to continue the analogy, much like during the clone wars, even the padawan are in the field as the Empire tries to eradicate the order.
The Arcane Gunslingers have existed on the fringes of the Dragon Empire for untold years. In the face of ever improving technology, and the rise in prestige of sorcerers, some wizards in the Empire began to feel that their way of practicing magic could very well become extinct.
Many of their brethren scoffed at such a notion. How could a tradition as old as history be wiped out? Others turned a blind eye to the events unfolding across the galaxy. They didn't bother themselves with such ideas so long as they were left alone to pursue their spellcraft. But enough wizards saw that the future might not include them...and they decided to do something about that.
On the remote Outlands world of Jerenta IX, these wizards gathered to teach a new breed of wizard, one that would be able to survive in an empire where technology and sorcery were ever-present. But these would be no ordinary wizards. These new wizards also received martial training, for those times when their spells ran out or were useless against their foes. But most importantly, they learned to meld their spellcasting with one of the most prevalent pieces of technology the Empire had: the gun.
A new weapon was created on that isolated world, called the Caster. It looked much like any other handgun, but in the hands of these new wizardly gunmen it could launch spells (encased in special shells) to incapacitate or eliminate an enemy with great efficiency. As more and more people came to be trained in the use of Casters, and those already trained became masters of them, a new name began to drift through the Outland worlds and into the Empire to describe them: the Arcane Gunslinger.
The Arcane Gunslingers took time to train, and as a result there were never great numbers of them present in the Dragon Empire. About two hundred years ago, the academy on Jerenta IX was attacked and destroyed. Most of the galaxy's Gunslingers were there to celebrate the election of a new Headmaster when the attack came. They were taken by surprise, but fought ferociously to defend their home. Even though they were outnumbered and eventually wiped out, they were able to bring all of their assailants down with them. There was so little left of both sides that it was impossible to identify who the assailants were. The whole affair was written off as a horrible tragedy and soon forgotten.
The few Gunslingers who survived were those who were not on Jerenta IX. They went into seclusion to begin the long process of training new Gunslingers, so they could find the beings that attacked their brethren. Was it sorcerers, fearing for their positions in Imperial society? Was it a group of conservative wizards, who couldn?t stand the thought of changing what they had known for so long? Or was it another group entirely? That is a mystery that persists to this day. For now, the remaining Arcane Gunslingers wander the Dragon Empire as outcasts and outlaws, making pilgrimages to Jerenta IX when they can so they never forget what was done to them.
NOTE: [The Arcane Gunslinger is essentially a 10-level prestige class that requires being a multiclass fighter/wizard. Requirements include: BAB+5; Craft (Gunsmith) 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks; Craft Wondrous Item, Crack Shot, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Technical Proficiency; ability to prepare and cast arcane spells.]
On the Mechanics of the Caster - signature weapon of the Arcane Gunslinger:
The Caster is a hybrid weapon - a unique fusion of wizardly magic and technological know-how created centuries ago by the first Arcane Gunslingers. It is meant to bring their magical and martial training together into one capable and efficient weapon.
Very few people know how to create or maintain Casters today, since most of the Arcane Gunslingers were wiped out two centuries ago. The ones who did survive kept to themselves and made sure the knowledge stayed within their ranks. Only when a new apprentice had been accepted into the ranks of the Gunslingers were the secrets of the Caster revealed.
What makes the Caster such a versatile weapon is the fact that it can essentially 'shoot' spells. Arcane Gunslingers have the ability to imbue their spells (or even transform written scrolls) into special Caster Shells for use whenever needed.
The most obvious advantage of this is the speed with which a Gunslinger can unleash his spells in combat. Other benefits include increased range for normally short-range spells, and the ability to take advantage of the Caster's damage multiplier on a successful critical hit.
Caster Stat Block
Cost: 3,000 gp
Damage: Varies by Spell
Critical: x3
Range Increment: 200 feet
Weight: 7 lbs
Type: Varies by Spell
Caster Shell Stat Block (per shell)
Cost: 10 gp
Weight: 1/4 lb
On the Subject of Caster Shells:
Caster Shells are specialized ammunition for the Arcane Gunslinger's signature weapon, the Caster. As Casters are rare items today, Caster shells are even more so. After the attack on Jerenta IX, these shells either were hoarded by the few surviving Gunslingers or destroyed.
The price quoted under the listing for the Caster is only for making an individual shell - the price for a shell loaded with a spell would be equivalent to a scroll with the same spell on it, plus the cost of the shell.
Once a Caster Shell is loaded with a spell, the shell can be stowed away and saved for whenever the Gunslinger needs it, very much like normal scrolls. Once fired though, the shell is completely consumed - it cannot be reused.

When the settler s originally arrived in Agartha they brought all of their technology with them. While manufacturing was abandoned ages ago, some amounts of tech are still in service. The most common being skimmers (a type of hovercar) and some pieces of heavy farm equipment. Mechanics make a living scrounging parts from junkyards to keep these pieces running. A very few crafters and inventors continue to make technological advances, but most don’t make it out to the general populations. The level of technology at Avalon Academy is much greater than what is available in the rest of Agartha.

Avalon Academy:
The school was founded by Ryo Antairus, the current Headmaster, as a place for children with extraordinary powers to have a safe place to learn to control their abilities. The staff tends to rotate fairly frequently and there are new teachers every year, if not more often, since dealing with so many gifted children is not a job for the faint of heart. The most important rule at the school is that the students are not to do violence to each other. Those that violate this rule are instantly whisked to detention.

Kobold Genesis: Kobolds were created by Kurtlemak, a minor draconic deity of the earth. Having never been content with the Empire's sky, he'd looked underground. He created a race of dragon-like humanoids, basing them on the five Chromatic dragons. He implanted in them the need to serve their masters, the need to tunnel, and a hatred of most other humanoids. His plan was to show the dragons who spurned his worship that the true future was below the earth's crust. It didn't work. Kobolds were weak and frail, and the Empire preferred longer-living creatures such as elves. They instead put Kurtlemak's children to work in the mines. Infuriated, Kurtlemak sent his people down deep, and commanded them to build mighty tunnel complexes. The demigod's plan was to bait the Empire into attacking, and mocking them when they failed. When the Empire learned of his treachery, they caught Kurtlemak, and bound him with powerful magic. Lacking a strong will but possessing a mighty stubbornness, he refused to reveal where he had placed the kobold hordes. In truth, he put them everywhere, in every planet he could reach. Most cities were uncovered anyway. A few were not. The Agarthian kobolds, for instance. And as time passed without any word from their imprisoned deity, the kobolds forgot much.
The Agarthian Kobolds' History: Without any news from Kurtlemak, the kobolds who dwelt near the stone which would soon be carved into Agartha split into clans. There were many small clans, and six greater ones. Each of the six represented a color of Chromatic dragon. The sixth was a powerful clan, mostly comprised of outcasts and those without a clear color. It formed from the union of a few minor tribes. These clans rarely fought amongst each other. "Green is red and blue and black and white, and white is kobold," as the saying goes. However, there was often conflict between them and the drow. A short time after the kobolds arrived, area right next to the kobolds vanished. It was replaced with a harsh light, and many newcomers. The following conflict, known by kobolds simply as "The Agarthian Invasion", was very bloody, and is a conflict kobolds have never forgotten. Thanks to the consultation of aboleth historians and the strong kobold nationalism, grudges have not faltered. Most kobolds agree that the war ended at the "Battle of the Forest", where a massive kobold fortress was destroyed by dwarven demolitionists. This battle had more casualties than most of the other battles combined, as a result of the battle location: The Forest where the battle took place is teaming with driders, chokers and many other creatures of the Underdark. This war led to the collapse of what kobolds call "The Kobold Empire". The three remaining tribes, which now consisted largely of refugees from the other three, would remain for a while yet.
The Drow Invasion: About sixty years ago, the drow decided the time was right to destroy the kobolds. This war, which Vakkler fought in, essentially ended when the kobolds secured an alliance with a powerful derro tribe. However, kobolds pretty much ceased to be a notable military or economic threat after the war. They're recovering, but the destruction of the tribes meant that they're now more a horde than any organized civilization.

Cardcasters are usually psychics with some skill(but only some) who have a deck of cards that create magical effects based on what is on the card and their own creativity. Unfortunately, Cardcasters are shunned at the best and outright attacked under the worst circumstances. It's widely believed CC's can trap people in their cards, but the closest they can come to that is creating a prison. CC's grow stronger over time, but using their cards is still draining, and the creation of a new card can leave them weak for days if they are not careful.
Cardcasters do not always need their cards to create magical effects. Ryo once used Sword to turn his right forearm into a sword... the shock of which caused him to fall to the ground. When his sword-arm hit the ground, it shattered. Using your body as a focus is not recommended.

Link to the original Agartha game. Note: We cleaned up the history a bit to reflect the isolation of the world. In the beginning we were totally ad-libbing. :)

There are a couple of abilities that all Champions have in common. One is the ability to travel to anywhere regardless of wards or anything. So anywhere within Agartha or outside of Agartha or on another plane (though prime material planes are the easiest). Basically they can go anywhere that their concept exists, but they can't take passengers.

The second is that the special powers of other Champions can only effect them if they choose to allow it. So they aren't affected by Madness's insanity attacks unless they want to be. Another example would be Ephebe's ability to turn back one minute of time. The other champions could choose whether to allow this to effect them or not and if not much like Ephebe would remember what happened during that minute and any conditions, spell effects, injuries gained during that minute would still be in effect. This only applies to the one or two special concept related abilities, not class features. In other words it does apply to turning back time but not to a cure spell because the latter is a class feature not a Champion's special ability.

Each Champion has one or two special powers that are specific to their concept. This is often (but not always) related to the special object that is the symbol of their station. (Examples include Ephebe's holy symbol, Krays's scythe, Asch's coat, Amada's amulet...each Champion should have something like that).

Each Champion should have the following powers that are unique to their patron's concept:

One ability that's stronger than you could normally achieve (equivalent to a 9th lvl spell - excluding wish) usable once a day;
One or two medium abilities usable a few times a day;
A couple of minor abilities usable at will.

Current Known Champions:

Dreams: yet to be publicly revealed, known to a couple of characters
Darkness: Asch
Love: Amada
Light: Vai
Creation: Jim Rivets
Fear: Yarvicc
Hope: Keme
Deception: Ryuzo
Death: Krays
Time: Ephebe
Knowledge: Alton
Courage: Fei
Madness: as yet unnamed
Wrath: Enre
Luck: Nala
Freedom: Johnny
Destiny: Ace
Mercy: Tybalt
Justice: Yrrin
Pride: Dave
Trust/Faith: as yet unnamed

Class Pictures:


Type: Outsider (Native) (3 RP)
Size: Medium (0 RP)
Base Speed: Normal Speed (0 RP): The race has a base speed of 30 feet.
Ability Score Modifiers: Standard (0 RP) (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis)
Languages: Linguist (1 RP) Common, Ignan, Auran, any
Racial Traits:
- Fire in the Blood (5 RP) turns fire damage into healing on a 1:1 basis
- Emissary (1 RP)
- Focused Study (4 RP)
- Nimble Attacks (2 RP)
- Elemental Affinity: Fire(1 RP)
- Elemental Immunity(Fire) (4 RP)
- Elemental Vulnerability(Cold) (-2)
- Spell-Like Ability, At-Will: Beast Shape I(Medium bird only) (6 RP)
Total RP: 25
Firebirds look much like humans in their humanoid forms and are often mistaken for phoenix in their bird form. In humanoid form they have blue or gold eyes and blonde or red hair. Darker red hair that is getting close to brown is considered undesirable. Their culture has put a lot of emphasis on racial purity and strict rules. They are currently undergoing the beginnings of revolution as a result of this.
They are currently ruled by a council of noble houses. The noble houses are Helios, del Sol, Soleil, Phoebus, Svarog, Surya, and Niyambi.
Firebenders exist among them as a sort of military secret society. They do not speak of this to outsiders and will often try to masquerade as arcane casters which is quite believable since there are many sorcerers and bards among the firebirds. Music is also considered a vitally important part of firebird life.

Kuros is the city nearest Avalon Academy. Once a small town it is now a booming new city thanks to the factories built just outside the city by Jiminy Sunwake. The factories manufacture skimmer (hovercars) and hoverbikes as well as shuttles. They also have an experimental program building mechas, but not many people know about that program.

More information on locations inside Kuros to come.


Lycans are natural shapeshifters and the precursors to lycanthropes who they hate with a passion. The disease lycanthropy was created, though legend has forgotten by who, in an attempt to create more lycans, but it went awry and the resulting persecution from people who didn’t understand the difference between the race of lycans and the disease lycanthropy drove the lycans even further away from civilization. Lycans come in many different forms. Wolves, hyena, snakes, dire frog, dire rat, gorilla, tiger, coyote just to name a few. Lycan society is organized into packs, each pack being its own tribal society. There are many traditions in lycan society, but only one law: the strongest makes the rules. Might does indeed make right in lycan society. The packs rarely cooperate with each other and always compete to prove themselves the strongest.

Type: Monstrous Humanoid (3RP)
Size: Medium (0RP)
Base Speed: Normal (0RP)
Ability Score Modifiers: Specialized (1RP)
+2 Con, +2 Str, -2 Cha
Language: Standard (0RP)
no racial language, can learn Sylvan, Elven, Undercommon, Giant, Goblin, Dwarven, or Orcish
Racial Traits:
Change Shape, Lesser (3RP)
I picked this one because they have one animal shape and one humanoid shape and their 'hybrid' shape is more due to the fact that they can effectively stop the transformation at any point in between. So they can look like a humanoid animal or a human with animal features like ears and a tail if they so desire.
Moon-Touched DR (3RP) DR 5/silver
Scent (4RP)
Healthy (2RP) +4 on Fort saves vs poison and disease
Bond to the Land (2RP) +2 dodge to AC in specific terrain
Silent Hunter (2RP) reduce penalty for using Stealth
Terrain Stride (1RP) can move without penalty in specific terrain
Camouflage (1RP) +4 on Stealth within favored terrain

Can use 3 RP to choose among the following based on what is most appropriate for the lycan’s animal form:
Bite (1 RP) Gain a bite attack, does 1d3 damage
Slapping tail (3RP) Can use tail to make AoO with a reach of 5 ft, natural attack that deals 1d8+Str damage
Sticky tongue(2 RP) Can make melee attacks with long sticky tongue, a creature hit by this attack cannot move more than 10 ft from the attacker and takes a -2 to AC as long as the tongue is attached. Tongue can be removed by the target or an adjacent ally by making an opposed strength check against the attacking creature as a standard action or by dealing 2 points of damage to the tongue (AC 11, damage does not reduce the sticy-tongue creature’s hit points) Can release the target as a free action, can only have one creature attached to its tongue at a time
Claw (2 RP) Gain two claw attacks, 1d4 base damage, primary natural attacks
Natural Attack (1 RP) pick one of the following natural attacks : gore, hoof, slam, talons, or wings. Receive on natural attack of the chosen type. Gore, slam, and talons are primary attacks while hoof and wings are secondary. 1d4 base damage. This trait can be taken more than once. Each time pick a different natural attack.

Total = 25 RP

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