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As I’m always referencing this list, I feel the need to update it :

Ryan Naylor’s Pathfinder in the Mists is a very polished conversion of the Ravenloft setting (of 2e and Sword & Sorcery 3e, not the 3.5 CoS). It’s available in the library of the Fraternity of Shadows website

There’s another somewhat slimmer PF conversion available called Mistfinder

Monty Cook’s Ptolus is a great urban campaign setting originally written for 3e, but there’s an excellent PF conversion available here

Someone needs to build the others too.

Olaf is clearly a Water/Ice/Snow Wysp. Possibly acting as a familiar to Anna (via Familiar Bond & Improved Familiar feats).

Anna is a Phantom Thief Rogue. An acrobatic skill monkey with lots of vigilante social talents (Renown, Loyal Aid, Celebrity Perks?, Skill Familiarity, Always Prepared) and acrobatic feats.

Kristoff is a Hunter / Skirmisher Warden Ranger with Sven as a reindeer boon companion.

Where’s the review gone?

Old thread on 3PP APs. Aside from the ones already mentioned above it has:

Total Party Kill Games: The Reaping Stone + The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure + The Fen of the Five-Fold Maw. (Not a full AP)

0One Games' Urban Road to Revolution AP, plus The Sinking Campaign Serial.

The psionic AP in the making by Dreamscarred Press Third Dawn (not completed?)

Certain AAW adventures to be stringed together

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Brother Fen wrote:
And the little known "Freeing Nethus" from Kobold Press

Where can you buy it?

Cerulean Seas will provide excellent rules for underwater everything. They have several other supplements with underwater psionics, monters etc. I hear the quality is excellent. Check out the reviews

Also check out Sunken Empires by Open Design.

I wanted to recommend raging Swan Press' awesome GM Miscellany material, but they do not have any underwater material for that line ...yet. Their Adventure Dark Waters Rising is set underwater though.

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nighttree wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
"Dark Druids"?
The Uskwood Druid Order ;)

Legendary Villains: Dark Druids seems relevant here. Also search Boomer's tumbler archive for uskwood. I suggest to start with this relevant NPC.

I applaud inclusion of the gold wyrm from Dragons Revisited.

And I hope we get something on the activity of worshippers of Desna in Nidal. Liane's Nightglass had some hints on that, but sadly it was never picked up later in the novels.

Give him more levels already. Cleric 3 or expert 2/cleric 1 if you don't want too much casting abilities. Or even higher...

Read my NPCs get XP too, level 1 = adolescent , NPC leveling rant.

Chess Pwn wrote:
ShroudedInLight wrote:

Hey folks, I have a question that relates to this, well a build I was thinking of. Do different sources of Inspire Courage stack?

For instance if you were an Evangelist Cleric and a Bard multiclass, would their levels stack to determine the effects of Inspire Courage or would you have two separate pools of performance?

They don't stack because they don't say they stack and you'd have two separate pools.

Which can be awesome if you find a way to stack onto both pools. For examples with Battle Herald.


Sermonic Performance

An evangelist gains the ability to deliver a select number of supernatural and spell-like performances through the force and power of her divinely inspired preaching and exhortation. This ability is similar in all respects to bardic performance as used by a bard of the same level (including interactions with feats, spells, and prestige classes), using Perform (oratory) as the evangelist’s performance skill. However, an evangelist gains only the following types of bardic performance: countersong, fascinate, and inspire courage at 1st level; inspire greatness at 9th level; and inspire heroics at 15th level.

bard and battle herald levels stack to determine the bonuses provided by inspire courage.

(Arcane Duelist) Bard 1/Sensei (Unchained?) Monk 1/Evangelist Cleric 1/Cavalier or Samurai 3/Battle Herald x anyone?

Suthainn wrote:

Thanks for all the additional thoughts and builds!

I wonder if a Sneak attack build is actually possible, it's really going to rely on prestige classes from the look of your suggestions Dukasaurus82, which might end up making it rather spread everywhere feat wise and even then it looks like a good few of those aren't Paizo material so you'd have to run it past your GM, still I very much like the idea!

Ninja 1, Rogue 2, Alchemist (Vivisectionist) 3, Brawler (Snakebite Striker) 4, Assassin 5, Inner Sea Pirate 6, Mastery Spy 7, Sleepless Detective 8, Red Mantis Assassin 9, Vigilante (Serial Killer *might* stack with Sneak Attack) 10

Your feats are almost entirely going to be spent qualifying for Red Mantis Assassin but that still makes you a solid TWF sneak attacker so not a real problem. The real issue is that despite having a 10d6 Sneak Attack your BAB at level 10 is... 1.

Of note Grey Gardener has sneak attack at level 1 as well but sadly requires 2nd level Divine spells so it's out.

This build totally breaks gestalt. Imagine combining this with one of the full BAB one level builds above...

Or if non gestalt combine with Sword Saint Samurai for moar! iajitsu quasi sneak attack.

This list of classes with Sneak attack (not necessarily at level 1 though) might contain a few more...

Strangler Brawler 2 for +2d6 Sneak when grappling.

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It deserves its own thread IMO...

If the latest Kobold Press Kickstarter gets enough backers, the Midgard campaign setting will be opened up for 3rd party content, similar to the DM's Guild making Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft available. This covers supplements that are compatible with 13th Age, includes 5e and Pathfinder, too.

Who else is looking forward to seeing what the broader community comes up with for Midgard?

See here for more details

Back the kickstarter for $1 if you want to make it happen!

As you start reading the Alexandrian you might as well read the clever articles on node based design. This keeps the "plot" going even if characters do not intersect it and also gives different points of intersection.

There's archetypes (beast master ranger, huntmaster cavalier) allowing several animal companions, though you split your Druid levels among them. Shore up with boon companion and stack on familiar.

As for old d20 stuff , Mystic Eye Games Hunt the Rise of Evil Setting probably qualifies. Also Blue Rose.

I, GROGNARD wrote:

Thank you for helping. But the link you have is exactly the version of Dragotha I have in my link.

I was thinking of one from the magazines.

Sorry about that. But it is 2e. So you mean another 2e version?

Maybe this discussion helps?

As for random settlements I want to say 2e monster manual, in theencounter chart section, but I might be wrong.

2e Dragotha was an article/download on WotC

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ISWG has a map showing the island and a mysterious neighboring islandcalled Two Tree Island. No details for each though, it's a low scale map.

Check out awesome terrain someone made for a modified version of "The Lure of Greed" by Neil Spicer in Wayfinder #7.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:

HOWEVER, the shipping estimator for somewhere (anywhere?) in the U.S. is low, in the order of $5 I think... (I checked for Orlando, Florida).

So, if anyone here from the U.S. wants these comics, and live in an area which going to ship for such a low amount or less, I'd gladly pay the $5 for someone to enjoy them, if that's ok with Paizo and Dynamite of course (please confirm).

Same offer from me. First one to send me a PM gets the physical comics.

We even have special freebies: Just enter your email address to immediately receive the Iron Gods Player's Guide and a Pathfinder Worldscape #1!

The freebie does not work for me. It wants a recaptcha but I see none...

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Daw wrote:

Yes, the level 6 Sorceror defeated a Balrog in hand to hand combat.

Don't listen to me though, I have no love of trying to see how low level you can make a case for heroes and demigods of legend being.

Since this was being done 40 years ago it won't ever go away.

Tolkien wasn't playing PF or D&D. This game does not map to Tolkien style high fantasy very well. People have tried though, you need to rewrite/houserule/tune the rules a lot to make it fit.

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Just leaving this here: my rant on commoners including lots of detail, Sean K Reynolds Theory on Peasants and lots of nice example builds.


IMO 1st level (N)PCs are children or adolescents. This is supported by the starting ages for PC classes. Level 1 commmoners have to be either very young or very inexperienced IMO. A level 1 warrior is a newbie recruit or the local school bully.


As for scripted only encounters, read up on the Alexandrians awesome node based design articles here. They offer cool ways in between railroad and sandbox. A few random encounters are very much needed for verisimilitude IMHO.

Check out this thread about a Thieves Guild campaign for lots of useful advice and links.

Rite Publishing adapted the city stat rules to rules for Yakuza gangs and Samurai clans. I'd adapt them to thieves guilds/gangs and noble houses

Of course it should. It's for the Pathfinder RPG.

If it were using the Paizo logo, I could understand your question. But surely you must be aware that 3PP use the Pathfinder logo for their Pathfinder products.

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Check out Clinton Boomer's Age of Strange Marvel Pathfinder mashup giving a fantasy alternate future version of the Marvel Univere

Or do you want to set it in Golarion? Alternate Golarion?

Yes get one for yourself and gift this to your GM for $15 (or more).

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Check out this awesome bundle


FGG Promo email wrote:

Introducing the Frog God Games Humble Bundle promotion! Featuring Kobold Press and Green Ronin Publishing!

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$8—Everything from the $1 pledge plus Rappan Athuk, Dead Man’s Chest, Against Tsathogga, Cyclopean Deeps I-II, Advanced Races Compendium, Halls of the Mountain King adventure, Your Whispering Homunculus, a retail value of $257.37

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Kobold Press is the award-winning company behind the Midgard Campaign Setting and Southlands Campaign Settings for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, as well as the source of design guides like the Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding and the Kobold Guide to Board Game Design. Its crowdsourced design philosophy has produced some powerful adventures and supplements, and its dark magic and occult knowledge have kept it a step ahead of a horde of competitors. Snake people may be involved. We can't really say. Its stable of regulars includes Pathfinder and RPG luminaries such as Wolfgang Baur, Jeff Grubb, David "Zeb" Cook, Ed Greenwood, Jason Bulmahn, Brandon Hodge, Adam Daigle, and others.

Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle based company dedicated to the art of great games. Since the year 2000 Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality and innovation that is second to none, publishing such roleplaying game hits as Fantasy AGE, Dragon Age, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, and Mutants & Masterminds, and winning over 40 awards for excellence. For an unprecedented three years running Green Ronin won the prestigious GenCon & EnWorld Award for Best Publisher.

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Check out this thread for loads of pirate adventures and sourcebooks.

Aside from Paizo's Skull&Shackles AP, Frog God Games Razor Coast and Green Ronin's Freeport product line stand out

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Clerics, Warpriests, and Inquisitors of Desna are basically batman, stalking the darkness to rid it of the terrors that would use it to prey on the innocent.

Yes, especially in Nidal. Also with Desna's mysterious origins and Zon Kuthon backstory there might be another connection to Darkness hidden somewhere.

In Nidal's capital there's always night and one of my favorite NPCs there is the gold dragon wyrm posing as a simple beggar. (Astarathian from Dragons Revisited )

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I always liked Greyhawk's Mist Wolves for that. Not sure if they ever got converted to 3e even.

In PF the Moon Dog fills a similar role

Maybe settle for the midlevel "best one shot in ages" : Up from Darkness.

If you're set on high level read the level 16+ thread first.

From Paizo The Witchwar Legacy is for level 17.

Adventure Quarterly #2 contains a lvl 18 adventure:

The high level module of this installment is Steven D. Russell's "Dungeon of No Return", which could e considered a nod towards the "Tomb Of Horrors". If the name was not ample clue: PCs will DIE here.

AQ feature one high level adventure in almost each issue...

Or start the converted A Paladin in Hell with the early parts as vignettes skipping the middle parts... (it's not a one shot)

Run Amok Games has the Kingdom of Toads.

See also the Retribution product discussion thread for placement ideas:


The Lost Coast of Varisia seems to me a good fit.
Also, any region of Iobaria along the Lake of Mists and Veils or the Catrovin Sea south of Vladmirr (see PF #33 for a gazetteer of Iobaria).

Halfway between Windsong Abbey and Riddleport?

Ooh, Castrovin Sea looks good - thanks for that.
Now I just have to decide which gods to sub in (I'll just make the lonely coast gods alt. names for Golarion gods).

Yes, just south (or north) of the Fogscar Mountains.

Another place in Varisia that could fit is the rather isolated gulf in the Varisian Bay that is south of the Calphiak Mountains (west of Riddleport and north of the Thassilonian satrapy of Bakrakhan).

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The Oppara Arena is the oldest arena in the Inner Sea region. It is located in the Grandbridge district of Oppara and is large enough to fit 20,000 people. the Oppara Arena runs daily gladiatorial battles and slave fights. It costs only one copper piece for a person to attend. Sometimes, members of the royalty and senatorial classes feed the crowd in the arena.

This tells us that there certainly are slaves in Taldor

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Thanael wrote:
Taldor and the demihuman races: Taldor is still pretty huge. It encompasses different environments and even holds a sky citadel of the dwarfs inside its borders. So what is the relationship Taldans have with members of the non human races? What about the fey? And the elegant elves of the north?

The Sky Citadel Kravenkus is an almost ghost town now, with a population of only a few thousand living in a metropolis/city besieged by dark lands creatures. It would make sense to assume many of the populace did indeed integrate into Taldor's cities and towns.

Whispil is a major gnomish city in Taldor's part of the Verduran Forest.

The metropolis Cassomir is one of the main halfling settlements in the Inner Sea Region.

According to Taldor Echoes of Glory: The city Maheto has a sizable population of dwarves who lend their skills in metal-crafting to the empire in exchange for open-ended mining rights in the World's End Mountains.

It seems of the core demihumans only the elves, half elves and half-orcs are under-represented.

The Pathfinder Tales novel Plague of Shadows by Howard Andrew Jones plays in Taldor and features an Elven Ranger who was a warden for a noble iirc (and a former adventuring companion) and a half-orc Drelm who is a captain of the guard for the same.

Nearly all of Wispil's inhabitants are gnomes, although a fair number of halflings, elves, half-elves, fey, and a handful of dwarves also live there.

Cassomir has quite a few halfling and a gnome shipwrights. And being a port city probably a few more exotic specimens too.

So it seems that Taldor is indeed like a generic human fantasy kingdom in regards to demihumans. They exist here and there, in larger numbers mostly in racially fitting environments. (Gnomes in the wood, dwarves in the city near the mountains, etc.) The larger cities will have a few demihumans, while in rural areas they will be more rare. There might exist smaller demihuman settlements here or there.

No weirder races are noted, so I assume they are even rarer.

Rogar Valertis wrote:

Secret Societies in Taldor: As for thieves guilds Taldor officially has one and it's mentioned in the Inner Sea Campaign Setting right in the middle of Oppara's entry.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

All things considered seems like the BoS fits the bill of the mysterious and well entrenched thieves' guild strong enough to operate openly in Oppara and having chapterhouses in the other nations of the Inner Sea.
This is an aspect of Taldor that should be further developed: how does the BoS interact with the nobiliy? The Lion Blades? Does it give a chance to its lowborn members to gain social standing? It it meritocratic in a way most other Taldan institutions are not? Ho does it operate in foreign countries? Does it further taldan interests or is it just out for its own interests?
Just a few question but there are certainly several others.

They also have a spy agency, the Lion Blades, embedded in one of the two bardic organizations (Kitharodian Academy and Rhapsodic College).

The dwindling Taldan-based Hellknight Order of the Scar specializes in rooting out assassins.

Both the Pathfinder Society and the Aspis Cosortium are present in Oppara, and the Lumber Cosortium is in the Verduran Forest though not in the Taldan Part.

The new PF Tales novel Shy Knives involves the thieves guild afaik.

Taldor and the demihuman races: Taldor is still pretty huge. It encompasses different environments and even holds a sky citadel of the dwarfs inside its borders. So what is the relationship Taldans have with members of the non human races? What about the fey? And the elegant elves of the north?

The Sky Citadel Kravenkus is an almost ghost town now, with a population of only a few thousand living in a metropolis/city besieged by dark lands creatures. It would make sense to assume many of the populace did indeed integrate into Taldor's cities and towns.

Whispil is a major gnomish city in Taldor's part of the Verduran Forest.

The metropolis Cassomir is one of the main halfling settlements in the Inner Sea Region.



The people of Taldor worship a wide range of deities, but among the major gods prefer those who are generally associated with the Taldan people: Abadar, Cayden Cailean, Norgorber, and Shelyn. The worship of Calistria and the controversial (because she is associated with Qadira) Sarenrae, and even the deceased Aroden are also popular.[3] The cult of Kurgess (a demigod who began as a Taldan mortal) is also beginning to spread.[32]

from the wiki.

So you missed commenting on Calistria and Kurgess.

Kurgess was a commoner and is probably worshipped by commoners more than nobles, though his portfolio would also appeal to knights.

Calistria is probably also seen as a commoner goddess.

Also Milani is said to have been a Saint of Aroden so she could be considered a Taldan deity too. She is more relevant to Cheliax of course.

Still not a single review on any of his products on Paizo..

GM 1990 wrote:
I suppose if the GM allowed it with enough GP you could create a whole army of these clones in the arctic, and try to take over the world? Maybe a great 1 on 1 campaign idea, not as much fun in a group IMO.

There's an adventure in early dungeon magazine where you encounter several simulacrums in an arch wizards lair.

I always wanted to design a mystery scenario with an arctic monastery inhabited by simulacrums only of a former school of ice mages.

Right, Ondorum is an oread monk.

Thanael wrote:

Vigilante. Double Time, Social Grace, Startling Appearance, Unshakeable. It's all there.

Halfling is great, especially in Cheliax.

Well prepared feat, maybe Catch Offguard (wield a barstool!)

Read this blog if vigilante at first turns you off

Consider the Bellflower Tiller prestige class later. You can do fun stuff with the morale bonus, luck and aid another options, see this build for ideas.

You'd need +2d6 sneak attack though and hidden strike doesn't count. So maybe Catnivalist Rogue1/Snakebite striker brawler 1as a dip? You could then adapt that build pretty closely by going for magical child vigilante and picking a valet familiar, which even upgrades to improved familiar. Cat Sith would fit, maybe a celestial cat.

Or you just pick a few tricks from the build.

Though I like the idea of a vigilante halfling butler to bellflower tiller immensely.

Why did no one point me to thethe awesome Bellflower Harvester archetype?

Saethori wrote:
The Bellflower Harvester archetype for Vigilante might be better than the Bellflower Tiller archetype. It may not be Halfling required, but it is still almost entirely halflings, and it helps you undermine Halfling slave rings more effectively.

Nice archetype. I missed that one, it fits better for my halfling butler vigilante idea than actually going I to the prestige class (See the the perfect butler thread.)

Master of Devils also has a very high level feel, even though it comes before Lord of Runes in Dave Gross' Radovan & Count Jeggare Tales. It is over the top Wuxia fun and Radovan somehow acquires high level monk powers like Quivering Palm, even though he clearly started as a thug rogue. (Still bugs my inner rules lawyer that that cannot be built , even with retraining). He also meets the monkey king iirc.

Nice. Thanks for linking this.

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Do you know the setting lore about the Lost Empire of Dhakaan? (Read the Legacy of Dhakaan trilogy by Don Bassingthwaite!)

Goblin or goblinoid? Goblins are/were the ninja clans of Dhakaan. Being small a front liner bruiser role is a bit hard for them and not typical but certainly doable. Maybe Slayer?

Or a hobgoblin Samurai !

What's your goal? What type of campaign?

Looks like a Sherlock to me.

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