Ectoplasmatist and Bonded Senses

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So I'm creating a back up character just in case my paladin dies in Carrion Crown and I noticed the Ectoplasmatist archetype replaces everything Phantom related... Except Bonded Senses.

Since this is not intentional(I hope) I pose the question: What should this ability be replaced with?

I'm guessing that you're talking about the Spiritualist Archetype?


Gonna bump.

I'm also working on one, and had noticed this. So, dot for the sake of that.

Since it isn't replaced, you still have it.

Please note my question at the end of the OP.

Regardless of what you feel it should be replaced by, the absence of text that states you replace it means you still have it. Even if it is entirely pointless for you to retain.

Alchemists have the same issue, many of their archetypes replace mutagen but not Persistent Mutagen.

Azten wrote:
Please note my question at the end of the OP.

It is not replaced. So it's not replaced with anything. You still have it.

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