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Kinetic Multi-Klassing


I wanna start off saying that I like the idea of feats for multiclassed kineticists. Anything that makes people want to even dip my favorite class is good. However, there is a balancing factor that I both understand and dislike as it makes a some of the feats less likely picks.

Each of the following feats costs 1 point of burn that cannot, in any way, be reduced. This includes Gather Power. Now on to the feats.

Burn Cushion(Kineticist 2, Mutagen class feature): Once per day you can take a point of burn when making a Mutagen that increases your Con score to make a special Mutagen. Instead of taking Burn you can reduce the Con bonus instead. The mutagen continues even if the bonus reaches 0.

Burst Protection(Kineticist 2, elemental defense, Channel Energy class feature): When you channel to heal you can take burn to grant your elemental defense to your allies until your next turn.

Hex Kinesis(Kineticist 2, Hex class feature): Accept a point of burn and reduce you kinetic blass damage to add a hex to it. Your kineticist level stacks with the class giving you a hex to determine the hex's power, so that's nice. Hex DC is Con based this way, and you can take it more times to be able to apply different hexes.

Kinetic Summons(Kineticist 2, ability to cast or SLA Summon Monster/Nature's Ally): Accept a point of burn when summoning an elemental that matches your first element(Not your expanded if you have one) to add the advanced template. Not a bad one, though still pricey.

Mind Your Element(Kineticist 2, Bardic Knowledge class feature): No burn here. Just a decent bonus to knowledge checks that are connected to your first element. The bonus increases once if you pick the same element when you can expand.

Pool Push(Kineticist 2, and “pool” class feature): A small number of times a day you can accept a point of burn to get back a point in your pool. One example would be a psychic accepting burn to get their phrenic points back. Potentially useful.

Raging Kinesis(Kinetic blade infusion, kineticist 2, rage or bloodrage): Accept burn when entering your rage to form your kinetic blade, keep it your entire rage, and use your HD as your BAB. This is definitely a feat I'd take on a character, and that's before getting to the part where you add your Strength mod to the damage on top of your Constitution mod.

Sheathed in Wisdom(Kineticist 2, AC bonus class feature, defensive wild talent): No burn. You gain a minor energy resistance based on your first element. It stacks with the resistance from other sources too, which is a rare thing in this system.

Tactical Defenses(Kinetitcist 2, defense wild talent, tactician class feature): Remember Burst Protection? This is the same, but instead of channeling energy you accept burn when using your tactician ability and it lasts longer.

Wilder Talent(Kineticist 2, “talents” class feature from another class): Spends a point of burn to regain a use of a limited duration(uses, rounds, or minutes). You have to pick the talent when you take this feat, just like Hex Kinesis, and just like Hex Kinesis you can take it multiple times for different talent.

That's all the feats. They all have their uses, and some are certainly really good, so I'm happy to give this 3.5 stars(rounding up).

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The PDF starts off with a brief description of what the series(Into the Breach) is about and then the table of contents. Before this is the cover art and a quote from The Art of War that I think is really fitting for the class. Well done there.

Right after that we get to the archetypes.

Aetheric Marksman is an Aether Kineticist archetype that allows you to use a longbow or shortbow(with which you are proficient now) to make your Telekintic Blast. The damage you deal changes and feats like Rapid Shot don't work with it, but Weapon Focus(Kinetic Blast) works. The range is 60ft though, not the full increment of the bow, but any enhancements on your bow(like Flaming or Holy) apply and later you get the ability to grant your bow special properties too, albeit in exchange for taking burn. Later class features include turning arrows into small area of effect damage, piercing through a target to hit another and deal bleed, and shooting an arrow that digs itself deeper into the target.

Archetype Opinion: Not a bad archetype, but unless you can use Gather Power on the features that require burn(which I think you can, but I'm not sure) I don't see it being an all day use class.

Hellfire Kineticists(only available to devil-spawn tieflings) start off with an amazing ability: Half the damage of their fire blasts deal unholy damage. The second ability is an infusion(replacing first level infusion) that sickens or nauseates depending on if the target makes their save.

The part that makes me really hesitant is giving up elemental defense and a bunch of utility talents for being treated as an Outsider(Evil) and scaling bonus to fire and poison effects. Fire's Defense isn't good enough to warrant keeping it, but you can't gain one from any other element.

Later abilities include being able to know if someone has comitted an evil act and what it was, an imp familiar, and a pretty cool capstone.

Archetype Opinon: Pretty cool and evocative. It's a pretty neat archetype that is NOT evil only. Good job on this one, FPG!

Wind Whistler is an Air Kineticist archetype. I'm not so sure about it's first ability, which deals damage based on your Perform(wind) checks instead of adding your Constituion modifier. It's interesting, but skews damage a bit.

Next all infusions are given up in exchange for getting bardic performances, including two unique to the archetype. Both are really cool, especially the one that allows you to give your Enveloping Winds to someone else! The rest of the abilities are equally good as well, with my favorite being trading your composite blast(you must choose Air are your expanded element) for a bardic masterpiece instead. You only get one though, but you can switch it out for free at 12th and 17th level for another one.

Archetype Opinion: This is just great. Without a doubt my favorite of the three archetypes. I'd have gone into more detail on describing the rest of it's abilities, but there are a lot and I don't wanna spoil them for anyone. :)

Prestige Classes: A sorely lacking option for kineticists so far. We get two in this PDF.

Aetheric Assailant is the Eldritch Knight of Kineticists, though it's a bit harder to get into(five feats[though on is armor proficiency], at least 3rd level kineticist, and one infusion).

It has full Base Attack Bonus and can use kinetic abilites(supernatural or spell-like) while Raging, which is a nice touch. You don't have to be a barbarian though, as even under the effects of the spell rage you can use your abilities.

It also has the ability to add ther weapon damage dice(if using one) to their Kinetic Blade, but it comes at a hefty price: you target normal Armor Class and take cumulative burn for each attack beyond the first you make. Yikes!

It does get better from their though, with other abilities like your prestige class levels counting as kineticst and your martial class level for feats, channeling your Aether blast into your shield and/or armor, and even wielding one(or more!) weapon from afar. The capstone is being able to accept 1 extra point of burn in a round and free trip attempts when you confirm a critical hit.

Prestige Class Opinion: Pretty nice. I love prestige classes that you multiclass for, and Aetheric Assailant is really well made and balanced. I'd certainly play one.

Cerulean Star is for Pyro Kineticists that expanded into Fire twice. It's a five level prestige class that requires you to have Blue Flame blast to qualify. The weirdess bit is that Cerulean Stars gain proficiency with starknives. I mean, I get it, Star is in the name, but come on...

This prestige class is all about destroying undead. Your blast deals more damage against undead, you gain Kinetic Healer without needing Aether or Water that later can fix conditions like nauseated, setting undead on 'fire' that deals holy damage, and the capstone ability reduces your current burn by one every time you use Cerulean Fire to destroy an undead. I feel like that should've been the fourth level ability though, since their Heavenly Radiance ability at level 4 allows you to make your Cerulean Fire deal either full Holy damage, half Fire and half Holy, or full Fire damage as you choose. That's amazing.

Prestige Class Opinion: For what it does this prestige class does it well. While it is good at destroying undead it also has potential for fighting other kinds of evil creatures. It's a lovely class that has it's place in just about any campaign.

Now we move on to the new Elements.

Bone, first, is very creepy. It should be. Talents you can pick up include causing bones spurs to erupt out of the ground or give your blasts the ghost touch quality. The defense is pretty thematic too.

Chaos is next and it have a very unusual blast. First it is treated as bane against Lawful subtyped creatures, deals no damage to Chaotic subtyped creatures, and changes damage dice into d20s and d12s as it increases. Whoa, weirdness! The defense gives you bonuses to avoid being grappled and getting out, lower armor check penalty, and gives you fortification that stacks with elemental overflow.

Crystal's defense is one that doesn't scale. Not by accpeting Burn, anyway. It gives you an armor bonus to your Armor Class and Touch Armor class that's based off of Con, and can blind those that hit you, no save, for a round. Crystal also has neat talents like increased crit range, bleed damage, and deflecting rays.

Dream is another with a neat blast. Think shadow evocation but mimics other kinetic blasts instead. Need fire damage? Use it. Targets do get a will save for drastically reduced damage, and its mind-affecting so immunites and resistances apply. It's defense lets you continue to function if something makes you fall asleep, and you can accept to gain bonuses against mind-affecting spells and effects. It's not all nice though, as one utility talent is phantasmal killer.

Time has two different blasts, one for aging others and another to throw weapons like a TK blast. It's defense is a Dodge bonus you can accept Burn to increase. It has a utility talent for running or charging up walls and across ceilings, so you have some nice movement options too.

There is a great section about Spark of Life and the new elements, and feats after that like treating one elemental defense as already having one point of Burn, or qualifying for any item creation feat. Kineticists making potions of Mage Armor and wands of Fireball are possible now, and that's great.

One feat really stands out as a way to act like you are less of a threat or be more careful with your damage. Merciful Blast treats any blast damage as non-lethal and you can reduce the damage you deal like you were a lower level than you really are. This is great for a few reasons, like a villain working with the party and not want to reveal the extent of their power.

After that there are sections for magical and mundane items, a quick glance of which really fit and looks nice.

All in all this is a great pdf that expands on the kineticist in ways I feel have been needed while also being different from other books.

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Freakin' Dragons, Man!


Absolutely amazing. 5/5 is my review score. There is an amazing story of fallen paladins and dragons added their treasure to the very first horde. Want to play something other than humanoids? Look no further!

Each dragon -one for each alignment, so nine in total!- has it's own personality and abilities, from being heavily armored to sneaky to divine and everything in between. That is the reason any player will absolutely love them over the ones printed in the bestiary that are so cookie cutter.

All in all, a very well done adventure that I will definitely be running every time I have a new group. Zenith Games, keep up the good work and make more draconic adventures for everyone!

Through the Fire and The Flames


I like fire magic, I really do. Who doesn't like picking up a handful of d6 and casting fireball? Who isn't afraid of catching fire? Fire is something that can be beautiful or terrifying, useful or destructive, and the Pyromancer is the same.

The pdf is 13 pages long, with the last page as OGL.

The first page of the pdf has an excellent piece of artwork, the typical description of the class, and the role the Pyromancer plays, which can be summed up in one word: Blaster.

Pyromancer similar to sorcerers, being both a spontaneous caster and Charisma based.. Their class features are all about burning their opponents to the ground, as is to be expected. But with fire resistance and immunity such a common feature of monsters, how could an entire class based around dealing fire damage remain effective after just a few levels? Luckily, the good people at Fat Goblin Games thought of this and gave them the ability to reduce and later ignore such otherwise debilitating abilities. To quote the pdf “even stone can be reduced to cinders.”

After the class features we get the Pyromancers spell list, complete with 14 new spells!

Next we get new favored class options, and two archetypes.

The Flame Forge Crafter is based around giving armor, weapons, and shields special abilities related to fire.

The Hellfire Ascendent is a Pyromancer that decided normal fire wasn't enough and entered a pact with a fiend, allowing the flames of Hell to course through him.

The new spells I mentioned earlier are next, along with a picture of what I assume is a goblin pyromancer(a scary thought in and of itself!).

Blazing Ray
Chained Inferno
Fiery Doom
Fire Orb
Flame Stride
Flaming Bolt
Flaming Coal
Flaming Fog
Flaming Tentacles
Maddening Flames
Obscuring Smoke
Sapping Flames
Weapons of Flame
Smoldering Spittle

Finally, we get two new items, the arsonist's kit and the fire flask and a picture of what they look like.

Throughout this entire pdf, I only noticed two typos in one spell, and how underpowered one favored class option would be in a game that goes to level 20. The class features look balanced, the artwork is great, and everything is written in such a way that it is easy to understand. Taking all of that into account, I don't hesitate to give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

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Conjuring More for Summoners


This is an interesting pdf, to say the least.

While the feats are the main focus, and there are feats any class can use, I liked the silhouettes and character builds at the end the most. For example..

The Chess Master: A Summoner who turns the battlefield into a giant chess board, calling extraplanar creatures and making walls and pits to halt the enemies movement and trap them.

For the Chess Master, life is a game, and he plays it well..

So, considering all the good feats, the art, and the helpful builds, I give this product 4 stars.

Wow.. just wow.


Long Reveiw:
First off let me say this class was not what I expected at all. I went in expecting some flashy new features that mimic the other class', and was pleasantly surprised to find myself wrong. The Godling is a strong, balanced class that brings something new to the table. With all the different Domains, divine traits, bonus feats, and scion talents to choose from, you are pretty much guaranteed to never see two Godlings exactly the same.

The Lineage Domains are nice, but I think certain Domains may get selected more often than others, especially since you need a Scion Talent to cast spells from Domains. Destruction and the Elemental Domains come to mind, as well as the Weather Domain. But that just might be my way of thinking.

When it comes to Divine Traits, I have to say that I like Seaborn and Trophy Taker the most. All of them are well written(though it did take me a few moments to understand how Trophy Taker worked). I think you got most of the traits/abilities the demigods Greek myth had when you went with this route.

Scion Traits are interesting, and help keep the “half-mortal” aspect of the Godling evident. The Greater Scion Traits balance the “half-mortal” aspect with the “half-divine” parentage. Good abilities in both features.

The Demigod capstone is very interesting. It's not like any of the other capstone abilities, so it's unique in what it gives you. Giving any character a cult to look forward to is going to be hard to handle, but limiting them by level using the Leadership feat guidelines is a great idea. The spell-like abilities and becoming harder to kill are icing on the cake. A neat capstone well worth the wait.

Overall, I really like this class, and look forward to play-testing it eventually.

Best DnD movie ever!


This movie was really well made and I've watched so much I sometimes quote it, during games and out of them. Buy the DvD and support the Gamers!
They might make another movie.