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A friend and I can't seem to find it, but isn't there a rule about needing a weapon with the same enhancement bonus(+1 to +5) or higher to sunder a magical weapon?

Nope magic just gives it more hardness and Maby hp for each +1 I think it's 2 per

Found it each +1 is 2 hardness and 10hp

That's all we could find too, but I get the feeling I've read it Pathfinder rules and it''s kinda bugging me.

It was a mistake they errata'd out of existence. I think in the... third printing?

Sovereign Court

Yeah, it used to be different, but now it's just the +2 hardness +10HP per +1 enhancement bonus.

The other thing was a 3.5 relic (which had lots of "you need a +X weapon" style rules) that was purged.

Thanks everyone. This was quite helpful.

yep, sadly it's only for straight out enhancement bonuses.

Yeah, what you're talking about Azten was something in either 3.0 or 3.5. Back then there was a rule that you need the same enhancement bonus or higher to cause damage to an enemies weapon.

This was instead replaced by giving increased hardness and hp to weapons based on their enhancement bonus.

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