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A friend of mine has mentioned an old feat that gave you extra hut points, and every time you took it you gained more plus what you had before(3 the first time, then 6, then 9, for a total of 18) or something like that. Can anyone help me find it? My curiosity has been piqued.

Things I know.
1) The hit point stuff above.
2) it was could be taken multiple times.
3) it was a fighter bonus feat.
4) it might have come from the Living Arcanis setting/rules.

Sounds like toughness in 3.5, could be taken multiple times, gave 3hp each time, but it was not a fighter bonus feat.

The feat you are thinking of is the 3.5 version of Toughness.

Upon taking the feat, you gained 3 HP. You could take it multiple times, its effects stacked.

There was another feat in 3.5 called Improved Toughness, it gave you an additional Hit Point per Hit Die.

In Pathfinder these feats were combined into one.

Sword and Fist had feats that granted amounts of hit points higher than 3 that could be taken multiple times, such as Dragon's Toughness, that gave you 7 hit points.

Most of those I've found already, and none of them have the hp gain I've described. :/

Having seen pretty much all the WotC and major 3rd party material since 3.0, I don't think there every was an exploding HP feat. What your friend might be remembering is the feat that grants psionic power points, which does exactly that.

No more taking it multiple times :( come to think of it I don't remember that EVER actually being rules legal;)

They're thinking of the old Toughness line in the splatbooks...

Toughness gave 3hp.
Giant's Toughness gave 5 more.
Dragon's Toughness gave 7 more.

Or something like that... can't remember which name was which exactly, but there were 3 or 4 of them that gave progressively higher HP amounts.

Dwarf/Giant/Dragon's Toughness show up in Masters of the wild, but they aren't what I'm looking for. :/

They are what you are looking for. There weren't any others like that that I know of in any 3.x book... and I played it for years.

There weren't any others... he's misremembering it. There was toughness for 3hp flat... and another feat that required toughness then added 1/level or HD over 3...

That is the only chain that got bigger bonuses as you took them in 3.5.

Don't think it's what you are looking for but there was also the Draconic Feats (and maybe other "Kind" Feats,don't really recall)that interacted with each other. The more you had, the bigger the benefits you got. There was Draconic Toughness that gave you 2 HPs + 2 for every other Draconic feat you had or would have in the future.

Was it a 3.X feat?

Edit: Also it reminds me of an "alternative class feature" (or w/e it was called then) Stalwart Sorcerer or something, that the way it was written, it could be misinterpreted to give HPs in the way you are describing at each level.

Yes, there was a feat like that in the Player's Guide to Arcanis, though I don't remember the exact name.

I think the pre-reqs were something like Toughness and Great Fortitude.

I remember it because a friend was going to make a character that was a Holy Champion of Anshar, and take nothing but that feat over and over.

(Holy Champions are Paladin-like classes specific to each god, not all were Lawful Good. Part of Anshar's portfolio was suffering, and her Holy Champions got bonuses that increased depending on how much damage they had suffered).

The Living Arcanis campaign eventually limited characters to taking it no more than 3 times, so that killed the concept.

Here is the HC of Anshar class.

And it appears the feat is just called Improved Toughness. The pre-reqs look like Toughness and Endurance.

So you take Toughness (3hp). Improved Toughness (6hp). Improved Toughness (9hp). Improved Toughness (12hp)...etc.

Epic Toughness. +20 hp (3.0 Epic Handbook) / +30 hp (3.5 Complete Warrior) each time you take it. But it is an Epic Feat, aka +20 Levels before you can take it.

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