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So I am getting close to submitting a character for this little event but have hit an issue on the contact page. When I attempt to ask a question about formatting I get the following message: "Error. Please note: The form data could not be sent to the specified email address."

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

Edit: Maybe when it asks for an email it means the site owner's email? i can't seem to find that anywhere either.

No, the email on that form is your email (or whatever you say is your email, at least). That way, the site owner can mail you back if they want/need to. What content are you trying to send through the form? It's possible you're trying to send too much text or something.

Shadow Lodge

Just a short question about the format of the entry. "Should I leave spaces between lines for easier reading?" I get the above error message though. :(

That's very strange. o_O I'd say not to worry about the spacing, though. The wiki will format it the way it wants. As long as each thing is on a separate line like it should be, you don't need to do anything more there.

Shadow Lodge

Well, it will format it if I can send it anyway haha.

If it still fails, send it to me and I'll make sure the Wiki gets it. o wo/

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