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The world has changed twice now and there's no telling how much more or even when it will happen again. Can our protagonists handle it all? Can they catch a killer before he strikes again? Find out next time, on Dra- *cough* whoops, wrong setting. >.>

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To some of you, welcome back. To other, thanks for joining us. I'm rebooting the play by post game "An Age of Modern Magic" just a few hours after the second Pulse, an in-game event, occured Enjoy the new world.

Much like another pbp I'm in, this game is player/story driven. Unlike said pbp, we're not going to be so rules light. For reference to the rules and to the first game itself, here is the old recruitment thread. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Enjoy the new world.

Woo! Good to see this starting again. :)

Since this is starting after the second Pulse does this mean we have access to both racial and class changes now?

Shadow Lodge

Yes it does.

Right on!

Nice to see this back, and thanks for the invite! Will need to refresh myself on the old rules, as I do not think I actually ever finished my PC.

I have so many ideas!

Digimon-esque summoner that uses a DS to summon his eidolon. But already have so many summoners.

Celebrity bard that entranced his last performance. But I'm about to use that in Avalon.

Wizard that casts with his Smartphone as a bonded item. This one's kinda vanilla.

Ooooh! Is scholar allowed?

And what are the build specs after the "second pulse?"

Afraid I haven't been able to read through the backlogs yet. :/

Shadow Lodge

*10 point buy. It's low fantasy for now.

*Human stats PLUS your second race. You could be Human + Half-Orc, for instance, gaining the racial features of both, or human + human to 'double up'. The second race determines appearance and size(human + Halfling = small with hair feet).

*Youre lv1. Please run 3rd party by me first(scholar is fine)

Do you know much about the NBC show Grimm?
I want to make a character like him.
Stephen Burkhardt
Technically Human. He won't have a second race's bonus, but will be able to see what everyone is turning into. And when they are that, they can see that he has black eyes.
His scholar bonus skill focus knowledge is History.
For his first feat he takes arcane heritage-arcane bloodline-arcane bond-bonded item. His item is his book. It started out as a Grimm's Fairytales, but it seems to have a lot more than that in it now.
He moved from Tennessee to New York to be an actor on Broadway, and to escape "the rednecks" back home. He has however not gotten any big acting breaks. He has a small apartment he lives in alone and he works in the concession stand at Yankee Stadium. He rides a vespa to and from work.
He usually has on some geeky T-shirt, jeans, beat up high tops, a Yankees ball cap he wears for work, and a long-ish leather jacket to keep him warm while drivingHe also has a backpack with a bunch of different things in it. Whatever story demands within reason. He carries an aluminum baseball bat(club stats) he bought at work for self defense.
He was at work when the pulse hit. He suddenly started seeing creatures intermingled with the people in line. Needless to say, screaming got him sent home for the day. But, with everything else that happen that day, he did get to keep his job.
On his way home, he pulls up to his building and gets off his vespa. He's pulling it in when he's confronted by a pair of thugs. They both have green skin, and some instinct he has, tells him that there's trouble. His mind goes into overdrive and he can see where they're going to move. Taller one lunges first. Quick turn to the left. Draw bat from backpack. Kneecap smash on taller. Smaller one lungs. Keep at length with bat. Immediately respond with kick to crotch. Both threats incapacitated. Estimated recovery time ten minutes. Next attempt at robbery two weeks. Likely several blocks from here.
He rushes up stairs and jumps onto his phone. Computers were too expensive. He pulls up his favorite forum site. He posts under alias The Batter This wasn't just a local event. It was happening everywhere. But people were gathering. Forum people with similar afflictions were coming here. He messages a close friend that said they were coming for the meeting. Maybe he could help them with a place to stay.

Anyone not yet setup in New York could fill this role.

Shadow Lodge

Magic, everyone is changed. You don't switch back and forth because your ar the second race in addition to being human, and you can't get Eldritch Heritage at level 1. We aren't as rules light as Avalon for this.

Otherwise a neat idea.

In that case, he's just the double human thing with black irises.
Sorry, I didn't understand that correctly, I guess. :/
I also forgot the lvl 3 req for eldritch heritage. :/
Any suggestions for an alternate first level feat?
Can I just use a bat as a club or do I have to take improv weapon prof?

Shadow Lodge

Sure, a baseball bat for a club is fine. There isn't improvised weapin proficiency though. There's Caught Off Guard and Throw Anything though.

Are we allowed to make brand new characters? While my Elf Spell-Less Ranger was fine, I feel like doing something a bit more magickal. Not sure what, yet.

Shadow Lodge

Strangely, I don't think you ever played in the last one, MG. I can't find the ranger. Anyway, yeah, go ahead and make a new one if you want, I don't mind.

Shadow Lodge

While on the subject of classes, I'll repost these as well. Please note not all of them may work in the setting, so ask me first, okay? :)

Epic Meepo's Archtypes
Classes by SmiloDan
Maxximilius's Archetypes
Multiclass Archetypes.

That's what I meant.
When should we have characters by?
I do need to say, I'm about to start Senior year tomorrow, so I won't have the cornucopia of time I've had lately.

Shadow Lodge

I'm lax. This is invite only,so take your time. Plus, with the way it's set up, introducing anyone in later, if I choose to start before everyone is done, will be pretty easy.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

I'll get Burne updated.

...and done.

Elise is all updated to reflect the changes from the second Pulse.

Could I run a 3rd party race by you for inspection or would you just want us to use the core/featured races?

Shadow Lodge

Craztok, my apologies, but this game is only open to a select few.

Np, hope you all have fun though.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber



Gots an idear, need to do a lil research first though.

Shadow Lodge

Cool. :)

Thinking Synthesist Summoner, as I have never played a Summoner, let alone a Synthesist. But, I know they are not looked upon fondly, to say the least.

Shadow Lodge

What's the concept? Who/what was the character before the Pulses?

I was actually thinking of basing it off a Simic type from Ravnica. Perhaps a professor(mid 20s or so) of evolution, bio-mechanics, and the like.

Shadow Lodge

And how is he reacting to the changes? Being able to cover yourself in a transparent entity is pretty big.

Evolution my friend. He is a firm, staunch believer in its theory, so while it does freak him out occasionally, he sees himself as the next step in the evolutionary process.

I just want to know that you know:
Evolution is the process of favorable traits being kept as they allow the animal to survive the conditions and pass the traits on. Those without the traits die and eventually the traits are forever part of the gene pool.

A large portion of people on Earth suddenly manifesting powers doesn't really fit the bill of evolution.

Now, if people had these abilities before and they gave an advantage over those that don't that meant these people have children instead of other people, that would be evolution.

More X-Men, less Static Shock. ;)

Although that whole next step of evolution statement does sound an awful lot like the pro-mutant stuff Magneto spouts off to justify his villainy...

Indeed, but the thing is, it's used correctly there.
These abilities they posses are passed on traits from "the strong." They(although rather quickly) developed through generations and they actually are the next in a developmental evolutionary line.

Of course modern human needs and psychology don't really correspond to evolution any more, but it's closer than our system. :)

I'm not saying you can't use that, and I'm not trying to dictate how you make your character.

I'm just saying that if he teaches this, this is the kind if thing he would know. :)

Who said he wasn't a little crazy after the Pulse? Also, he believes(or will) that the Pulse kicked started a new evolutionary phase.

And yes, I was thinking of Magneto when I wrote that, except my character isn't a villain. Nor do I think he will become one.

Shadow Lodge

Oh, in case it got missed, both discussion and gameplay are up for whenever. :)

Does double human get two bonus feats?

Shadow Lodge

Yes they do.

I have a feeling I'm not finished.
Did I miss anything?

Shadow Lodge

Attack stats and total skill bonuses pop out at me as nonexistent.

Attacks ya. I'll do that.
Skill bonuses are cumbersome to do on a phone, so I just put down what I have ranks in and add stuff up as needed.
I can do them at thy request, good sir, but ask thee leniency on this poor student's toil.

Shadow Lodge

Leniency granted. We'll say baseball bats have club stats for simplicity.

He has a lot of improvised stuff, so I'll take down what damage we decide on when I use it.
Question: Does using a 10' length of rope or garden hose have whip stats? Damage and reach, that is.
I think a leather belt could work as a scorpion whip, but not sure what could emulate a full one.

DB3, is the Synthesist approved? I ask only because some DMs dislike it or think its OP.

Shadow Lodge

It's incredibly strong if you dump physical stats, yes, and a bit complicated, but I'm okay with them.

Just core races? I might just go double Human, but I want to see what other, if any, races are allowed, beyond Core.

Core, Featured, and Uncommon, plus Dreamscarred Press's psionic races are eligible(I'm even removing the older game's "no drow" policy. At least for the normal ones. No nobles, please)

I'm loving this little lizard avvy. :3

He looks like the kind we have here. :)

Ready when you are, Oh Captain, My Captain.

Shadow Lodge

Stephen looks ok to me.

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