Where do you want to go if you're high level?


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The Sun

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Valishmal Jungle
More Darklands (that weird dinosaur (and Other) infested cavern would be sweet!)

*And yes, I did have parentheses inside parentheses, because I'm awesome.

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Cyrad wrote:

My characters would want to clear the stains of evil from the world that heroes of lower caliber would have no chance against.

- Journey to the Isle of Terror, explore the Wizard-King Pit, undo the trap set by Tar-Baphon, and close off the portal to the Negative Energy Plane inside of the Well of Sorrows. I was disappointed City of Golden Death wasn't an epic adventure as plundering the treasure vault of the Inner Sea's most infamous necromancer should have been a high level adventure.

- Adventure to Sevenarches and journey into the portals to find a cure for the plague that could wipe out the elven race

- Nautical adventure through the Sightless Sea

- Search through the heart of the Eye of Abendego

- Explore Tangle Briar and face the Treerazer

All of this in one AP! The high -level PCs are called on to perform 12 labors like Hercules and have to tackle 12 of the most dangerous and exciting locations in and around the Inner Sea.

I have a player in my home game who jokes that his high-level characters from Shattered Star and Legacy of Fire jaunt around Golarion together, giving people free teleportation rides and trying find the best sandwiches in Golarion.

1. Iblydos
2. Five Kings Mountains (Dwarven Cities are always the coolest maps)
3. Aucturn (because so many of the modules hint at the Aucturn engima, it would be a great capstone on a module campaign).

Grand Lodge

pinkycatcher wrote:
2. Five Kings Mountains (Dwarven Cities are always the coolest maps)

So glad someone else had the correct request. Even if the long ears jumped in with a bunch of silly surface places first.

Hmm, since we aren't allowed the ones I'd have gone with...

A LOT of places in Tian Xia?

Somewhere where the remaining Runelords have awoken and you can finally take them all out (or replace them, depending on your party and alignment).


Absalom Station? :p

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1.Hollow Mountain. (it would be fun to fight another high level runelord)
2.The Black Desert.
3.The Citadel of the Black on Aucturn
5.The Wailing Stone (an asteroid in the diaspora that drives people who stay there too long insane)
6.That ruined city at the crown of the world mentioned in Pathfinder #51
7. Taru seco

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The past of Golarion, whitnessing one of the world-shaping events back then!


Iobaria, esp. Dirrinir or sites related to Koloran.


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I may have missed it, but is there anything that takes place in the Mana Wastes?

Exploring an area where magic doesn't work, or could be significantly altered sounds like fun to me.

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RuyanVe wrote:

The past of Golarion, whitnessing one of the world-shaping events back then!


Iobaria, esp. Dirrinir or sites related to Koloran.


Ooo yeah. Skywatch. I forgot about that.

The Mordant Spire would be fascinating to deal with.

Or the Blighted Fey Forest, I can't remember the exact name of it.

The Valley of Fire, cleansing the ghosts of a thousand lost souls would be pretty interesting and on that note Heibarr involves the same sort of theme.

The Ground of Lost Tears has some fascinating implications, in that its a place filled with incorporeal undead who follow Pharasma and sing her praises when they awaken, but haven't yet been destroyed by her or her Psychopomps, why? Maybe they're guarding something for her or maybe it implies she isn't as hardline on undead as she first appears.

The Boneyard Spire has some fascinating implications as well, hints of an entire pantheon who are unknown in the current day bar Groetus and Pharasma, maybe hints of a world before this one? Or of the incredible losses that Rovagug inflicted on the multiverse?

Silver Crusade

Claxon wrote:

I may have missed it, but is there anything that takes place in the Mana Wastes?

Exploring an area where magic doesn't work, or could be significantly altered sounds like fun to me.

Wardens of the Reborn Forge is a module that takes place in the Mana Wastes. It's already high-ish level---12-15.

I also vote for Alkenstar, though.

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1) I'd love to see the Tanglebriar #1.
2) I know the worldwound got a lot of love with both PFS season 5 and the Wrath of the Righteous (which I'm only 2 parts into), but there is so many amazing places that have only barely been touched on, not to mention, some non-mythic module/ap focus would be great.
A) Greengrave Keep seems especially amazing to build high level content around with a mix of demon, undead, and druidic influences.
B) Blackhearth Cairn could be interesting but isn't as interesting as Greengrave Keep.
3) Would love to see a flair up of Nex vs Geb content, since there are so many things you can do with the minions and traps from each side.
4) I think another visit to Akiton could be interesting, but far less so than the previous items.

I want to go where ever the Irespan leads, I have always wondered where it led to.

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The Irespan leads to Hollow Mountain.

Here are some interesting that would be fun to explore

1) Pit of Gormuz
2) Spire of Nex
3) Hollow Mountain, Sorshen's tomb under Korvosa,
4) going to Gallowspire and killing Tar Baphon
5) going to Tangle Briar and killing Tree Razer
6) Going to Geb and causing all sorts of mischief.
7) Skywatch Iobaria
8) Iblydos...There must be some mythical challenges there
9)hat ruined city at the crown of the world mentioned in Pathfinder #51
10) the Shory flying city that crashed into the Wall of Heaven
11) The Sleeper in the Hold of Belkzen
12) Sorshen's tomb under Korvosa,

Sarusan. I have an evil plan for it in my home brew but I am sure my players could use more content.

Dark Archive


...What? At high levels, character has obviously seen so much horrific stuff they want to have peace and quiet for long time.

Seriously though, my actual answer will take a long time since so many wonderfully horrific places :'D And quite a lot of places with evil monstrous rulers, going rampage on evil ruled places agaisnt evil minions sounds fun. But for 18th level characters, at least:

*Valashmai Jungle,
*Runelords' hiding places/old Thassilonian capitals,
*Chu Ye,
*Land of Linnorm Kings(killing Fafnir, evading curse and uniting the lands sounds fun),
*Ilvarandin(tons of Intellect Devourers plus I like Midnight Dawn subplot).
*Zon Kuthon's apartment on Shadow Plane(I forgot name of area that he was on in Shadow Plane <_<)

Also maybe underwater adventure in Azlant? I know I want some underwater place, but I can't think of any. And Sarusan sounds interesting because its mythical remote continent, but since we don't know anything about it I don't know if it would be fun for high level characters.

Well anyway, if we do "I want to fight this guy" reccomendations, then I want "Whatever area has Tychilarius's prison". Facing the Dominion of the Dark in general would be fun. Also facing one of Rovagug's spawn would be fun.

I would love to visit the Tanglebriar and fight Treerazer.
Plus, leading an army of dwarves to reclaim their citadel from the orcs (Urgir) would catch the attention of several players in our group.
Bastardhall most definitely!
Lots of other good ideas I would second as well, but these are top of my list. Thanks!

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  • Start at Absalom to unmask the Pathfinders' Decemvirate! Does no one else find it odd there's a whole National Geographic Society with agents everywhere that don't know who the boss(es) is(are)? Might lead to conclusively deal with whatever it is they are so keen on not being scried by. (Come to think of it, who runs the real National Geographic Society!? Oh,crap!-- ) Any connection with the only slightly less veiled Pactmasters of Katapesh?
  • Call Razmir's bluff.
  • Cool places in Nex: Escape From Alcatraz Valkus Isle; and/or explore the Well of Lies, maybe following the same clues as explorers of old who found clues in the ruins of the Mwangi Expanse.
  • Break/Defend the Citadel of the Alchemist in Thuvia to end/ensure the monopoly of the sun orchid elixir. Maybe involve/threaten-the-hermeticism-of the wise-women of Osibu in the Mwangi Expense, requiring interaction with the epic-sounding Nemesis Well?
  • I agree that Skywatch in Brevoy sounds like a great place to start ending mysterious silences. An uber obervatory would be a great place from which to launch a planet-hopping campaing.
  • The Shackles have received a lot of love. There are a few high-level hooks there. One that interests me is Raugsmauda, the lich who presumably crowned the last Hurricane King and was the source of his moniker, Bonefist. She has an abandoned lair (The Pit of Raugsmauda) , a current lair (Raugsmauda's Reach)and is supposedly still haunting the waters aboard the ghastly vessel Naieghoul. If the crown of the Hurricane King sits on a new head, maybe the past kingmaker has an objection...

Hmm... Thanks for the thought-provoking question! Also, very keen on supporting high-level play, so thanks for starting the conversation.

Valashmai Jungle
Punching out Treerazer

In order of what I thought of:
Azlant/Aboleth City
Groetus' moon
Xanderghul's resting place

My favorite that others thought of and I didn't: Witchbole/Treerazer (seems to be quite popular in general).
Five Kings Mountains would be nice too.

Scarab Sages

In no particular order:

* Mediogalti
* Eye of Abendego
* Darklands - beyond drow
* Nex &/or Geb - I see this more from the Nex side against Geb, but both are pretty cool
* maybe Uskwood in Nidal
* maybe Fangwood

* Anywhere/anything that has lots of dragons, cause you don't get to really have much fun with them in mid level play -- The dragon player companion just came out, and we already have dragon hunters, so this should fit in.

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At high level play, I would want to make the whole world better. The three things I would most want to go in by force and clean up are:
1. Get rid of house Thrune in Cheliax
2. Force freedom of religion for all good religions (or possibly interpreted to be good, i.e. neutral deities) in Rahadoum
3. Let Razmir's secret slip

The Exchange

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The Isle of Terror.

It's entirely possible I missed it, but I want to explore the Isle of Terror.

I mean, it's called The Freakin' Isle of Terror!

Valashmai jungle and homeland of Grippli and froghemoth.

First, I think I'll certainly explore the Mwangi Expanse. The mighty Ruthazek, the Gorilla King of Usaro, must be something to see. As he stole the experimental bombard of Alkenastre, he must have some purpose to it. And it would be thrilling to explore the old city of Jaha and the ruins of Kho, the ancient flying city. There must be some dark secrets there.

Then I'll probably go to Razmiran. A campaign about the fall of a false god must be something thrilling to experience.

In Golarion Innersee :

- More Runelords' place
- Land of the Linnorm Kings

Other planes !
- Fire / Water / Air / Earth places
- Paradise / Nirvana / Elyseum

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More info on the Black Desert would be cool.
And going beneath the waves and into the Eye to see what's there.

A few ideas off the top of my head...

I have to agree with the calls for more Azlant content, as well as the Eye of Abendego. Maybe adventuring into the deep dark of the sea would allow recovery of ancient Azlanti secrets or artifacts which would in turn allow a group to penetrate and explore the Eye? Is it just a giant sucking hole in reality? Maybe its just Aroden is laid out having a migraine? Or perhaps a hiding place he created when he discovered is own ability to see the future was actively calling a horrible menace to Golarion. In any case, I could see the mystery of Aroden being woven into an adventure exploring Azlant ruins and the Eye.

I'd also love an exploration of Iobaria... maybe something that starts in the Jutland Wrecks and delves into the Lake of Mists and Veils, then leads onwards to cover Cyclopean secrets/ruins and into the secret depths of Dirrinir?

A module to follow/expand on Iron Gods? With a ship cobbled together (part technological and part magic and bound elementals to fill in the gaps) players could launch forth into the beyond to seek the origins of the starships that fell upon Golarion.

Some kind of scavenger-hunt romp through the planes, perhaps set out of the city of brass and delving into other, deeper extraplanar areas from there while dealing with intrigue and manipulation from different factions of the city's residents.

Ooh, there are a number of high level places I'd like to adventure in/see more of!

10. The Midnight Mountains: I can see a long and perilous journey leading up to a battle with an Umbral dragon for its hoard. And maybe that battle attracts the attention of a Mu Spore...
9. Tanglebriar: Treerazer is pretty cool, plus it would be nice to see some more Kyonin stuff. Maybe rescue and cleanse an ancient elven ruin.
8. The Nameless Spires: This ruin, if the Inner Sea World Guide holds true, is oooooooold. There's a lot of mystery to unfold here, and a lot of different directions the adventure could go I think.
7. Ice Spire: Vikings+Aliens+classic dungeon crawl= My money in your pockets. Plus, maybe it's connected to the Nameless Spires in some way!
6. Valashmai: Plenty of great plot hooks for this in Mythic Realms. Exploring a Valashan temple would be fun, or maybe a Mythic safari to capture the biggest game you can.
5. Xin-Cyrusian: Home to the baddest of the Runelords. If you thought Xin-Shalast was something, just wait and see.
4. Shirogoku: A massive cavern, brimming with spell slinging, regenerating monstrosities? Probably holding wealth untold from when the world was young? I'm in. One could definitely draw a lot of inspiration from descriptions of the Buddhist and Chinese hells.
3. Chu Ye: Very similar to Shirogoku, but I'm giving it the nod because I feel the country could use a little more fleshing out. Plus, there is probably more to flesh out. We know it was a nation of healers prior to the Oni taking over, but that's about it. A module set here could be a very flavorful twist on Giantslayer.
2. Any Orv cavern beneath Tian Xia: We know extremely little about these caverns, all we have is a paragraph of information in the Dragon Empires Gazetteer. So much untapped potential!
1. Grungir Forest: To quote a famous elf, "This forest is old. Very old." This is THE dark and scary forest of Golarion if you ask me. You want dragons? We have the superpowered crazy cousin of the dragon family tree. You want Fey? There are entire cities of em in here. Wendigos? Buy one get one free. And if you get sick of the woods you might find a portal to the First World here! It's a big forest with a TON of opportunity inside, just dripping with magic and lost treasures.

And I couldn't recall if there's a specific country that is associated with Daemons like the Worldwound is with Demons or Cheliax is with Devils, but I'd also like to go adventure there. Daemons are my favorite bad guys.

Viperwall is a spot that I'd like to delve into. Are those serpentfolk trying to make a comeback? What is causing the poisonous fumes that the keep emits?

I would really love to see the colossal cannon the dwarves have built at the gunworks.

Oh, and, get me on a resurrected shory flying city please, oh please. Tarrasques optional.

Silver Crusade

1) Nameless Spires
2) Earthnavel & Deep Tolguth
3) Witchbole
4) Iobaria
5) Sightless Sea

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Something said up-stream gave me a thought. A classic shipwreck, in PFS. The scenario opens with the PCs awaking sans all gear but a basic outfit. Most of the adventure they have to function without their gear.

Note to any authors that try this, be cognizant of things like Called weapons and Eschew Materials combined with D-Door/Teleport/...

-Mana Wastes
-Citadel Gheisteno (probably not level 18+ since Lictor Shokneir is cr16 but i would still like to see it)
-City of Brass
-Burning Archipelago

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Well after reading about new APs etc something changed here.


*includes any place there.
**is even more true for low level modules and APs.

Wow am I late to this party... especially as I only recently cancelled my modules subscription, partly due to the oversaturation of low-level mods. Ah well, I can always re-sub.

For me, the specific venue of the mod on Golarion matters less than the fact that I want it to feel like a high-level mod, not like a low level mod with just bigger AC's, DC, and damage numbers. Emerald Spire did a pretty decent job at its finale of giving us a little more info about how the world came to be and, to me, that's a critical part of good high level adventures - getting a bit more insight into the "why"s of the world, especially if mixed with a bit more of the end boss challenges.

While I'd love to see some specific areas of Golarion explored further, I think that the more page count is expended on the expansion of Golarion the less we'll have for good high level stuff that a 64-page format may be able to deliver. Re-reading the thread though, since apparently that's already been addressed, my top 5 thoughts would be:

#5 Mordant Spire - especially if we got a better look at the non-Runelord Azlanti
#4 Valashmai - especially some more info on the Golarion-specifics of the kaiju rather than bestiary-generic
#3 Casmaron - specifically something involving Namzaruum
#2 the Pre-Runelord origins of Kaer Maga that have been hinted at

...and #1 - Jalmeray - because Kothogaz in 101 pieces and the strangely symmetrical 101 ships sounds like an appropriately epic start for 18th level characters... especially if Trilochan is involved, as well.

Polled my group. The top picks from the four of us are:

- Sarusan
- Garund (Specifically somewhere south of the Mwangi Expanse, not Inner-Sea Garund)
- Aucturn
- Kaolung

Scarab Sages

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Dark Archive


On Golarion? How about Rahadoum or the Realm of the Mammoth Lords?

Not on Golarion, I would love to see a module either partially or entirely set in the First World or Axis.

Lantern Lodge

Valkus Isle, (Nex.)
The Mana Wastes- -more, again, always.
Absalom, in a political intrigue-type adventure (or Galt, with attempts to survive when the plots come full circle)
The Eye of Abendegno
A 'career mode' gauntlet of arena battles in Tymon

Is the El Raja Key still a thing in Golarion?

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I've deliberately not read the previous responses, so apologies for repetition...

High-level adventuring areas I'd be interested in exploring (either as a player or the GM) include...

1. Hollow Mountain
2. Ilvarandin
3. Viperwall
4. the planet Aucturn. (Which I imagine looks something like this...)
5. Bastardhall
6. Crowhollow
7. The Hells (Magnimar's prison)
8. Deep Tolguth
9. Leng
10. The Grand Mastaba of Korvosa

The Mana Wastes. I want to see high level primal magic do its thing, plus it would be cool to see a setting where spell casters are simultaneously gimped and incredibly empowered.

Grand Lodge

Fighting Treerazer would be interesting. For the planar adventure, Moonbog, maybe. Having the adventurers chased around by a bunch of half-fiend warewolves does sound interesting, possibly while trying to discover Jezelda's past.

Dark Archive

I'm not posting in a dead thread to say what others have all already said, you are, you're crazy not me.
City of Brass
Burning Archipelago
The city of the faceless
A spire-like superdungeon on the moon ultimately ending in a gateway to Eox
The First World
Wherever the other rune lords are at.

Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Mordant Spire
City of Brass
Quantium, Nex
Pangolais (and meet the gold wyrm there)

Though I'd love to have more on Hermea, it's not a fit that high level IMO.

Five Kings Mountains

there's just not enough love for us Dwarves here

James Jacobs wrote:

Hey there, folks!

So, there's no way I can ask this without making folks start to speculate and wonder... so speculate and wonder away.

What part of Golarion (preferably the Inner Sea region) would your 18th or higher-level character want to go explore and learn about? If you also have areas beyond Golarion (other planets or planes), feel free to list them too, but ONLY if you first list a place ON Golarion that you'd like to see more about!

Three locations you can't nominate:

  • Starstone Cathedral
  • Gallowspire
  • Pit of Gormuz

Because I already know folks are interested in those locations! :-P

I've always been of the opinion that Pathfinder doesn't do nearly enough with the Realm of the Mammoth Lords; Deep Tolguth might be a place to visit.

Another option, given the sort of magic at these levels? Time travel to past eras of GOlarion. It's more of a "scenario" than a "place" I guess, but being present at Starfall in Numeria, or Aroden's ascension, the fall of Sarkoris, or the Dwarven Quest for the Sun.

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